About thrifty maxims

About frugal frugal about maxim maxim maxim about thrifty 1, who live frugally on weekdays, when the poor are likely to ride out the storm; who in the abundance of luxury, while the poor will die of hunger and cold.Sadie 2, luxury always followed fornication, immorality always followed by luxury.Montesquieu 3, weathering the inevitable consequence of the disintegration of luxury, in turn, caused the interest of corruption.Rousseau 4, is more extravagant desire.To read the gentleman multi-Mu Fugui, vain Road speed disaster.Sima light 5, the luxury Wangqu taken Gou, shame humble ambition; from a thrift, without seeking the human, to have worthy, raising gas can be.Luo large by 6, calendar view worthies country and family, as the thrift broken by the extravagance.7 Li Shang-yin, static to self-cultivation, frugal and Germany to support.Liang 8, and this section with the strong, not the lean days.Xun Kuang 9, extravagant and idle poor person, and force those thrifty rich.Han Fei 10, the trip to Cardiff gentleman, static to self-cultivation, frugal and Germany to support non-indifferent to Ming, non-quiet no to Zhiyuan.Zhuge Liang 11, extravagance frugal person who mess safe, a fierce guitar in front of a.Po Chu-12, do not read the danger, to quit extravagance frugal; Sri Lanka to seek wood stumps and Mao, the Cypriot source Those who wish stream are long.13 Wei Zheng, Xing home like pricking soil, ruining like Waves.14, the thrift failure by the extravagance.15, from extravagance and easy, from luxury to economy into.16, scoop a spoonful of accumulated stuff, do not pour out buckets (Kazak) 17, the hard-earned fruits, do not eat it in one breath (Uygur) 18, Qinnengbuzhuo, will supplement the poor province.(Famous celebrity) 19, frugality is the secret of getting rich.(United Kingdom) 20, Frugality is a property.(United Kingdom) 21, frugality eat endless beauty feast your life.How much (Emerson) 22, saved, that is, how much.(Denmark) 23, no gold this species, from the thrifty home.24 luxury like wine, even if people excited, but also debilitating.(Carl) 25, luxury is the starting point of national weakness.(Cuba) 26, frugality is natural wealth, luxury is artificial poverty.(Greece) 27, a rice porridge when thinking hard to come by, read the material constant thread Bansi half of difficult.28, who knows dishes on the menu, A Journey.29, a rice porridge transducer sweat.30, all savings, time savings in the final analysis.Marx