A second reversal success

A second reversal of the success of text / GRAPHIC grasslands of Africa, has a crisp, taut leopard crouching in the grass for a long time.Not far away, a group of elongated legs, back yellow white belly antelope is leisurely graze.Antelope are sometimes looked down gnawing thick to thin, but when you look around looked slender neck, flaring nose seems to want out of the air every trace Analysis dangerous atmosphere.  Suddenly, there was an antelope made to sink the body, ready to start the gesture, other antelope immediately stopped chewing, it will be determined, as if waiting for a decision.Call is heard, leopard crashed out towards their recent Jiben from a female antelope.It has also elongate the neck of antelope, four legs and one low immediately, vault into the sky.However, starting the moment the leopard like just out of the barrel of bullets, he slammed it to the front of prey.A life and death battle to kick off.  For no lethal weapons antelope who will have to survive, only a move to the enemy: run faster than the predators.I saw the mother before and after the antelope expanded significantly thin legs, Lianpao jump, each step up to a few meters away, after a few seconds, actually widened the distance and leopards.However, the leopard is the fastest animal on the prairie, within 4 seconds, it can quickly from a standstill, raised to 100 km per hour.Leopard in the rapid run, collapse the waist down, landing a forelimb, hind legs and they go away, landing, and then, the legs straight forward, open, flat, stomp again.In this way, two champion runners, once stood on the same runway, who wins, no one can draw a conclusion.Advantages gradually starting to play a role of leopards, antelope little life at stake.Two meters, which is output from the win, is from birth.  Getting closer, antelope seems to have felt panting behind leopards.It is a twisting suddenly, came a Sharp 90 degrees, so that the back of the leopard caught off guard, almost fell off balance.Perhaps, for the antelope, the body’s own dexterity is the only advantage of the moment.But, again got the leopard is still in hot pursuit, it seems that it identified only female antelope is their lunch.After ten seconds, antelope running light still struggling, and leopards flying has become slowed.Remaining on the sidelines of the animal, are stopped, stared at this race of life and death.They know that as long as the only female antelope more than adhere to a second, even if it is a second, can bring a chance of survival.Because leopards highly explosive, but endurance than however antelope.From growing, 3 m, 4 m, 5 m, all those who are antelope happy, because success in sight, everything will be a false alarm.  But, in this very moment, the leopard suddenly made a shocking move: it exhausted body strength, Jumping over a few meters outside the antelope, through its own weight like a relentless rush like the antelope inverted.Subsequently, the antelope turned a few consecutive roll, ultimately could not stand up, leopards have used sharp teeth to bite its throat.Leopard title from their own hard-earned lunch, straightened up, whistling breathing heavily, his eyes full of arrogance and contempt after the success of.  Leopard prey should calm dragged home after a tree tens of meters away.It crossed front legs, trying to mouth pulling antelope’s body, step by step, struggling to move to the house, completely without prairie king domineering, nor the kind of passion and strength when just catch antelope.Not out of a few meters, even cropped grass a lot of matted, yellow honking his head, turned to a group of African wild dogs.Leopard turned around, only to find that they have been surrounded.Before a second, he hits the ground running it feel like the King, a second later, it turned out it was not awkward to get out.Encirclement smaller and smaller, more and more low hum of wild dogs, leopards know, if we do not give up morsels of food, perhaps it will become the dogs of their own food and tired of these brutal and arouses the.A relent, leopard easily escape encirclement and breath ran under a tree, a jump, climb up on top of the tree.Not far away, dogs are being fought over the bodies of happily bite of a second antelope, too short a time, but sometimes shaking reversal success or failure will occur.Like a second ago, antelope thought to escape in sight, they used to beat the endurance explosive leopards; a second later, desperate to jump leopard, antelope ended all good fantasy.A second ago, leopards also thinking about how to enjoy this delicious meal for lunch; after one second, then he almost became wild dog lunch.So, never say success and failure is a fixed number, more often, for a second time this devil, God is the best judge sent.  Do not ask the next second success or failure, because everything is possible.(Inspirational story)