I really miss him

There are some secrets that can never be changed.   I’m afraid to go back to experimental high school because he belongs to that school.   I grew up with him. He was the most important person in my life, better than his parents.   Remember that year, I decided to accompany him to the experimental high school.   No matter how good it is, without him, there are defects in my life.   He failed in the mid-term exam. I don’t want to leave him and let him suffer more injuries..   Two people who live together depend on each other to support each other. Blood is thicker than water. I promised him that I would never leave him.   He grew up with me in his childhood without them, and I, always a child, just like him, also needed someone to love..   He loves pinching other people’s ears while sleeping. What he lacks is a sense of security.   I’m just a child. I can’t give him the love of adults..   He doesn’t say anything and always laughs, but I know he really wants to.   In fact, I also want to be accompanied by adults.   Listen to me and follow my advice.   That year, he was not able to accompany him to the experimental high school, so many streets were between him and me..   I miss him very much in No.1 Middle School. Can he wash his clothes if they are dirty? Students bully him, will he protect himself? I can’t let people know how sad I am when I leave the people I care about the most there..   For more than ten years, he was used to calling me sweet. Accustomed to crying when holding him tore heart crack lung; Accustomed to his childish behavior of holding toys to make me happy . Accustomed to the life of two people together.   In the summer of 2007, he was in experimental high school, while I was in no 1 middle school.   That summer, my heart was not as happy as others thought. I couldn’t accompany him. I loved him most in those years..   Every weekend, he pesters me and asks me to wash his hair in pettish fashion.. Watching him tell interesting things about his school.   Who’s shoes and whose shoes are mixed up today have made a big joke in class. Who woke him up in the evening with the sound of shouting, which made him doze off in class the next day; Who’s prank provoked the girls at the front table to cry . He said, calmly and lightly, never mentioning his fear. He is not used to it, but he hides it for fear that I will be sad. In fact, he didn’t say anything. I also know that I grew up with him. I know the emotions he didn’t say.   The happiest thing I ever did was to send him back to school. We all chose to walk so that we could spend more time together.   It’s not a short journey from the electric machine factory to the experimental high school. He and I chose to go back.   Along the way, playing and laughing, I always use the money I saved to buy his favorite things and take him to play what he wants most … I know, this may be the only thing I can do for him..   Drink coke, play windmills, avoid standing signs on rainy days . I remember, but I lost him.   Some people, some things, began to become human beings.   In the winter of 2008, he said he wanted to give up.   It was a very cold winter. I was standing in the snow, unconscious.   The moment he gave up, I also wanted to give up.   Their well-meaning and beating and scolding, his silence bowed their heads, and I stood beside him, suddenly at a loss.   I don’t know why he gave up, but I still love him so much.   At that time, I hated them very much. I hated them from my heart.   They didn’t give him a sound childhood, didn’t give him the love he wanted, and they never understood the loneliness and fear he had assumed over the years..   When wronged, he said to himself to be strong.   That year, I thought a lot and even died.   Try to become stronger, try to be capricious, try . try very hard, but still get hurt.   I don’t want anything, as long as he.   I don’t care about the sufferings of those years, as long as they treat him well now.   He was silent, did not look at my eyes, stood so close, but felt he was far away from me.   What about the guy who added water for me next to me at my laundry station? He squatted behind me and combed his hair for me? What about the guy who can’t do his homework and push the book in front of me . That guy, he doesn’t belong to me anymore.  He quietly accepted some injuries and had to give up when he couldn’t stand them.   And I, can only be far away, can’t empathize with each other.   He gave up. I’m still sticking to it.   In 2008, I lived without a smile and sometimes lost my mind, and my life became swayed by considerations of gain and loss..   But I am an indomitable child. I will win back and will not give in if the reality beats him..   In 2009, when he was only 16 years old, he was as tough as me and did not accept anyone’s arrangement.   Perhaps it took too long to be disappointed to make myself look like a hedgehog and not let others near.   When he left, I was in school and suddenly had a strange uneasiness in my heart.   I know, I can’t stay, this place, with him, too many injuries.   I know they want him to change his mind.   However, he gave up and was resolute and did not give any of us room to bear.   In the winter of 2010, I returned to experimental high school.   After two years, the sadness has ended. After the college entrance examination, I grew up slowly.   Standing on the same steps and looking up from the same angle.   My heart, however, has a different heart.   The bedroom, on the right side of the fourth floor, counts the second window in the past. For so many years, I still remember so clearly.   That day, I wanted to see it, but in the end, I didn’t.   It suddenly occurred to me that he could not wash clothes and had to tread on them with his feet. A person sleeping, he had to pinch his ears; I always thought that time could make me forget a lot of things, but at this moment, I realized that many things couldn’t pass..   He is always a wound that I can’t forget.   There was nothing I could do but run away.   That day, standing in the corridor of the experiment, I seemed to hear his voice calling my name.   The basketball stand on the playground was empty. He once stood there and smiled at me..   Every American Basketball Association, Lecture Room … I haven’t seen it since he left.   I feel tired without his vivid description beside me..   Time passed and I was still thinking about him.   Summer to the end of summer is another sad season. & shy;