From participating in ordinary world regulations to participating in Qin opera regulations – thought of by these two masterpieces

I often wonder why many exciting literary masterpieces can be produced on the vast vicissitudes of the loess plateau.? In the inner world of those straightforward or forthright men and women, why are they so fascinating and soft and touching? Whenever I hear the native folk songs on yellow land, such as ” Peach Blossom Red to Apricot Blossom White Regulations” of orchid flowers, can Jiangnan minor and so on be compared again?   Yes, this magical yellow land was originally the cradle of the Chinese nation and the cradle of Chinese culture.. Not to mention that this yellow land has a splendid culture in ancient times, but to say that our modern literature, from participating in ordinary world regulations to participating in the Qin opera regulations, which novel does not exude a strong local flavor and a thick national plot, which novel does not give people a long aftertaste and gives people a persistent, deep and warm spiritual enjoyment.! The two novels, one is 1 million words and the other is 900 000 words. One is to write about farmers in northern Shaanxi and the other is villages and towns in southern Shaanxi. One is to show the social life of China’s contemporary urban and rural areas in a panoramic way, and the other is to describe the epic of China’s contemporary rural areas. One is the time span of more than ten years, the other is the time span of twenty years, etc., but they all reflect the phenomena and essential problems of yellow land, rural areas and farmers, and all describe the history of changes in the living conditions of villages and towns and farmers before and after China’s reform and opening up..   Taking part in the ordinary world regulations is based on China’s ten years from the mid – 1970s to the mid – 1980s. Through complicated conflicts and disputes, it depicts the image of many ordinary people from all walks of life at that time, centering on Sun Shaoan and Sun Shaoping brothers. Labor and love, frustration and pursuit, pain and joy, daily life and huge social conflicts are intertwined, profoundly demonstrating the difficult and tortuous path ordinary people have taken in the historical process of the great era.. It uses higher humanistic care to transform suffering into a spiritual motive for moving forward. While showing the difficult living conditions of ordinary little people, they also wrote their good hearts and tenacious struggle spirit to overcome many difficulties.. The protagonists in the work, Sun Shaoan and Sun Shaoping, are young people struggling on the poverty line, but they strive for self-improvement and self-improvement by relying on their tenacious perseverance and destiny.. In this panorama – like masterpiece, humanization and kinship have always been carried out, and descriptions of classmates’ feelings, friends’ feelings, colleagues’ feelings, and neighbors’ feelings all show the good feelings of the world. For love, writing is more beautiful, and it is endowed with incomparable beautiful connotation and imagination space. This is valuable in the novel creation atmosphere of’ asexual no book’ in the late 1980s. Such as Sun Shaoping and Hotan Xiaoxia’s almost platonic love under the Du Li tree, they were beautifully written and moved by it. Participating in the Qin Opera Regulations is Jia Pingwa’s 12th novel, which focuses on a village in southern Shaanxi Province and tells about the relationship between farmers and land and the living conditions of farmers. Through a ” madman” vision called ” leading to life, it has written deep worries and sympathy for the heavy burden of farmers, the loss of rural cultivated land and the loss of rural culture.. The author interprets the 20 – year history of China’s rural areas with dignified strokes and focuses on the huge and profound changes in rural values, interpersonal relationships and traditional patterns, which is ” an epic of contemporary Chinese villages”. This work, based on the author’s hometown of Dihua Street, vividly shows the shock and change brought to the countryside by the historical transformation of Chinese society through the evolution of a place called Qingfeng Street in the past 20 years and the life, death, sadness and joy of all living beings on the street.. The novel is narrated from the perspective of madman leading to life. There are two big families in Qingfeng Street: White House and Xia Family. The White House has already declined, so the change performance of Xia Family has become a symbol of Qingfeng Street, Shaanxi and even the rural areas of China … Ah, some people have commented on this work as: This work has written the end of the local Chinese history in such a post-reform era in a shocking way.” Can we say this? In thousands of years, the mainstream literature in China finally has a great monument stating the farmers’ own ideas, in terms of content and form.. What is particularly interesting is that it seems that two popular female writers in the south, far away from Shaanxi, also talked about their wonderful feelings when they read the Qin Opera Regulations. ” I feel that there is a sadness in participating in the Qin Opera Regulations, which brings my sadness to an empty place, and I feel that my mood has also changed from cold to distant, with a clear and broad mind. I feel that no one else can take it easy beside me at the moment.” ” In fact, in this work, I think the biggest feature is the tension and concentration of the author’s inner spiritual world in the text.”. In the face of the surging desire for Shang Chao, this boundless love and compassion, this anxiety and anxiety over the changing world, this great destruction and self-forgiveness are the reflection of Jia Pingwa’s inner soul and spirit.. At the same time, it also reflects the author’s deep concern and thinking about China’s rural situation after the reform and opening up.   Yes, the two works, from the 1970s to the late 1990s, around the 30s and 40s, have Chinese farmers gone from subsistence to having to leave their homes, to living in other places, to earning money in other places, in their hearts, in their families, in the whole countryside and the series of problems brought about by them, been carefully considered? There may not be many people. What did I think of these two famous works that were born and raised in China? I thought about migrant workers, I thought about the issues of agriculture, countryside and farmers, and I thought about how to spend his life as an ordinary person or even a very humble person.?   