After ninety youth do not dream of life

After ninety youth do not dream, here is the first time in life to write articles, please bear with me.    I was after a ninety, a lot of people think that our generation does not amount to anything, rebellious personality on.Material comfort.Life of debauchery.These views on the previous generation, I did not know.Our generation did for the older generation of people, indeed the real idea is to have great differences, we pay more attention to this generation is probably dreaming! Yes dream, the dream may be brilliant, might be miserable dream, a dream may be referring to the hand may be, it may be a distant dream!That is what we are ninety.In fact, there’s nothing wrong dream, we like to dream, but more people are willing for their own dream, to strive, to struggle, to pursue.We dare to think, not afraid to do more, we sat the older generation do not dare dream of, but dare turn our dream into reality, this is our ninety, dare to think, Ganpin, Ganai, dare hate!Our generation, had no fear of the future, not!It should be said that our generation the fear of the future, all become impulsive, fearless wrestling, not afraid to die, rather pieces, but also innocent human impulse!Not madness, not youth!No bloody, no life! Dream, fleeting, life-like spring trickle.After ninety, dream life.Our generation can be said to be a rebel against growing up, I made the mistake of walking!We dare, dare to do, dare waves, dare bohemian!Some people say we fancy, laughing, shouting freedom and dreams every day, they found poetry and remote, a waste of time!Spoil youth!Perhaps you’re right, we are so unbridled dreaming, singing unbridled, unbridled laughter.Students, this is our life ah!We are not afraid of making mistakes, afraid to waste, we’re young, we can wave!Prepared to take the dream to life, to make the dream life!This is what we ah!    Now we have to feel the collective Pentium III, a middle-aged.Abnormal helpless in 2098, I have not yet two!Mad!!However, the flip side, the world will find the hands of our generation, and hey, you’re old generation would be willing tube is affecting our generation of masters of society has become increasingly important Can you not opposed the.Our generation, more and more people to dream, made a way of life.You can not change is that we grow up in this world and we are growing together.Sooner or later, this world would be like us, our practice, but it also convinced that! I remember many years ago the label after ninety We called bad kids play truant.fight.Puppy love.More and more we live in this world is not the same with the previous generation of color, our new ideas.New ideas and the world haunts.The battle, perhaps we still mingle with.For us in this world, it may be a new method of living, it could be a hidden curse!At least we’m not even old, we have endless possibilities, at least I believe in, we will bring the world a new.bright future!    If I can be that once again my youth, I might be more enthusiastic.More brilliant sway him!People do not romantic Wasted.Not madness, He Qingchun!I would rather die on the road of dreams, and never live in ordinary life in! I left shallots inaction in vain, vainly negative when he was sad, Chi high gas expensive to be me, do not leave bitterness why the young romantic seed eventually became a towering tree, for fear that children should be married early if things feel a thousand, but it is early juvenile white hair