A romantic decree

Decree, as a showcase and a symbol of ancient imperial power, regardless of language or format, are serious and blunt.But, but why there was an alternative special decree this tract with enigmatic appearance, but hidden behind some touching their love.”Han” records, in 72 BC, the Han Emperor Liu Xun suddenly issued a puzzling edict, he said in an edict: I had an old sword at the time of poor micro, now I miss it ah, Men of Ai Qing can I get it back to it?After reading the decree, many ministers are confused, incomprehensible.However, good wind blows minister but then Han Xuan life experiences when young inquiry launched.As the great-grandson of Emperor Liu Xun, born only a few months due to the disaster Witchcraft intrauterine affected, is still in its infancy became a prisoner in prison, after the grandmother’s maiden adoption.In the long-term civilian life, Liu Xun experience the folk suffering, but also cultivate the idea of his rustic character and close to the people.Until the Emperor ordered the adoption in consultation Liu Ye Ting, Liu clan status of consultation before finally been confirmed.He Zhang Ye Ting made Liu Xun was originally his father’s old men, to be his own son as Liu Xun, not only to pay for school Liu Xun, also after consultation Liu grew up, as he married the daughter of a local ordinary people Xu Pingjun wife.Xu Pingjun is a hard-working and virtuous woman, Liu Xun in the most difficult days, not only did not hold anything against her husband, but he had each other and with their tenderness let the ailing prince felt the power of family warmth and love.74 BC, Emperor Han Zhao’s death, because there is no male heir in the Grand Marshall of memorials Huo Guang, 18-year-old Liu Xun unexpectedly ascended the imperial throne.In order to win this about affairs of state Huo Guang Quan Chen, the year he married the daughter of Huo Guang.Aware of his too weak of Liu Xun, in Huo Guang lifetime, has been on his toe, obedience.However, only one thing that Huo Guang was irritating, but also to the ministers scratching their heads, which is set up the queen.At that time the ministers to please Huo Guang, are trying a letter said Huo Guang’s daughter Queen is the best candidate for this, Liu Xun noncommittal.The next day, Liu issued a decree exercise on this track when it Naizhao seeking micro sword.Good intention on speculation that ministers soon out of this product edicts of the special meaning: even when used poor micro-old sword are obsessed with people, nor will naturally have with their profound feelings of a woman throwing homes despite, in his expensive for the emperor, empress canonized critical moment, how can watch the beloved woman placing him after it?Wake up ministers immediately change the wind direction, have requested Li Xu Pingjun for the Queen.Liu Xun therefore conform to the Italian people, the Xu Pingjun crowned the Queen.Since then, it has become the sword Wife romantic story of a household.Even risking the throne was not guaranteed, but also compete for the love of a woman enjoying a birthright of supreme respect pet.Liu Xun of this imperial decree in Chinese history is undoubtedly the most romantic imperial decree, hidden in between the lines, but it is a most solemn imperial promise of love.