1 million “extenuating yellow cake” tall?It was heartbreaking motherly scale

1000000 extenuating tall yellow cake?It was heartbreaking scale of motherly love – maternal love legend of Sichuan Yibin a homicide behind: Cocoa Editor: Dai Zhijun Image: photo map network Copyright: This article is a companion network without permission shall not be reproduced without permission original December 21, 2016 , a civil servant murder in Yibin City, Sichuan Province Intermediate people’s Court sentenced: He male perpetrators were sentenced to death.To hear the verdict of the moment, sitting in the gallery of what male mother Ruanxiu Ping, down crying in the arms of her daughter how Juan.  More than a year ago, where the male bear creditors dun, to kill, after the police arrested.Farmers whose mother Ruanxiu Ping both sad and self-blame, and several want to replace his son apologized to the families of the victims, has not discouraged in the case of repeated refusal.When the families of the victims 300,000 yuan huge compensation, relying on a few acres Susukida life, there is no other source of income Ruanxiu Ping, how to cobble together this astronomical compensation payments?  Son become a murderer, the mother’s tears are flying day, Gong County, Sichuan farmers Ruanxiu Ping received a notice in October 2015, saying his son how male suspected of murder, has been Yibin City Public Security Bureau Detention, her mind went blank moment..54-year-old He Guoen Ruanxiu Ping and her husband are farmers Gong County in Yibin City, the couple farming for a living, has had a child and two women.Among them, the son of what is male boss, intelligent and effort.After high school, he was admitted to a key university.After graduation, he was admitted to the civil service, and then was assigned to Yibin City, a government department.  A rural baby with their own efforts, work hard to become a civil servant, He Xiong became a model for local children the same age.He and two daughters Juan Fang He then failed to go to college, have been married when they grow up.  He hung beginning to work, get paid after a month, to the necessary living expenses be removed, will be sent to parents to help parents improve their lives.It hung filial piety let Ruanxiu Ping and her husband very welcome.  In early 2013, where male and a girl Yibin City, fell in love, gonna get married soon.Ruanxiu Ping flew to raise money to buy a house for his son.When the end of the year, where the male and his girlfriend entered the marriage hall.The following year, his son was born Hexiao Cong.Hutouhunao holding grandson, Ruanxiu Ping heart delighted.  Daughter because her parents in Yibin, their retired parents happy with a small grandson, Ruanxiu Ping and his wife will stay in Gong County home, occasionally taking the time to visit grandchildren Yibin.He was, as usual male often call my parents, greetings, holidays, took his wife and children back home to visit relatives.  Gradually, Ruanxiu Ping found the number to call her son less and less.I think children eager Ruanxiu Ping, will call his son home landline.But the son is not usually in a meeting that is busy with other things, the phone is not as before so intimate tone.In desperation, when Ruanxiu Ping miss the children and grandchildren too, he will have to play his son home landline.On one occasion, daughter answered the phone, said: Mom, what hung him more and more outrageous, vain all day at home, I heard that he was gambling.what?Ruanxiu Ping was shocked, you do not worry, I’ll criticize him!  Hang up the phone after the daughter, Ruanxiu Ping bus ride immediately rushed to Yibin, came to his son’s home.He went home to be male, Ruanxiu Ping earnestly admonished his son: this thing is evil ah gambling, male Wazi, you do not stick!He hung absently nodded and said: It is my friends to play with, is a kind of entertainment.Since you are not happy, I’ll pay attention to that point.Son lips Having promised not to gamble, but Ruanxiu Ping is still disturbed.Back Gong County, the son she gave almost daily phone calls: male Wazi, you must remember my mother’s advice, not to ruin their home ah!I know, you do not call me old, I’m working it.Where male hung up the phone without any explanation.Ruanxiu Ping concerns even more.In addition to be warned repeatedly told, how she can do?Ruanxiu Ping worried that gambling will lose their jobs and the future of his son, but she never thought his son could even become a murder suspect!  The end of October 2015, Ruanxiu Ping came to Yibin City Public Security Bureau.In the introduction to the investigators, Ruanxiu Ping learned his son on suspicion of murder with depraved track of the ins and outs – the last few years, what made some Xianzarenyuan male society, infected with gambling addiction, for which incurred huge gambling debt.They found clues of wife and mother of painstaking persuasion, he did not listen.  In order to win back their money, how desperate male, in the introduction to casino staff, he borrowed $ 800,000 to a company’s staff cattle still forest, the agreed maturity with interest to return.  