A ride Red Feizixiao

LEISURE middle of the night no one before the house of longevity vows highest power, although the language is shallow whisper drawing near, but heavenly pair of lovebirds heard, underground with branches also know, then, for some love become eternal farewell.  Removed a thousand years of history, that period of love swan song gone with the wind, people are truly remember to plump for the United States Yang Yuhuan.  Yang Yuhuan (719–756), No. too true, puzhou Yongle (now Shanxi Yongji) people, Shu State Secretary for households Yangxuan Yan’s daughter.Royal Emperor Li Longji.  Yang Zi Yan Feng quality, good dance, through temperament.734 (Emperor Kaiyuan twenty-two years), and incorporate it into the reign of the Eighteenth sub-Shou Li Mao Princess, when Young was 16 years old, Li Mao also in about 16 years.737-year reign favorite Wu Huifei dead, thousands Gonge harem, no one can reign satisfaction.Gao Lishi to please the reign of favor, to recommend a life Princess Yang Yuhuan reign.740-year reign Fortunately Spa Palace, the royal palace called Yang Gao Lishi to life, make it a monk, No. Too true, too true to live in the palace.745 years, a separate Samori Zhonglang Wei Zhao Xun’s daughter Princess to life, Young’s reign canonized as a concubine, “the father of the child wins a wife,” Gong Wei Tang become a big strange smell.  Yang has three sisters, all national colors, was summoned people palace, called the Lady of Korea, Mrs. Guo, Ms. Qin Guo, one hundred thousand each month the money donated cosmetics fee.Lady of Guo ranked third, with natural beauty from the United States, do not leave powder.Du Fu’s “Lady of Guo” poem: “Lady of Guo Cheng Zhusi, dawn launched into the Golden Gate.But suspected powder Wan color, light sweeping Crescent towards the Supreme.”(” Du Oppression “Volume II) is for the portrayal of facts.  Beautiful, much-beloved collection to life, Yi Meipiao move, shadow floating light “neon palm Plumage” melody, submerged history of bells and drums.  Yang won by a pretty heavy pet, her brothers were donated officials, and even distant cousin Yang Zhao, formerly marketplace rogue, because good gauge chips, Xuanzong and Yang Zhu sister gambling, so Dr Charles calculation gambling account, given names country Zhong, who is also a doctor, more than ten branch staff, manipulate affairs of state.Fortunately Huaqing Pool reign tour to Young’s five for the squire, each one team, wearing the same color clothes, five combined teams, colorful.Jewelery fall along and over, glistened which luxury to be added.Yang family, married two princesses, two Princess, Young’s reign also pro-imperial ancestral temple monument essays and thorough book.  So-called real one win JiQuanShengTian.  On one occasion, Yang spoiled arrogant, offended reign, reign condemned by her parents return.However, the Royal palace, the reign diet does not enter, Colliers earth again she had to recall.750 years, Royal stole twenty Goro purple Yudi, alone blowing amused.The incident, and was sent to extrauterine disobedient purpose.After the eviction chaise, cut a lock of black hair, asked Zhang Tao light manipulation to bring the reign, reign taken aback and lay, lie Gao Lishi her recall.Zhanghu “sub Wang tube” poem: “Gold Xing no see also Yu, Wang steal the points blow tube.”(” In the late Tang percussion bomb set “Kango) is a chant matter.Yang did not know her reign, they spook, more arrogant, Yang “access forbidden door does not ask, the capital Zhang Li look askance”.When people have “a girl do not sad, do not like a boy,” the ballad.( “Young too true outsiders”)), Li Zhaoxing, said: “Yang was born in Sichuan, good food lychee.South China Sea born, who is better than Sichuan, so per-year-old speeding to enter.”Mu” had Huaqing Palace “quatrains certified: Looking back embroidered Chang’an city of the heap, Peak one thousand sequential open.  Red Feizixiao a ride, no one knows is to litchi.    Generation emperors are a few “Feizixiao” captured the hearts of real sorrow that is the history of ah!  Yuyang drums awakened one night Dreaming, Mawei, has long been the “Everlasting Regret” fill in the desolation of a pause.Koto trees faint crow, and have golden tethered to a poignant.  Tempo middle-aged, Li Fan Yang Jiedushi Lushan edge over power, won the favor reign, so that Young’s sister and brother and sister became Lushan, Lushan Yang is considered as the godson.Lushan audience at the palace Ganniang name, actually openly molested come from Yang.  These are for the An Lushan rebellion laid the foundation for later, Du Mu “over Huaqing Palace” poem: Xinfeng yellow trees from Egypt, Shuji Yuyang explore the back.  On a Shiqianfeng Colorful, original dance break down.    IWC complains Peace and Tranquility, Heaven temple floor distinct month.  Lushan cloud pat dance, the wind had laughter under heavy Luan.    755 In November, anti-Lushan, Xuanzong fled to Sichuan, the following year via Ma Wei (now Xingping County, Shaanxi Province, west), the army mutiny, forcing reign punish Guozhong, Yang gave himself, when he was 38 years old.Tragic story of Bai’s “Everlasting Regret” is Syria’s reign and Royal.  Yang to poetry, “Full Tang” has received its “gifts Zhang Yun – rong dance” a cloud: Luoxiu moving endless savory, red lotus owl in owl Qiuyan.  Qingyun Ridge Chad shake the wind, tender Liu poolside early Fushui.    Yang write women into the dance, than Qiuyan Fu Yung looming; complex situation than the Ridge, uncertain no fixed impermanence of life, more than the Fushui willows, graceful soft, lined Luoxiu move incense, can be described as superb.  Li Bai’s “Qingpingdiao” three, that: “Cloud flower her capacity, spring whisk threshold Revlon Tour” famous ( “The Complete Works of Li Bai” Kango) become eternal quatrains.Royal’s death, people reign Shu, “row to Fufeng Road,.And to ramp Taniguchi, is Lin Yu involving ten days, to smell the rain plank ringtones, corresponding Hills.On both mourn Royal, is due to adopt its voice, “Yue Ling Ling song”.”(” Young too true outsiders “) which is later Song” Yue Ling Ling “Cipai origin.  How can a scarf hanging heavy live life?  Generation emperor ah!You’re not the people on it?But could not protect its own weak Aifei; you do not have kept their promises?But watched Yan Shen fish off the flowers and the moon face toward the death of white silk.  The sins of a war, added to the charming woman, this is a man of great tragedy.  The roots of troubles?Sat on the imperial throne, you say it?  Imperial ah!Love country loves beauty, imperial, country lost, listless beauty store?