Alternative language

Alternative language is the language of life must be, is an objective expression to share their feelings with each other to communicate.Said that did want people to enrich their skills constantly have to improve to enrich learning all kinds of knowledge, knowledge too, helps to raise the amount of skills.In our daily lives, everyone to use language to express their show was done, we may come across rhetoric and taciturn, also encountered eloquent and concise.Extraordinary conversation are more particular about language skills, combined with the priorities of complexity, citing quips, a phrase, a jingle, a twisters, refined, witty, wonderful expression full of fables colors tend to win applause.In fact, real life is more arbitrary language, the language is to speak, is the sentimental parents in short, is the emotions of a character asks, every day we live in a world language composition.  In addition to language, eye contact, facial expressions, body movements are forms of expression in another language.It can be found everywhere in our lives, all the time or happen to someone else, perhaps in front of the screen when you are typing, focused look is the definition of a language.  The eyes are the windows of the soul.Use your eyes confession mood, behavior, pies, no better than the language much worse shape.Hi eyebrow when joy Xiaoyan, when the eye of anger to take fire, when the sad eyes dull, ogle love from time to time.Look, look, look, stare, look, stare, vision, it is dedicated language of the eye.Water Lingling big eyes bright eyes water, thick eyebrows and a dignified appearance, a free look erratic, meet exceptionally jealous enemies, but not impressive three days, Big World ears, senseless did not know, Laoyanhunhua fright uncertain, dispirited bleary-eyed, short-sighted Zeimeishuyan.In summary, these terms are not mutually dajie description of the eye, the tables stand alone ages, all kinds of living creatures has already depicted vivid.From human eyes reflects the variety of facial expressions, to convey the qualitative behavior of emotion, a knowing look is the result of long-running, it will not achieve the role of language.Erotic expressed by the eyes, the eyes of the beholder, coursing eyes, arrogant eyes, lost eyes, eyes far more than these, even exhaustive, eye covers almost all aspects of the language of all acts of.Language is only a foil touches on the theory of rhetoric, then the beautiful language can only be described as gold is yellow flash, but gold itself is worth much more than the actual language.  Facial expression is the language of the moment people.It also was faithfully reflect a person’s heart and realistic performance, if explained in words, they can up and down enough effort in space.Emotions and feelings of loneliness is exposed, people seem to define such a good deal, from a person’s facial expression and publicity introverted, a person’s looks, people also love at first sight with the interpretation of the Brief Encounter bizarre story, it is a fortune-teller the physiognomy as an esoteric science continues to this day.Facial expression is a comprehensive reflection of facial movement, increased expression with age, experience will have to become more abundant, are derived from the mutual understanding of the language from the original expression of laughing and crying.Benevolence small lift themselves: curl one’s lip pouting tongue-tied, laughing scoffed, his voice alarmed, feeling angry smile through tears, pretend nothing had happened, bowed face down in silence, tightlipped.Well, now facial animation on the network enough to explain the problem.These expressions are psychological reactions, modern psychology is to interpret these complex passwords.  Body language is a direct representative have emotions.Since ancient times, Stand up sit has phase of rhetoric, but also modern ladies meter course what conformist, the most basic question noted that a person’s walking posture can reflect the qualities of instinct.Happy when dancing, when angry fists, if the orchid may represent the tip of female beauty, the sturdy frame Guinness gestures can revel in the men’s rough.Body movements are reflected in the language of power, is volatile instinct, is the expansion of language foreshadowing.A gesture, a clenched fist, a kick, a bow, a gesture instinct, even if the finger clicks on the button, it has been explained to thinking.  To tired expression language of this alone is not enough.This is a normal physiological function of people who just live in the moment, there are still some people are born to live in a silent world of language.So people look combines language, facial expressions language, body language, and then formed a new language — Sign Language.In fact, these are from life, reflecting the initial communication is body language of humanity, even in modern society in a variety of languages filled the global village, body language is still the most primitive expression.This was the theme of telescopic scope is large, there may be unavoidably every move, could also be a tireless task for researchers, however, a soul and feedback on this trivial between movement and stillness, in this back to nature between.