Unfortunately, what the male not only failed to win back their money, he borrowed 800,000 yuan will lose it completely.August 2015, due usury, where the male should pay back the money as agreed to cattle still forest.Available at this time he had no money, how money is OK?After the incident, according to Ho Hung confession, cattle still forest every day to beg for his debt, but also threatened to go downtown to the unit.What ambition would like, once referred to the unit, it was definitely going to be fired, and that he really would have no chance of a comeback.To this end, he moved Murder.September 25, 2015, to pay back the money on the grounds where the male bovine still about the forest, and then drove to bring it to a remote place Gong County.It’s not yet prepared to take advantage of cattle, how to kill the male, and then cut into pieces buried.  October 12, Shang Lin family cow alarm, saying that had been missing for two weeks.Cattle family said the former cow forest is still home, said he went to debt.Yibin City Public Security Bureau Based on this clue, combined with the disappearance of the forest before the cow still call records, eventually locked the suspect why the male, and on October 22 will be what male arrested.23, under which male identified, investigators in Gong County found a dismembered body, through DNA testing confirmed the dead line of cattle still forest.The same day, Ho Hung XingJu.  It seems, my son really made heaven!A black Ruanxiu Ping two, the ground immediately stumble.After waking up, she repeatedly cried only one sentence: male baby, you are confused, too confused ah!  Sincere apology has repeatedly rejected, tragic mother ablation Ice son was detained before trial, the families can not go to visit the.During that time, Ruanxiu Ping, besides cry or cry, is the son of a child with his eyes open innocent eyes; close your eyes are crying son out of little hands, piercing to her shouted: Mom, Mom, save me, save help me!During the day, she had no appetite for dinner; at night, can not sleep a wholeness.  He hung after the crime, gossip and wife bear the pressure of every day people come to collect debts, angrily, with his son live long in her family, but also cut off contact with her husband’s family.To make matters worse, when the male as a model for how folks, after what male offenders, and their families began to Ruanxiu Ping pointing.Every time she went out, sat together to talk twitter people will suddenly stop talking, look at her with strange eyes.  HE Juan daughter to see his mother in a trance all day, it was very distressed.She said: Mom, my brother all this, and you can not fall ah.Ruanxiu Ping no love to say: Without your brother, I live, what do you mean?What Juan said: My brother was wrong, should be punished, you are so distressed he.The family of the deceased did something wrong, bereaved to bear the blow?Ruanxiu Ping said: your brother made sin, I am his mother, son subordinated debt mother, your brother let me atone for it.In the sad and self-blame, Ruanxiu Ping wake up slowly.She said what Juan: Juan, come on, Mom mix that person’s house, regardless of the original people do not forgive us, I have to for your brother to the people Apologize.  That day, I saw Juan’s mother depressed for a long time finally rallied his spirits, relieved heart.  The end of November 2015, when Ruanxiu Ping Ho and Juan mother and daughter all the way to inquire about the find Niu, Niu Niu is still only the father of pine forest at home.Ruanxiu Ping just to identify themselves, you loose a cow will have her out the door: you have the face to my house?HE Juan rushed to hold mother, begging cattle pine: Uncle, we came to apologize, your mom let me finish the walk will not do it?Let my son do apologize resurrection?Cattle pine anger still lingers, slammed the door shut, despite how beat, he did not open the door.Seeing this, mother and daughter had to go back to Gong County.  After returning home, where Juan distressed and cried and said: Mom, next time you do not go, let me apologize for my brother to home for me.You are older, such misery, miserable daughter.Ruanxiu Ping said: I did not educate his son, I do not, I am sorry my conscience.As long as atonement for your brother, the mother try any of this exclusion are worth it.See what Juan persuade his mother no less, only accompanied his mother to go with each, but each time were turned away.  After all, what Juan read a book ten years, knows more than the mother, she said: Mom, we consult people who know the law it?Ask them how we do that, to make people accept the apology.  Ruanxiu Ping went to a local legal aid center for help to lawyers.Legal experts told her, like how male this case, break the law, will be severely traditionally judgment is likely to be sentenced to death.However, it may consider appropriate, if able to actively compensate the families of the victims to obtain their understanding, court sentencing.We learned of the series of legal knowledge, Ruanxiu Ping and discuss what Juan: also, the brother depriving the people you home without a pillar, regardless of people not understanding the understanding of your brother’s decision not lighter lighter, we have to compensate people.  