A Shenzhen police “110 microblogging”

Writing, became the turning point in life Zhu Gui Cai, born in 1975 in Hunan Shuangfeng County.The end of the army in mid-1994.Mid-1998, there is a major flood of the Yangtze River basin-wide in nature, a huge disaster devouring countless homes of villagers.At this time, Zhu Gui color in with troops to train the flood line, feeling the whole process of deploying a unit commander fighting work and wrote “and teachers with the car 26 hours,” the report, published in Hubei “Shishou News “on.This manuscript is the first article was published in his life.That he did not think that article in the flood line caused a strong reaction, and therefore he has been the head of a cordial meeting.A leader says: Xiaozhu, you are likely fate of your quartermaster because this draft has changed.A manuscript in a word, Zhu Gui Choi became an important turning point in life.Writing, not casually write can get others recognized, Zhu Gui Choi knows this.Although I read many books, but he still felt the lack of adequate knowledge of literacy.He understood that in order to write good articles, study hard, work hard practicing writing, it is essential.Zhu Gui determined the color, not well-off with pay to buy a pile of yet another pile of learning materials, charging full year.Long stay at home, day and night to learn, and he would let his instructor severely worried for a while.Instructor mistakenly thought he was hiding in the autistic world, psychology out of the question.In this way, Zhu Gui Choi efforts finally paid off in 2000, he began writing after another boarded various newspapers.Because good writing, was seconded to the political groups have long admired at, here and became a Public Information Officer.Soon, Zhu Gui color from news to write on writing fiction.The change, the achievements of his magnificent turn.Zhu Gui Choi believes the soldiers are ordinary people, flesh and blood have feelings too.Love, who is also the theme of life can not be ignored.So he wrote a series of novels set Military love.Mid-early 2004, Zhu Gui Choi singled out from himself wrote more than 100 short stories in 55, the first book of life.These novels, first out when the book is released at their own expense, well written, well have to issue, otherwise it will become a pile of waste piled up in the corner of the room.A weekend, for the first time to introduce ourselves to other units, but let sentry wearing a military uniform, he ate a cold shoulder; to make out all the stops into the army, in the police Tonglian, soldiers with strangers, suspicion, indifference and looked at he came to introduce ourselves as an alien look like, so confident of his heart started drumming scared: could not find books to readers.He finally put a few books in the company, he walked away dejected.Zhu Gui color does not throw in the towel.The second time he carried the book to go, just go to the camp entrance.Sentry snapped to salute him, so he flattered.From original sentry by his comrades he saw that his book was deeply fascinated.Police then Tonglian.The soldiers put him as a VIP, pour tea, showed great enthusiasm.In this way, Zhu Gui Choi began his unique life barracks books to bookselling career.Wherever he went, he was first with two minutes to speak to the soldiers on one or two stories and then tell you, this is the story of the book.Gradually, those who gathered to book.In the barracks.Famous military writer aura so that he enjoys a high reputation.Outside the barracks, there are enthusiastic readers to gather a group of Zhu Gui color fans, but also specifically established Zhu Gui color book club.Adhere to, and then have the identity of the wonderful military writer, so off his uniform, Zhu Gui color of removal had lost little of rank.In 2007, he was professional, and work in the place, never before so much time and effort to write a.Within two or three years, he transferred here and there, for a few jobs.At this time, the problem faced by Zhu Gui color is to adapt to a new life in a new interpersonal circle, into the new environment, complete new tasks.In the beginning, Zhu Gui Police work in color, make the most mundane most common work.Every day kept busy, like a rapidly spinning top.Later, he was seconded to the Longgang District government propaganda department, where engaged in spiritual civilization construction work.Do the training, to do publicity, do all sorts of chores.No matter what, he is dedicated to do, and strive to do the best.Outside of work, Cai Zhu Gui did not forget his dream of writing.But, since this variety of little jobs ridden a few years, and thus seemed more tired.Worked for two years in Longgang District Propaganda Department, after the expiration of the secondment, he returned to the familiar police force.Such back and forth, making Zhu Gui color a bit confused, he thought, as an ordinary police force, so it is too obscure a.Indeed, he once find yourself, once germination of the idea want to quit the police force.But in the end, he persevered.Because he always wanted to, he called Zhu Gui color, first, perseverance, after you have the wonderful!Microblogging, create a different kind of life for observant Zhu Gui color living in the microblogging rage today, the times he found a live microblogging this observation, recording life, the best way to accumulate material.Zhu Gui Cai microblogging is its claim to be 110 micro-Bo, reflecting mostly 110 alarm come into contact with people and things.Police station just a small grass-roots units, but Zhu Gui Cai always updated microblogging can be seen, had been giving the impression that the police rigor, in fact, to the meticulous work of all the people made a plain report.But, this report gives a refreshing feeling, because it’s the charm of fashion, because it’s humorous, but also because it reflects the very real social life.Here a few excerpts: 2:00, destitute.Suddenly the phone rang, a man came very impatient voice: enough love the police do?Shenhui busy road so late, fights it, you can not do a tube?I said if I have so much power, then you put your home phone down or put the 110 call forwarding!Well what does that mean?Anyway, you can not sleep, think about it slowly.Manlianshixue two men, a previous and later to the police station, when met, will continue to do, to stop being snapped.I say, what you do?Sit down in terms of!Tall, I salsa tied, and his dog over bullying Shorty retorted, bah!His dog to seduce my cub, two men really shameless red in the face, but two dogs sniffing each other at the police station lobby to meet again, a man anxiously affectionate, said: ‘There are circumstances’ did not finish off the phone.We did go back and re-hear: “You dial the phone has been shut down.’Rush to recharge 20 yuan, telephone communication, happy to hear the man say:’ Now is not the case.”And so on, Serious and harmonious, true feelings.Without the slightest affectation and hide.This microblogging quickly get everyone’s recognition and praise, forwarding and commentators who followed, and soon attracted the attention of many media.These attitudes reflect the marketplace’s short text, but also makes people change the perception of the police, there are many users are in support of his micro-blog, consider these easy to understand and no lack of educational value to it, and make community relations more harmonious.Zhu Gui Cai said: I write to it as a major event to do, is think through these things so that the masses more fun to learn about the work of the police, supported by the police, the police approval, while eliminating misunderstanding.Zhu Gui color while working, also invited a team from the comics, Guangdong Province Light Industry Vocational Technical School, ready to microblogging story designed as a book entitled “110 110 micro-Bo,” the comic books, comic books in order to meet, but also asked people to shoot a film called “stolen book is not stealing,” a small movie.Design comic book, the film’s purpose is to shoot funny standing in the perspective of the police, to educate the masses of the basic qualities of urban civilization, universal access to basic laws and regulations, and ultimately interesting to return to the top of the educational theme.From the barracks to police camps, from books to woven scarf, Zhu Gui color every step, he is marching toward the dream of creating a new starting point for a different kind of human cattle!