In June, the morning rain fell smoke

This morning, it was clear and cool, the wind was soft, and the heart was soft.. Last night’s dream was scattered in the wind and relaxed.     Xia Feng slightly, the window branches swaying. Outside the window, it was a light blue sky. The eyes of the summer language, quietly blooming.   The fragrance of the heart has spread all the way to the deepest part of time. In a flower bloom, it narrates the ordinary days of the year..     Time is sleeping peacefully, the wind is still, the tree is silent, even unwilling cicadas are whispering quietly at the bottom of the leaves on and off.. I heard the Sanskrit singing of breathing. When I was born into the world, the little flying insect that had no intention of flying into the room.. On the window, looking at the outside world struggling, I quietly opened a crack without disturbing the time.     Rain, continuous, dust, heart. The air is fresh, like autumn in September, with some coolness, like the scroll of scripture on the desk, which makes the heart calm and cool. If you are in the house, you will never get wet clothes, have a heart and will not affect your mood.. Looking at the rain, I know that there is only one drop.     The rain, scattered and scattered, occasionally passed by the car, and then came back again.. I like clear and simple things, because I don’t want to waste my energy on meaningless things and my life becomes agile and loose.. Such as the rain, clean fall, pure singing their own songs. Pinellia ternata is young, standing in the branches of the fire, listening to the wind and whispering, the rain has come before. Polyester leaves into ink, an eaves lotus incense into the dream.     The light rain is like green washing, and the green leaves are fragrant. In the light rain, soft plants grow in silence. Walking all the way, the sound of traffic passing through the drizzle also appeared tender. The heart listens to the rain, bit by bit, when the time is light and slow, and the graceful rhyme dims the color of smoke and smoke.. The setting sun is still in the water, the dream falls on the strong pine trees in the western hills, and Lao Yan flies away with clouds, leaving only ripples in the clear shadow month.. The moon washes the red flowers, the green shoots diffuse, the fluorescent lights fall with the dream, and the night closes gently.     Early in the morning, when the rain stopped, some scenery was walking on the road, and the assembled thoughts were like mirrors. On the prajnaparamita branch, birds sang and told their own stories. I can hear, but not listen. Appreciate your own scenery, the wind with a familiar taste, like flowers, like soil, not to separate. This season, which place is not born at all, they have their samsara. Looking east, the sun is shining through a clear drop of rain in the emerald setting of lotus leaves.     Sit by the lake, hold a blue wave, a ripple hidden in a shallow smile on the lip. Time flows, the water is gentle, the noise of the years is taken away, and many vigorous actions will eventually end up in peace and quiet.. When people walk in the world, they are often caught in flashy situations. They can’t see whether it’s scenery or danger, let alone whether it’s dust or frost. If the heart rhyme can cross the boat and the figure can warm up, then the true path of life will still be clear water and green hills. With a quiet heart, I will see the most beautiful scenery in front of me..     The night is still, peace is as light as the wind, and the air is full of damp fragrance before the rain comes. Listen to heart sounds like water, like floating from the sea, low, like an endless talk. Dream, like a butterfly wing at the moment, gently perches on your heart.     At night, the rain falls behind the curtain, flowing thoughts are endless. A drop by drop in the world is like thinking about the time of life. Dripping steps into flowers, rising and dying, like flowers blooming and falling, arouses much enlightenment. Looking at the night sky, no stars, no months. In the cool wind after the rain, the fragrance of flowers is fine and lightly fills the nose. Think of your heart as quiet and gentle, sweet and fragrant with your dreams.