This time, Ruanxiu Ping and her daughter did not rush home to apologize to cattle, but after finding a better relationship between the intermediary and the cattle home.After repeated Yue He middleman, and Ruanxiu Ping persistent efforts, the ox loose heart finally began to loosen.Yes ah, poor parental love, what parents want their children took to the road of crime?Even Ruanxiu Ping has not teach too, but she was now too old, the son scolded beaten for mistakes, but also tried.But often I think his son is innocent of killing the prime of life, heart block fast enough or.Thus, when Ruanxiu Ping once again apologize door, cattle pine promised to meet, but he thought he made a very difficult to accept compensation for her advice: If you sincerely apologize, please come up with 300,000 yuan of compensation before the trial.See each other finally loose mouth, Ruanxiu Ping is very pleased, regardless of whether they have the ability to withstand, a promise down: This 300,000, I was Zaguomaitie, it must pay to you on time.As for the court, the judge how to sentence how, we can not interfere, nor intervention!  A tear of glutinous rice, 1 million extenuating yellow cake cast maternal height Ruanxiu Ping He Guoen by farming with her husband raised three children.Once children have been married, the couple meager savings had depleted.30 million in damages, in her penniless, no doubt, be astronomical.Gong County from Yibin city back home, Ruanxiu Ping made a difficult.The year is approaching, she did not mind preparing New Year, Spring Festival every year will even do not bother to make yellow cake.  In previous years, on the eve of the Spring Festival, the most Ruanxiu Ping village but a busy man.Because she did yellow cake (glutinous rice, sugar and other raw materials to make snacks) is the best food in the village, the neighbors will invite her to help others do the yellow cake.This year, because of what his son male thing, came to her yellow cake people who did not, own yellow cake she had no desire to do.He said Juan daughter: Mom, that 300,000 of the things we think of ways to it after the New Year.Ruanxiu Ping disheartened to say: New Year everyone eat yellow cake, do not know your brother can eat this year.Street selling delicious yellow cake he always said no, I did not do good.HE Juan thought quickly and said: Mom, I think the street selling delicious yellow cake you do not, why do not we do it to sell yellow cake.Ruanxiu Ping said: yellow cake earn a few cents?He said Juan: In addition to doing yellow cake to sell, we can think of a better way to do it?  Indeed, Ruanxiu Ping in addition to farming, will make yellow cake, a really Yiwusuozhang.Ho Hung’s case has been transferred to the Procuratorate, may at any time be prosecuted.Ruanxiu Ping may think there is no other way out, she grabbed her daughter what Juan’s hand and said: Mom listen to you, we will go to fight yellow cake!  The family went ahead.Guowanchunjie to Ruanxiu Ping as the main force, after what Juan and his sister He Fang busy in-laws own job, to come together to help make Ruanxiu Ping, father He Guoen lug yellow cake daily burden to the county from outside their village a few kilometers to go Chapman.  Can be counterproductive, mother and three of one day hard to do more than 500 yellow cake, yellow cake He Guoen lug burden traveled to every corner of the county, to the time at night to go home, pick yard yellow cake left more than half.  Mother and daughter discuss Sa, Yibin city, but few people will do the yellow cake, Yibin city to sell to a large number of possible sales.In order to facilitate the bus, they pick the basket back into the basket.Mother and daughter, more than tripling in the busy, yellow cake continue to do at home, and the father is responsible for round-trip Yibin He Guoen sell yellow cake day.Their village from Yibin city of more than 50 kilometers, where the father of daily trips over 100 kilometers, with a large basket of camel yellow cake sales to Yibin City, obviously tired, more volatile sales.Not sell yellow cake every day, not bad, and they themselves eat; he has changed and can only be drained.  One day, as usual, Juan accompanied his father in early March 2016 to sell yellow cake Yibin City, met high school classmate Huang Yali.After Huang Yali learned what was going on, and actively help the students ideas: now what age, why not do through the media?He shot forehead Juan: Yes, ah, how do I not think of it?  After returning home, where Juan to sell yellow cake through the media of telling my mother, Ruanxiu Ping son knew something great negative impact on the community, because she did not want to sell yellow cake once again set off a heated debate on the matter of the people , but what Juan said: everything has two sides, I think it can give a lot of warning education of young people, to persuade them away from pornography, gambling, caring people in the community will understand and support.  