In China, migrant workers are one of the most distinctive ” sights” with a large number of them. Their living status or social status will be partly related to China’s present and future. Naturally, we cannot study them economically or politically at present, but we can always pay attention to them from a humanistic or moral point of view so as to look at them for a moment. I think it is still possible..   Let’s take a look at the following scenario: In the morning, when we get up early to go to work, we often see three to five groups of migrant workers on the road, standing around an open-air early stall, drinking porridge, and of course some’ hardware’ like cookhouse cakes. After breakfast, they either go directly to the construction site or take a bus to work far away.. Their ride is very group, sometimes three to five people get on the bus together, sometimes more than a dozen people get on the bus together, but they are all led by a contractor.. When they got on the bus, they talked loudly or were all silent. When they put off work at night, they equally struggled to get on the bus by groups of 351 or more than a dozen, and then searched for seats in succession. Their oily or muddy overalls gave off a unique smell throughout the four cars.. These migrant workers are obviously construction workers on the construction site. Naturally, there are still some migrant workers, most of whom work in larger factories, such as’ Foxconn’, but most of them are younger migrant workers, young and full of vigor, but they are also clustered together, either as weavers, packers or molders, and so on. Yes, they are made up of so many groups that they form a level of social life, a state of existence. For example, whenever the festival is celebrated, there is a tide of chaos in railway stations, bus stations and so on, that is, the so-called ” tide of migrant workers”, which is so spectacular, so affecting the mood of Chinese people and so implicating the nerves of thousands of families.. This is the migrant workers in China, and it is one of the most distinctive parts of China.   This landscape is so grand that people should not ask how it was formed? In the past 30 years, China’s economy has made great progress, but up to now, what has prompted groups of farmers to go out to work? Do they have no land in their hometown?? Do they feel insecure in the village? Are they not happy at home? None of them seem to be. From their initial contracted management, each household was assigned to the land, and they were generally safe in the countryside or at home. As for happiness, for farmers, at least their wives and children would be happy if they drank two ounces of wine a day.. However, why do they have to leave their homes and drift in strange cities? In the case of feeling lonely and lonely and being separated from relatives, we still have to stick to it. Why? What’s more, they still have to endure under the condition of feeling low wages, even being cheated, or having a high labor intensity, a poor working environment and a sense of insecurity?? This is why?   In fact, the root of all this comes from the problem of land.On the other hand, all the problems in China are rooted in the land. When this problem is solved, China will develop and prosper greatly. On the other hand, it will fail, fall behind and have a headache.. During the revolutionary period, the great people solved China’s land problem ( that is, farmers’ problem, that is, rural problem ) and the People’s Republic of China was born. However, Chiang Kai – shek Group did not solve the problem well, and finally he lost the mainland and ran to Taiwan. Of course, when the Chinese revolution succeeds, new problems will come again, that is, how to deal with the huge population living and economic problems? In the sixties and seventies of the new China, there was a problem, because when we explored the problem, there was a deviation and the fundamental problem of China – still the land problem – was not grasped accurately in time, resulting in famine and the suppression of productivity energy.. Later, Zhu Yuanzhang’s villagers took the lead in setting up the land distribution system at the risk of being killed and jailed. In the Loess Plateau, they also consciously and unconsciously explored the land issue in northern Shaanxi as described in the ordinary world regulations. At that time, China’s policy makers affirmed this folk practice, that is, conforming to public opinion, and as a result, China ushered in the good results of 30 years of reform and opening up. Now, China’s economy is in some trouble, but it is still a land issue. In fact, many problems, such as migrant workers, rural areas and real estate, have nothing to do with land policy, which is a strong reflection of land problems. On the other hand, if China’s local government still blindly depends on selling land for its GDP, then China will inevitably have bigger problems and bigger troubles.. At that time, the spontaneous behavior of farmers may appear on China’s land, which is still unknown.! Therefore, China’s policy makers, all people with conscience in China, all civilians with the heart of ” the rise and fall of the world and the responsibility of the common man”, pay attention to the land issue and migrant workers, the laws of history cannot be changed, whether you and I recognize it now or hesitate to recognize it, it will be reflected..   Therefore, the phenomenon of migrant workers has repeatedly occurred in China. I estimate that the arable land in rural areas is gradually decreasing ( encroachment and requisition in the process of urbanization and enclosure of real estate tycoons ), the cost of farming is high, or the income can not meet the basic living pressure ( employment, studies, health insurance, pension, etc. ) or can not reach a well-off level, and the reason for the rural population itself is the quantitative impact of the huge concentration of rural population.. However, now I hear that there is a ” shortage of migrant workers”. Is this in conflict with the ” tide of migrant workers”? In fact, there is no contradiction at all, ” the shortage of civilian workers’ is just’ the tide of migrant workers’ is unevenly distributed in the region.”