A set of short essays

1, spring potpourri mountains to this place where I live, is on the border of Hubei, Henan Jianghuai, belongs to the western foot of the Dabie Mountains, although there is no known mountains and rivers, but also some odd risk steep hill.Probably in the watershed but also because it is at the junction of two provinces, wild vegetation here is quite rich.    Every spring, the trees on the hills spit out new shoots, buds emerge, on the lush mountains, verdant, at first glance, is full of green ocean, green waves, ups and downs, particularly spectacular.It has green colors of the flowers embellishment, but also demonstrate the vitality out of the mountains, the mountain life.Entered the mountains, you can smell the fragrance of a Unit of wind floated taste, that charming flowers intoxicating, hauntingly.I’ve seen the most gorgeous flowers is those wild peach, piece, piles, clusters, like a red flame, burning in the green sea.There are those crimson peach, pink, there are pink, flowers, a tree Primula hearing, cited spring mountain peach.At first glance, it is so dazzling, compelling, and seemed so noble, elegant, peach you see that the slope into the film, we feel that spring is really to the front, which is a kind of enlightened, it is a comfort.Those Peach is a natural hair, not that there is no one to watch, there is no assessment, in the spring, it is still always open each year, generous, nor any utilitarian purpose.    There are those wild plum flower, pink, white flowers, seemed so simple and natural, not flowers, but encrusted branches, one after another, like a reddish girl’s face with exquisitely carved jade-like, smooth and bright.Mr Lee are generally open in the depths of the valley, forming a powder of the waves, the waves of white, pink or white horses in micro, which can not but admire the magical beauty of nature.    There are those Paulownia Flowers, SJ, apricot, Yang Hua..The flowers of different colors, each leading the trend, the mountain has become more colorful, graceful.    Pearl flowers wild flowers is the most common form of flowers, which is a bush, the tree is not high, sticks will not be strong, but spend the crystal through the body, such as collections of shaped pearls phase series, the white flowers with pink, open then is pure white, this edible flower, is the top grade in food weeds.In the mountains there are many such plants, not only ornamental value, but also has some edible and medicinal value.    Spring in the mountains, fame.Holidays, you may wish to bring wife and children, relatives and friends married friends, go for a walk into the mountains and watch the mountains look, pick up some game, it certainly unusual scenery, your mood will become fresh, fresh, comfortable.    2, the tree, climbing like a grown man in the rustic charm, like a wandering in the deep forests of the people living in them you watch the scenery to see color, there will be many extraordinary unique discovery.    I was a walk to the mountains often to people, no matter how dense woods there is, no matter how thick thorns, no matter how difficult the road to go, I’m still going.    The mountains of the few people involved, only the sweet harmony of mountain birds sound, warm sunshine, the wind gently, naturally quiet.Sometimes encounter mountain fog.Thick fog, slipping, casual chic, unlimited pride.After the fog had fine weather, the scenery was especially the United States, the mountain appears to broad forceful up I most like to see is trees that are grown in pure natural surroundings tree, without human care, no artificial whitewash, away from the man-made destruction, but in the natural soil, natural growth of wind and rain, both trees trees, trees and shrubs, all full of vitality, their buds bloom in the embrace of nature, enjoy displaying their grace.Wei tree has a tree, the tree has a handsome trees; magnificent tree with a tree, the tree has a tree Meaningful.This is the natural rustic charm, this is the nature gives meaning and implication of their lives.    Walking in the mountains, silent look at those microscopic patches of dense bush land, high and low, mixed Phi brush, that is a natural competition, survival is the first need of the tree, as long as there is sunshine, even on the cliff, even in the crevice, they must take root feet, they will spare no effort to grow out.While the merits of the environment can decide whether they are to become useful, but it must not prevent them tenaciously growing awareness, unless artificially chop plan unless deliberate destruction, unless unexpected disaster.They did not even choice but to bear.The wind blows where that seed, where is its home, where it is rooted in the place.Root growth is its only option, soil, sun, rain is the condition of its life.They rely on the these conditions, the root headlong into the depths of the soil, the foliage of life unfold.This vitality is a completely rustic charm driven, no artificial selection, and involve amendments.This is a simple concept of survival, compared to artificial selection so that they are tedious.Because artificial selection with a strong sense of subjective, cognitive complex, rather go awry.    