Hope that you are well

I like this city, I like to see the lights among the buildings, I like the lonely appearance of lonely people in the dim light of night, I like the snow on the rocks by the sea in winter, I like to think of relatives close to me, I like some things stored in my memory here, beautiful, unforgettable, sad, happy and painful.. – Wen: This is an ordinary town, without extreme prosperity, it may also have less extreme confusion..   If I want to find something from such a small town that can impress my heart instantly, I think I will be disappointed. What I want to find is just a sense of familiarity.   This kind of familiarity will bring me the comfort I need, and this search will sometimes make me feel a little disappointed, but I like this feeling and the familiar feeling everywhere..   Only after a few years, my relief, I don’t know whether I’m all right or not.   Looking for this early spring, he sang a warm smile, liberating himself from the beauty of the moment, so I expected that once I came, my melancholy was uncertain, your blushes were silent, and your youth was frantic and sober..   Close your eyes, breathe softly and meet some old songs.   I can’t say how some music can have broken illusion in my heart, and the picture in front of me is also messy and uncertain. Some expectations are more like a picture set on a wall, which makes people feel weak. Perhaps more and more I really understand that it will make people sink.. At one point, he began to forgive himself for being stubborn rather than capricious.   Today, those old voices that have been addicted to entanglement do not know whether they are safe or not..   In the night, I heard the breath of symmetry, the water in the cup was cold, and my eyebrow eye was tired. It was accompanied by the two silent Lan Enron plants. In the past two days, it opened several yellow flowers one after another, smelling the light fragrance through the curtains, and moved to the front of the computer this morning.. To relive a person’s silence again is a lost dependence.   The music gathered the last note in the middle of the night, and the pale yellow moon tilted and shadowed, so cool.   Today and tomorrow, my heart is as soft as it did not go far. I wonder if I will be all right..