A shallow kiss

This is the second time I saw him, just once a year on the distance, is in friend’s birthday party Xu Zetao.  But this time will definitely be different from the last time, because I saw in his eyes my own.  Li Ya, you changed a lot hey!Xu Zetao looked a long while before I say a word.  Just a little thin, but also no different ah!  Ah, or thin look better.You can now much more beautiful than before.  I certainly know my beautiful than before, now I will be able to dress up just a little better than a large number of girls go on.And I also believe that all of us here agree that the words of Xu Zetao.  Day last year, I was a fat girl, the scene of all the people I only know one big birthday Xu Zetao.  He was followed by Xu Zetao boyfriend together, and flanked by a very thin very lovely girl.He said exchanges to others is just a month’s girlfriend.  Everyone liked him that lovely girlfriend, except me.  She laughed pretty.There will be a pair of small cheeks dimple, gentle and decent manners.WWW.5aigushi.COM Originally I always thought that girls like her like this only in relation to people like.But I saw her today, she is very annoying, that she simply contrived, I certainly think that even he must really like her.  After I introduced from the outset with a nod and she has never told her anything of.Because I found my line of sight from the moment that he appeared to no longer move to somewhere else.  Yes, I told him love at first sight.Do not ask me what it feels like love at first sight in the end, only you can feel itself experienced the taste, not any adjective can be the perfect interpretation of the.  However, the opportunity that once again I could not even eyes meet with him did not.Of his girlfriend has been hanging on him, did not leave the moment.If my eyes could kill, I think she had died no less than eleven million times.  Back then I made a decision – to lose weight.I want to be thin and beautiful, I’m afraid I was too fat too difficult to read, even the chance to stand together with him are not.He is so handsome, there must be a lot of girls clamoring to go to him Minato.  In the six months after that where I have been desperate to lose weight, as is today able to stand before him in another gesture.  And I also discovered that he was a man to come today, sitting in the middle of a group of boys.And then swept away the girls over there, and those are still dealt with last year, he did not see that last year’s girlfriend.Do they broke up?I suddenly happy, and soon, it was definitely my guess.  Last month, not that good with your boyfriend back to me Well, how come today or a person?Two months ago I paid a boyfriend, then told Xu Zetao talked about last month, I came to her birthday Shihai asked thousands exhorted million asked me regarding family members to attend, however, bad weather ah!  We parted friends, I was a singles into the!  When will you take to settle down ah.He’s not fine for you Well, you certainly is what business people to put Miss temper dumped it?  This time you can be wrong.He was engaged in cheating on me with someone else caught betray oneself.  and then?So you broke up with him, did not give him a thing or two?I know who also Morrow Xu Zetao.  of course.I face in front of their class who gave him a resounding slap in the face, and quickly took a table to give him a cup of instant coffee poured down Doutou.  Haha, Li Ya, I have to say, you really handsome.And here today you’re not alone single, Liu Chen last week he broke up with girlfriend.However, on the grounds that no one knows what.Xu Zetao boyfriend Redon said, pointing to his.  What reason to it?It is the chant whim.  He came from that group of boys in.I suddenly feel the whole body is stiff up, even heart skips several were shot.He no change to last year.Still so handsome, and has added some mature charm, charm index soared several percentage points.  I heard he broke up I’m happy, I’m so happy to drink.  This time last year I was a reversal of the quiet silence, either at the table or are exceptionally active in KTV.Regardless of who is the toast I accept, a night off did not know how much to drink, but did not feel drunk, still not stop naughty.  He finally could not stand the east afraid I was drunk advised me to come over, Xu Zetao very clear understanding to stop him, let her go.So, to get the support I met old birthday is not as it had been and Wu, talk to other people around drinking and laughter.  Available to the rest of the night, I began uncomfortable.Dizzy, even the eyes are blurred.I then groped to find the corner of the box near the door to go catnap.  Do not know when asked how long, I suddenly woke up, and there was a very uncomfortable feeling, like a pair of eyes stared at me.Cheeks are burning with a surge of sight.  I do not know who is staring at me so.Not dare to open your eyes.So we had to move slowly move his neck just pretend to wake up.  I opened his eyes was scared.He was one hand supporting his head, reclining on the sofa, facing my side.Sight my eyes fell on a motionless.  I have to admit, this action he was too cool, if not his line of sight makes me feel uncomfortable, I’m afraid I can not help but kiss him tuba.Why did he leave me so close, I could actually see his eyes at a very, very small tears mole.  How to drink so much alcohol?  I never said a word to him at night, also from dared to go near him, he knew how much I drink?  You are so naughty, you want to pay attention to have difficulty!He seemed to see my confusion, added,.You can sleep for an hour, it’s early, or take a break again.  I quickly shook his head.Joke, just so scared he enjoyed quasi also fall asleep ah.  Well, do you want to go with me.He said that questions, but the tone of it is used in the imperative.Then I glanced around the box is very firm nod, basically all of them crooked fell, leaving twenty-three also drunk 7788 still Guessing Game, he seemed satisfied with my answer, Yang Kai’s face a smile.Because of this smile, and my heart skips.  We have a KTV and go to the left, to the edge of the green corridors of the Plaza.  He did not let me sit down, but directly backed me into a corner on the back against the post and then can not back up.to be frank.I do not feel afraid of the camp, even a little faint excitement.  He is firmly staring at me, I do not dare start a Ji him in the eye, and finally a bite, looked up and went up to his direct line of sight.  We also do not know to this in the eye when I told his eyelashes are clearly a number of roots.Finally, no way, I gave him a Qingtu breath.  Very strong mint taste ah!You just is not a lot to drink it?Thank goodness.He finally spoke up.  I’m drinking wine on chewing gum for a long time.  Oh.So, you are going to lure me myself long ago!I clearly capture his mouth Yang Qi hint of contempt smile.  I was really falling out of love, the past few days have been drinking, but I hate drinking alcohol mouthful of alcohol.So every time I finished the drink, at least four to five Ⅱ MG chewing gum.I was telling the truth.Although after I hit that guy, gorgeous turned away, all or pity or contempt surprised eyes are back.On the surface I’m very proud of myself, but myself only know it hurt the heart.  Although initially it was me, but this is more than two months of contacts that the boys chase, the number of pay that is definitely my.  The boy was not cheating on it, what is there for him sad?Is he jealous, because I’m sad for the other boys?  In fact, my contacts with him because of you, when I first saw him, I found his eyes very much like with you, even the location of the sinking tears mole are the same.  Did he do my handsome?He’s really narcissistic, I would like to Cuocuo his spirit.But we have to admit that can grow up to be like his handsome not many people.  Of course, did not you handsome.  He seemed really happy, because I saw his eyes all with a smile.  I saw you last time.You’ve been hiding in the side, even if very less, like a little rabbit, I’m afraid I’ll say anything to scare you.His words made me so shocked, I did not think he noticed me last year.  He saw me look silly Leng Leng seem happier.Gently lift my chin, my lips printed in a shallow kiss.