A scarf of love

That year, she had her husband’s family.Object is a soldier.I heard a soldier that place far from home, it went on, first by train and then by plane, car and finally even a few hundred miles.This small ravine even do not know what kind of train, not to mention the plane.Rural people’s eyes, this kid had better go see the big world, the breath.Go before day, he put on his green military uniform, meter eighty big, really spiritual, he went to her house to see farmers accustomed to dress up, suddenly saw this body, he feels intimate and strange , it was really adore and envy.  The man walked quickly flashed more than a year, over two weeks to a letter, the letter said that most of his work, not much sweet talk, but she felt every word full of love.Where the last letter, also sent a letter with a picture of him on the photograph, standing in the snow, laughing like a fool, did not even wear a hat, this person can be really sloppy.She shiver, he played a clever, like a chilled out like.From that moment, she had an idea: give him weave scarf.She did not know not to let the troops.  With this idea, the next day happens to be set.She took a half a day off to the captain, went to the fair.Her mother asked her to do fair, she did not speak, face first red, Zhiwu for a long time, just say look.He said the cold weather, want to buy the line, weaving pairs of socks.  After breakfast, she was a man alone on the road, and did not dare about with, afraid of people asking questions, and see through his mind, a girl who grew up, weird clever, she thought that point, how they conceal is maintained it.She also usually sum it funny, this opportunity will not let her.  On the road, she was walking like, what color to buy a good, elegant gray gas, dark green is also good, black is not good, she does not like it is black, and his stature so high, not woven too short, too narrow that seemed poor phase, what style is good men around, not too complex, one is not, and second, also looked awkward, simple, and elegant enough.The thought of his scarf, the way her heart there is an indescribable sweetness.She does not like fun, in general, if there is no special requires her to do, she never go to the market.But this thing one can replace got it.Is able to, they work, she can rest assured it?Besides, she does not want anyone to know, including her mother and sister.  To the set, choosing this, than to go, finally I bought dark gray, she felt it more appropriate color for him, too shallow, it is easy to dirty, military life so nervous, how can there be time to wash it, this color, not looking at the steady heavy, the sun is not easy to fade.  Began to weave the.Flowers look down a lot, and what formulas can for him, are not suitable.Some woven significantly too thick, feel better, though, as a few Wai Wai Wai went to his head, a little overwhelming, and finally, she finalized one of the most simple, front row a positive and negative, the other positive and negative staggered row this, weave will not be too thick, and the tiled look at the past, like a blossoming flower with open, simple, elegant, just as they love.  She knitted very carefully.She is not a careful person, usually work always all hands, do fall fast, work in the fields can top a half-sister, usually weave stitch something wrong, I do not want to split up, they then will the.But this time, she knitted displeasure, and there are nearly a strand of thin wire twisted into, a little sloppy line will pick up a willow, it does not look good, with fresh uneven, then there is some small eye line , she used thick needle, this would appear to be woven more soft, not hard to help states.Usually live for many, busy, no time, she is to spend commuting organizations gap.She was afraid of the dirty line, weaving a little every time you roll up with a clean cloth and hard about revealing only place to put the needle in, come down to earth, she was afraid someone else saw the joke, then sneak to the side to weave.Someone can still see.  Big sister, do it?A sister-in-law came over and asked.  Did not do.She blushed.Listening to others curious, I came to look, to see she is embarrassed.  Is not that a soldier to organizations?That kid is good lucky yo.  When did that guy come back ah, yes did not mention it, then we can be blessed sister, enjoy, and that time can not forget what we.  Is not it to the troops, troops want to get married.  People in animated conversation, she listened, a little joy, a little ashamed, angry and a little raw, can not be angry, not angry, in front of so many people, I do not know how to deal with, though she is a big girl, though, and that personal engagement, and it can also handle both embarrassing it.This formation which have seen her, she was not even smell of urine sub ears were red, his hands clinging to her thighs, his head buried in it.They no longer see the.She was afraid they saw her red as canna like face, but also made fun of her.Joke not finished, far from pointing to a busy road, he said: Look, who’s here?He rode, and green after the car has two pockets.This positive to take it in her hand, holding a letter.Then, looking to squeeze the person next to.Others have echoed.WWW.5aigushi.COM will not turn her mind, she knew, they said that the post office messenger, her this outfit too familiar, every time I see, are like family and met with a smile, sweet heart yet.Saw him, his heart he is not far away.Every time reading his letter, related to bloom like a heart, which may continue for several days yet happy, sometimes eating dinner or doing live, think of his letter, then laughed loudly feel rushed to eat and laughed unthinking.Sister saw, she said, the nerve.Sometimes not sleep at night, she would put that thing out, to see it again, in fact, she had memorized, she just wanted to see what word he wrote, the style is the man thing.