A sigh

Paintings this day, Yushan County Deputy Administrative home was killed, magistrate Liu Menglong heard the news, immediately rushed to the scene.When asked county magistrate’s wife, she cried, her husband’s death, but as a picture.Originally, county magistrate’s assistant has always loved ancient calligraphy and paintings, not long ago, he did not know where to buy a Gu calligraphy, love, excitement for several consecutive days can not sleep at night.However, just yesterday night, a masked man broke into the home, armed with a knife threatened him to hand over the photograph paintings.County Deputy Although terrified, but he sees the painting, such as calligraphy and painting life, how willing to hand over?Masked men reflected in its refusal, Bian Yu himself rummaging County Deputy of course tried to stop.Two of a struggle, and finally Deputy Administrative scream, masked men died in the sword, and succeeded in a hurry after that masked man fled.While Deputy Administrative wife witnessed it all, it has long been scared of flying three souls and seven soul into the earth, even shouting forget.Liumeng Long listening, color slightly startled, puzzled and asked: Gu authentic is the case of a rarity, value of the daughter, your husband a year salary but a few stone, how could afford to buy such an expensive thing it?Deputy Administrative wife shook her head and said: home life has always been a nice compact, I do not know where he’s come from silver.Liumeng Long thought a moment, look at the county magistrate ordered home.Finally, even within a county magistrate’s assistant in hopes of finding a pillow printed with the words Hung Kee Draft thousand taels!Everyone else is shocked, how could you have such a huge amount Deputy Administrative drafts it?At this time, Liu Menglong but to think of the issue, but high-ranking officials outside the treasurer ticket numbers Hongyou Fu Hung Kee, who is rich, business is huge.However, not long ago Hongyou Fu because of one case of trafficking in illegal salt being implicated, not only he himself was taken for questioning bureaucratic, and has since been being watched, most of the trade has been closed check.Hongyou Fu has repeatedly come Liumeng Long carrying large amount of money in private, but Liumeng Long has always been honest self-respect, not only did not receive a single cent Hongyou Fu silver, but sternly refused.Deputy Administrative now not only able to afford to buy priceless antiques and paintings, but also hiding huge drafts at home, appears to be Hongyou Fu Liu Menglong after being refused, to find on the county magistrate, county magistrate’s assistant while accepting his bribes.Unfortunately, a few days ago, I do not know why, but somehow it Hongyou Fu actually hanged himself.Now the two have switched dead, unable to ask, Liumeng Long had told runners to start from the photograph of Gu’s paintings, intensify the search for the murderer.The next day, Liu Menglong is rest, a runners rushed to his face lighted shouted: adults!Murderer caught!Liu Menglong suddenly overjoyed, hastened Shengtang ad litem.Runners told him the name of the murderer criminal record quite a lot, often rob hurt everybody’s business, but a vicious role.Let Liu Menglong surprise, without setbacks, the murderer confessed to the killing of Deputy Administrative case.It turned out that this murderer is born wealthy family, the painting was his ancestral home things, but he likes Chihepiaodu, not a few years he gave the money to spend at home cleaners, had to rely on pawn goods to survive, even to the last the photograph of his father, regarded as the life of Gu’s paintings also to secretly when the.After learning his father suddenly fell ill with anger, dying, I would like to see a baby that ancestral.But now he would not go to redeem money, even the painting has been sold at the pawn shop after the redemption period.After asking this painting was bought Yushan County Deputy Administrative, because it can not do anything, he decided the night to grab a bite!He had just grabbed the painting, did not expect to actually come up with a murder case.After listening Zhefan confession, Liumeng Long nodded, ordered his check for his mark, into the death row pending sentence.Deputy Administrative sex murder easily solved, Liu Menglong the mood was very heavy, because he never imagined that he Crown so many years, has tried to stay, but be men of the people is not the case, a small county magistrate’s assistant , even accepting huge bribes and so it is indeed chilling.With the matter as a warning, the adviser specially Liumeng Long, Ji Zhu principal officials called cop, earnestly explain over and over again, must not make things contrary to the law court.Seen people vowed, this little put some heart.The next morning, Liu Menglong still sleep among the runners was a rush to wake up: adults, big bad!Cop cop was killed!When to get to the scene to understand the truth, Liu Menglong his head and sigh: their body is not correct, getting himself into trouble.It turned out that cop handling the case, though the players, there is a preference of sex addiction, recently actually a husband and long-term out of the woman hooked up.Last night, this woman cop went home, when the two are Merry happy, I never thought that the woman’s husband suddenly came back, caught in the positive with!Women’s husband is a butcher origin, reckless grumpy, unto the rear bed, stand Martinique knife to cut.The poor cop is still the gentle, it became sleepwalk sword of the spirit!But reassuring that, although the case is sensational, but little tangled, the killers were runners under arrest, the case is also very simple, it is a murder unto.However, at the moment Liumeng Long heart is heavier than previously, some days before it was found County Deputy bribery issue, now sergeants killed because of such perishable things, as his two public door myself, so virtue is indeed detrimental official face.A few days later, Liu Menglong is the study of reading, sudden, I hear Yamen drum bursts, then the whole crown shengtang.Come on top of the lobby, look, kneeling at the Church of the fleet, it is that the killer cop killing wife.Liu Menglong could speak, the woman already Tiqi said: adults, but the impulse to kill my husband, Wan ask an adult mercy ah!And the case is a novelty factor and the daughter and the daughter of real things cop is forced to die!Compelled?Liu Menglong surprised a moment, struggling men and women of this matter, how can the compelling words?Could that be a cop he forced you?Butcher wife cried, shaking his head, she had also Liangjianvzi, make it so contrary to the Women of the matter is indeed helpless.Not long ago, she came home from the market, find the bed stood a burden, open look, turned out to be a bag full of silver bullion and a letter.She was surprised to open the letter and found the contents of the letter turned out to seduce her to the cop, and not let anyone know, if she can succeed, as well as reward money, if not agree, he called her thorn.After receiving this package of money and that Epistle, she can not sleep for days.Husband long-term home, own a single woman, if they obey not, who knows what would happen then?See also to that bag of money, very fond of him, thought-strapped days, a bite, she decided to obey the letter said.Cop was originally a womanizer, a ride that is on.Then she really has inexplicably been a bag of money, and the man again confessed in the letter, the matter must not let anyone know, failing that, they let her and so how!Liu Menglong listening shook his head, sniffed and said the sound absurd.See Liu Menglong do not believe that the woman, he took out two letters goes, and said: Here are two letters, ask an adult to look over!