The ancient city of Pingyao ancient city wall no longer be concerned about the protection to overseas model

Pingyao Ancient City street。
Official courtesy According to reports, Pingyao known as the "ancient pottery", the Northern Wei Dynasty and the beginning of the name of Pingyao city building。 Hongwu years (1370) when re-building the outer wall brick。
Pingyao city wall handsome in appearance, complete defense facilities, were the only Chinese ancient fortification, and fortification techniques to unadorned, quantity called well-known to the world, is the study of ancient Chinese system of fortification of valuable information。   In fact, from the time of "the sword stay in the city" to today's world-renowned, ancient city of Pingyao it took decades to complete the transformation。 The official realized that the "full rich historical heritage is the largest foundation in the world famous ancient city of Pingyao," introduced a number of measures to protect the orderly conduct of related work, involves the overall protection of the ancient city, ancient houses repair, reconstruction and other infrastructure。
  "Pingyao ancient city plays an important role in defining and managing high standards of protection of cultural relics, and become a model for China and the world heritage management。 "UNESCO Deputy Director of the World Heritage Training and Research Center for Asia-Pacific Simone Rica has commented on the work of the ancient city of Pingyao。   Today, the ancient city of Pingyao, both to protect the authenticity and integrity of the World Heritage, and ensures the vitality and cultural heritage, but also take into account the tourism development and improve people's livelihood, has become a "living city"。