Ruanxiu Ping was a little daughter persuaded, she said: Well, as long as the victims’ families can try to make up, I do not care about that.  Under the help of friends in the media, with dozens of words Ruanxiu Ping outlines the situation where male crime, and they want to express a wish to help him atone.Then, she focuses on their own yellow cake: My family has ancestral craft of yellow cake to do, playing out of yellow cake taste good.Others sell a 2, we only sell a 5 hair.After media release, Ruanxiu Ping’s daughter saw the information.She specifically called to her mother: Mom, I know I’m a little selfish, but I was a little girl, indeed.Ruanxiu Ping stopped her words: Mom do not blame you, you take good care of my grandson, is the Ho benefactor!  Remove outer relatives and friends, and some strangers, have to find her phone number left by Ruanxiu Ping, buy her yellow cake.A man named Li Xia’s lawyer to pay 1,200 yuan book section, a man named Li Yonggui lawyer to pay 300 yuan deposit, he told Ruanxiu Ping, he purchased the yellow cake will be presented to all the sanitation workers to taste.The message sent out less than a day, Ruanxiu Ping of yellow cake, sold more than 4500 yuan.  Some Internet users to help Ruanxiu Ping calculations: a yellow cake earn only about 3 cents, if you want to round up 300,000, do at least 1 million yellow cake.If the end of the hearing, according to 270 days, at least 3,700 yellow cake to do the job every day.She can do out of it?  HE Juan doubt will tell friends to his mother to hear, Ruanxiu Ping eyes suffused with tears, said: As long as people want, how I want to do much!In order to be able to one day hit 3700 yellow cake, Ruanxiu Ping work overtime every day, only one day of rest thirty-four hours.  One day, Ho Juan back before dark to her parents, wanted to do with his mother the night yellow cake, she Yi Liao curtain, usually extremely busy working mother is not in front of the stage, she asked to send to client’s father had just returned from yellow cake: I Damn it?He Guoen Strange usually wasted little time did not dare to go where Ruanxiu Ping.Later they discovered that, because physically and mentally fatigued, Ruanxiu Ping slipped audience fainted at work.The family was scared, got busy rural doctors rescue.The doctor gave Ruanxiu Ping hanging nutrient solution, he said: It is a long-term psychological depression, coupled with inadequate rest, malnutrition caused by collapse phenomenon, to strengthen nutrition, more rest, less physical exertion.Where can Ruanxiu Ping Guan Dele own body?After waking up, she said: we rural people, which would be so squeamish?In this way, she single-handedly lose the liquid, the other hand was busy inside scoop Chung Shi glutinous rice balls.  In this way, the end of October 2016, finally made enough Ruanxiu Ping 300,000 civil damages.In early November, when Ruanxiu Ping 300,000 in damages to a lot of points still in the hands of cattle Lin parents, both cattle pine shock, and shock.To be honest, out of 300,000 had huge compensation, he was convinced that living by farming and Ruanxiu Ping He Guoen difficult to put together, that time, and not blame the cow family did not give them an apology and compensation opportunities.But the cattle loose and his wife have never imagined, Ruanxiu Ping and He Guoen which ordinary could not be more ordinary peasant, stunned from a meager profit a cake in yellow, plucked out of this astronomical compensation payments!Cattle have loose long sigh, quietly accept the money, then issued a “letter of understanding”.  December 21, 2016, Yibin City Intermediate People’s Court of Ho Hung’s case the open verdict, in view of what male to actively compensate the families of the victims, the victim’s family issued a “letter of understanding” and many other reasons, what male sentenced to death, suspended for two in execution.After hearing the decision, sitting in the gallery Ruanxiu Ping He Juanhuai poured daughter in tears Flows.  The Ruanxiu Ping and his family, played a full 1 million Chouqi yellow cake was the story of damages, which are widely disseminated printing.Some people say: If you put one million yellow cake piled up on end one by one, a full over 25,600 meters, there are 31 buildings in Dubai (the world’s tallest building) is so high!This height is the height of maternal love, it is amazing!  After the first trial, Ruanxiu Ping allowed to visit the prison where male son.It hung this time, from a variety of sources that the mother outside the prison to atone for himself busted their ass to fight yellow cake story.Separated by a transparent glass, where the male carefully stroked the wrinkled mother’s face, tears oozes down.Finally, he is opposed to the mother’s hands, she said: Mom, I must take to reform in prison, to redouble their efforts to return your grace regeneration!(Involving privacy, in addition to a lawyer, the other person’s name and information processing were carried out.) Business cooperation, please contact QQ: 2916006726 reprint license, please contact QQ: 2265824827