Big Three three pairs of 84 points Westbrook Thunder eastern end of the first 11-game winning streak

  Beijing on March 19, the Raptors lost 125-132 at home to the Thunder this season, suffered a double play。   Thunder (43-29) won six straight, to maintain fourth place in the West。
"Big Three" played well, Russell – Westbrook triple-double with 37 points, 14 assists and 13 rebounds, Paul – George 22 points, Stephen – Adams 25 points。 Carmelo – Carmelo Anthony scored 15 points, Corey – Brewer 10 points。
Thunder hit rate%, 10 three-pointers in 21 shots。   (52-18) for up to 11 games winning streak end Raptors, the team failed to set a new record。
"Spear" An expulsion of a 6 guilty, DeMar – DeRozan had 24 points and five assists, Kyle – Lori 22 points and 10 assists, Yunus – Kovalam Qiu Nasi 10 points。
  Both teams are good momentum, especially Toronto, has 11-game winning streak, tied the record in team history, progress toward a new record。
As a team this season, the best home record, they should be reported for the first time this season, lost hatred of war。   The last fight, at home to 124-107 victory over the Thunder, George scored 33 points, Westbrook scored 30 points。
Meet again, they still have a good performance, but the two sides did fight to the last minute。
The last several times a referee blowing a technical foul, the Raptors three expulsions, there is a 6 person guilty, changed the situation in the field。
  Thunder playing the most exciting teams, and the next 11 consecutive games, their opponents are over .500 team。 Western currently ranked fourth, to keep this position is no easy。   The two sides opening on a large-scale exchange that higher Thunder hit rate, the first section to gain an advantage to 40-34。   Third beat 67 seconds, Toronto scored 6 points, chasing the score 40-40。
Thunder hit rate sharply dropped, the Raptors to a wave of 20-4 start this section, in one fell swoop to 54-44 double-digit advantage。 Thunder sent back to the main, the situation has improved。 George hit three-pointers in this section will bear the Thunder to 66-64 to regain the lead。   The second half both teams continued to attack exchange, the two sides you come to me, turn up the score。 Pobai almost scored the first three quarters, DeRozan in the third quarter when the second hit the third, leading the Raptors to 98-97。   The final section of the competition is more intense, both sides of this section 14 lead changes, almost every round opponents can be fired back, this is the real tug of war。
  Competition also 6 minutes 19 seconds, just 7 seconds to play Kovalam Qiu Nasi was a foul, personal fouls up to 5 times, but still remain in the field。
Westbrook made two free throws, the two sides battle 111-111, followed by Westbrook shot, the Thunder go-ahead。 After Myers hit the third, Westbrook long shot immediately fired back, the two teams alternating the lead。   Competition also 3 minutes 18 seconds, Lori accidentally blown 6th foul, walked out, although he repeatedly explained to the referee, but it can not get commute。
Westbrook hit a ball, the Thunder to 121-119 exceeded。
  After the two sides battle 125-125, shot twice succeeded Westbrook, Thunder hold our ground。
DeRozan ate two technical fouls in 4 seconds, expelled。
  While being deported there Ibaka and coach Casey。 Three were expelled, Lori is committed 6 games, so the Raptors can not perform miracles, but to accept defeat。