Micro-channel pay for basic necessities or into the United States are available RMB settlement

Micro-channel pay (network diagram) May 9, according to Tencent Internet banking official public number of the message, micro-channel payment announced to join hands CITCON formally enter the United States, as the 10-year visa easing the US visa policy as well as the growing Sino-US route, the United States gradually become a popular travel destination for Chinese tourists。
In the micro-channel pay into the United States, the United States population can now enjoy the convenience of cashless payments in the United States。 By micro-channel pay, basic necessities of life in the United States can directly use the RMB settlement。 It is understood that in mid-2015 micro-channel payment on the full liberalization of cross-border payments to overseas businesses, via the RMB payment, settlement of foreign currency to foreign businesses。
Micro-channel pay RMB payment (network graph) for overseas Chinese in the United States, the micro-channel pay later into the United States, means that in some places the consumer can use electronic payment, instead of cash。 The enter the United States, micro-channel payments through partners, with close to Disneyland in California and the southwest coast of Monte 阿纳海姆贝 Suites Hotel, San Francisco Bay Area Fisherman's Wharf HanaZEN Japanese restaurant, the San Francisco Bay Area Outlet GreatMall NobelLuggage and Brooklyn, New York Tbaar Pa milk tea, Saipan SkydiveSaipan, Sandy Oregon City ski training camp reached a cooperation。 Micro-channel pay is also working with WEHousing, provide the most detailed and the most likely long-term apartment information to students residing in the United States at any time and can receive exclusive discounts to help international students obtain first-hand information on renting to better integrate and transition American student life。 With the micro-channel pay to enter the United States, as of now, micro-channel payment has landed 15 countries, supports 12 direct settlement of foreign currency。
The US mobile payment market lags far behind China, the scale of $ 112 billion (1 US dollar equals yuan), is just one fiftieth of China。
After the micro-channel pay to enter the United States, will direct another strong opponent – Apple, confrontation。 Currently, Apple's electronic payment system ApplePay in only four countries in the world use, the United States, Canada, Britain, Australia, far behind the 15 micro-channel pay; in the Chinese market, micro-channel subscribers already exceeded 800 million, while in China support Applepay user groups no more than about one hundred million。
Editor: Fan Fei, Li Ruichen。