. Migrant workers are still migrant workers, but they are farmers with a little land. Compared with the’ enclosure movement’ and’ sheep eating people’ in British history, Chinese migrant workers are lucky – much luckier, of course, because China is no longer a pre-liberation China and they are not destined to be nothing when British farmers come out.. However, although China’s migrant workers are a group of people with land and assets, their social status is lower than that of ordinary civilians. They are just like inferior servants, they are called around at will by factory owners or so-called bosses. When they have work to do, they are called in. However, once they have nothing to do, they are told to return to their hometown or drift in other cities. Seasonal factors make them insecure.. The so-called labor shortage is only from the point of view of factory owners or bosses, or from the point of view of some media, but if it comes from the perspective of migrant workers, they are still duckweeds on the water and lone geese in the air.. Moreover, their wages will not rise because of labor shortage, or a temporary rise is just an illusion, because the rising part will be recovered sooner or later, or will one day be levelled off by greedy capital – whether international or domestic, their wages are still low, because they are destined to be at the lower end of the world economy chain, forced to buy their own labor and work day and night for processing various kinds of materials ( which is also the cause of seasonal labor ), and their labor achievements will eventually be turned into wealth, and their low wages will also be exchanged for high capital and their pitiful points.. However, because they are at the bottom of the society, they will fall into poverty – or relative poverty – more and more..   However, the problem is far more than that. Migrant workers have entered the city, regardless of whether some of them have returned to their villages or survived on the edge of the city, and no matter how much they earn, but they still want to live, they still want to inherit, they want to live a better life, like city dwellers, and enjoy a good breakfast, milk, coffee or soft egg cake made by their wives or wives in the morning, so they no longer want to drink gruel and chew’ hardware’ in front of breakfast stalls that morning.. As a result, the second generation of migrant workers appeared and they have grown up. However, they are caught between the city and the countryside, unable to recognize the grass and grass, and facing a high threshold before moving forward.. They rarely have friends, but have a high self – esteem. They envy and hate their peers in the city. They have resentment in their hearts because they think they are also human. Why are their parents inferior and why are they not treated equally when they come into this world?? They think, but often feel depressed. They resist, but only silently ( but often see their voice on the Internet ). This uncertainty of self-identity will inevitably lead to a huge number of urban fringe poor and rural landless vagrants.. Those familiar with Chinese history should know that this special group has always been a hotbed of unrest and a source of social instability..   Therefore, the problem of migrant workers, agriculture, rural areas and farmers, is actually the biggest problem in society. We should study it more, think about it and pay more attention to it.! Admittedly, indulging in traveling on mountains and water can give birth to deep and remote thinking of ancient times. Aria can also express the emotional appeal of small capital, but we cannot blindly set the river bank, because the tide of the times will wave after wave clap to the shore, and the energy generated by those tides will roll up thousands of snowflakes and rush forward.. Civilians, high-ranking tycoons, politicians and celebrities, or stars and evil spirits, go out and have a look and listen, and we will eventually realize that there will always be gains.. Yes, when we go out, no matter what we see or hear, how can we belittle migrant workers, a huge group?. Fortunately, today’s migrant workers, because the state has implemented the separation of three rights ( i.e. the separation of ownership, management rights and contract rights ), to a large extent, this has relieved or relieved their worries, and the new social security in rural areas has reduced their living burden.. However, China’s problems concerning agriculture, countryside and farmers are far from being solved, and the thinking from these problems is far from being halted..     As individuals, as a very common person, such as migrant workers and even very humble people, we stand in this world and live in this society. How should we adapt to such an environment and what kind of living attitude should we have?? Or to put it more bluntly, how do we live our ordinary life? I think we can’t completely or simply ask the society to have an idea and an understanding of how we are doing.. There is no big reason for this idea, nor is there any gorgeous connotation or extension, just two words: labor. Labor is glorious, labor is happy, labor can change our inner world, wash the dirtiest things in our human nature, and being a worker is happier. From participating in ordinary world regulations to participating in Qin Opera regulations, we are told clearly that God is equal to people, no matter where they are, no matter how poor they are, as long as they have a hot heart and love life.. Only by being a worker and not taking misfortune as a burden can we become the master of life and experience it with our sincere heart. After all, life belongs to us only once. People, no matter where they are, no matter what kind of status they are in, no matter what kind of painful thinking or internal conflicts they are in, and no matter what anxiety and anxiety they are in about the status quo, if they sink down and devote themselves to work and work, they will not fully embrace their own circles, but will look at people and things that are wider, and you will realize something, and you will get solace from the heart and spiritual sublimation, or life will become so simple and simple.. Yes, it’s easy to put it down. If so, then we care where we are now or where we drift? Loess Plateau or Jiangnan Town? ( Miao Zhenguang ) )