A seven kinds of narcissus painting

It is said that love is not something you find, it is that you do things out.Donna is a favorite of my life doing the most pleasant thing.We’ve been married 21 years, but we are still newlyweds, if you think marriage should be forever, then.  A year ago, when the phone rings, I answer the phone, the voice said: I am a doctor Freeman.Your wife is suffering from breast cancer.His straightforward tone without emotion, although I can figure out from the tone of his voice in his mind was not bland.He is an affable medical doctor, this is not a superficial phone.He and Donna talk for a few minutes, when she hung up the phone, flush vanished from her face.We hugged each other and cried for a few minutes.  She sighed and said: OK.  I looked at her, yes, I say, we had cancer, we have to deal with it.  Since then 12 months, Donna undergo chemotherapy, mastectomy, bone marrow transplantation, radiation therapy.She lost her hair, she lost a breast, she lost her privacy, she lost the comfort associated with the always assumed would come tomorrow.  But she never lost faith and dignity.She never gave up, never give in.  We on the wall by her bed to do a small sign read: sometimes the main storm subsided, and sometimes he let the storm raging mad, calm his children.This small sign language became our anthem.  She did a mastectomy home that day, she carefully took the mirror, then shrugged and said: So this is what I look like now.She put on pajamas, got into bed.She looked at myself and saw hope, and I saw the courage.  She spent the Easter, Mother’s Day in the hospital.During undergo a series of endless medical procedures, she myriad of thoughts.  But she is also very profitable.  She wore a wig and padded bra, sitting in a motorized wheelchair, to attend one of our son’s wedding, except the bride, she is undoubtedly the most radiant woman there.  She knew her family and neighbors love her degree, she knew how important her significance in the life of all of us in.We received short sentences, letters, phone calls and mysterious package left on our doorstep, there are homemade bread and biscuits.Donna says she did not realize so many people care about her.  One night, her body a severe test of the lowest point, I sat on a chair, bathed in her ward silence.She has ended four days of 24 consecutive hours of high-dose chemotherapy.Her immune system has been destroyed, her bald head gleaming, her eyes dull, do not look, her weight loss of 30 pounds, the body is destroyed.She woke up, I put his hand in the past, grabbed her hand, I gently took her hand, because of her skin and veins as well as every part of the body as fragile as the petals of gardenia.If the bone marrow transplant is not successful, it would mean that life is about to reach the end.If the transplant works, she will be able to recover the.  Hey, I said, I love you.  She laughed.Yes, you must be so.I bet you all of your girlfriend say.  Of course, because you are my girlfriend.  She smiled, sedative effect occurs again, she went back to sleep.  10 days later, her bone marrow transplant was successful, her body began recovered.Named Nancy terrific volunteers went to Donna’s room to see her, to teach her how to watercolor as part of rehabilitation therapy.I was in the room, the lady handed me a brush, paint and paper, in a purely command tone: draw a thing.  So I will gently apply several colors on paper, I drew a bunch of flowers, I call myself with what might be Picasso’s style of painting, Picasso might call it something Cubist works.When Donna and Nancy recognized that they are narcissus, and that they can identify seven kinds of daffodils, I am encouraged that this is my original wish.  I am reminded of a few lyrical verse 40 years ago to hear an old ballad, so I write them in the picture below.I was written this way: I do not have high-rise buildings, I have no land, no hands banknote sound Shalala.  But I can show one thousand mountain morning to you, give you a kiss and seven kinds of daffodils.  She took my picture posted on the wall of her room, as if to see the dream of my childhood again stranded on the refrigerator door.Only this time, only around life and death, love and hope.  She went home, our life goes on.Every day we sometimes laugh, cry when I know that we still love each other very well.  I love her all the best reasons is based on a man loves a woman.Finally, I love her because in the creation of my world and my life, she single-handedly than I have to create more.  She loves me is based on a woman loves a man all the simple reason, because of the silence of the night and sunny during the day, because of shared laughter and tears together, because the 21-year intraday vegetables, pattern fabric and to work, because when she gazed into my eyes saw her own future.  But also because a seven kinds of narcissus painting.