A sense of birthday

Another birthday quietly inadvertently comes with each new year in the years flow away quietly in the blessings of sound, leaving family and friends is the most sincere wishes, is another slip of the Mood for Love.. As years of hands on the sand as you grip more tightly, over time will quietly and loss, year after year, a year-old is another old, from beginning to end, so quietly flow away.In the blessing of their loved ones in the care of friends, this day should have been happy birthday, happy cries sincere wishes received a sentence of warm words, but each can be a significant number of years quietly away but it is more lament.    From young and frivolous to the brilliant youth, middle age to pass away and then to today, so fast the years, so fast in life, just as gripping sand live quietly away, without a trace.    Birthday born a day to start a new life, starting from fall to earth, rings began to rotate around and around, in the rotation cycle of ups and downs, it has a cycle in how much laughter, how much sorrow, all together the sand disappeared in the years long river of life.    One year, but each year, the same day, different feelings, merged into cries of greeting, I heard the sound of the blessings, happy birthday!