Growth in rustic charm, the beautiful landscape will become.    3, I write poetry to dense jungle in the jungle, few people patronize; beautiful scenery here, few people know.Jungle although the United States, but often people leave behind, forgotten.I know: people abandoned and forgotten things are not all ugly.    This is a jungle, there are flowers, there are birds, there are spring streams, there are high cliffs towering, rugged yet have a curved forest trails.There are miscellaneous jungle-like trees, the trees and the rough, uneven, but the growth of lush, toward the sky, toward the sun, to show their looks, it is a free, proud, simple display.    Whenever I see these beautiful, my heart will not help surging poetry, in the silence of the jungle, I wrote a poem line by line.My poetry is full of earthy taste, my poem contains the color of the mountain, but it does not have the reader, the reader or myself only.    Secluded jungle day, I pick up leaves poetry, I find the roots of poetry, I planted the language of poetry, and poetry rhythm I should.I want it to germinate breed on land, bear fruit, I want it to grow into towering trees, into a dense forest formation green waves.But no one is watching these trees, and even its leaves, buds, fruit, roots, and even its gigantic branches, no one to read, to enjoy reading.    I am writing poetry in the jungle, line after line, several Big thick, like those in the sun free stretch of branches, leaves thick, a lot, but I can only hide it at the bottom, so that it is yellow, moldy, occasionally looking out to see.    I know: I wrote poetry like those in the natural environment, long out of the original ecological atmosphere trees, very primitive, very simple, no artificial polish and gloss, though from the bottom of the voices, but lost the gorgeous.I have no intention to auction these leaves, I know it does not create economic value, can not give me more material wealth.    But I still write, I want these leaves, branches further unfold in the sky, forming a wind, it turned into rain, nourishing my heart.      4, a jungle path into the summer, and then into the deep forests, walking is quite difficult.Mountains already few people involved, coupled with soaring summer vegetation, old mule path nearly drowned was no trace.    Hits the road early in the morning line, the dew on the grass shining brilliantly, embark on a road, trousers all wet with dew, combined with just a few days ago under the rain, the road is inevitable that there is water, there are muddy, very difficult to go up , coated with a thick layer of yellow mud on the shoes, which is waiting on mountain roads, it is very tough.    I walked on, more and more dense woods, steep hill more and more, more and more narrow road, the road would have on the bumpy, winding, combined with overgrown, Zashu Pan-long road was covered..No way, had walked looking for, this is the process of looking to spend a lot of time and physical strength.In such an environment, alone, not accompanied, no one to help, getting lost is inevitable.Mountain roads of this feeling, I was too deep experience.Some will say: Road rely on people to come out.This is true, but to re-tread a path that you want to pay this much energy, how much it costs, even to spend a lifetime of effort and sweat, and even loss of life.If you have an existing road does not go, there is a wide road does not go, insist on a new path, a path through himself, which is something that ordinary people can not order.    I walked back to the mountain not one or two, experience the mountain roads of course, also be enlightened on the road of life.For instance, in the summer, when the trees grow dense grass, you’d better walk less; if there is no ready way, you’d better go less to the woods, maybe you can come across a trap at any time, at any time may get lost, or may also encounter toxic to animals buried in the woods of snakes and scorpions, etc..    But beautiful scenery of the mountains in the summer and would like to go.In the mountains in a green, flowers are blooming, eye candy.In such an environment Strolling, walking, no doubt the body is a kind of exercise for body and mind is a delight.Among the beauty, is often no ready way to be found, many beautiful views are often little known or little someone to go places, which also contains a very profound philosophy of life.    Forest road, leading to where I do not know.Into the forest, often there is no direction, no goal.INTERFERENCE insurance relies on exploring, always looking for adventure.If you always hold a purpose, a direction, always go the same way, you are less rewarding not to mention there are too many new feelings.So, to explore, develop, or the main purpose of life, the only way you can excel, unique.    I like to go mountain, like adventures, adventurous, so I’m different, I’m different, I’m lonely.    Nevertheless, I still go, go explore, to experience, and going to feel.