A silver bullion

There is a water south bay, the town there was a scholar named Lu Jiaming.He better educated, wants Beijing exam, but his father has this been reluctant.    Lu Jiaming has a habit that every morning outside a small road to the town, while walking back and forth while reading.    That day, Lu Jiaming went to that small road, he completed a trip, when holding the book back, suddenly saw a silver bullion on the middle of the road.Lu Jiaming can not help but wonder: How can throw only silver bullion in this small way?It is who lost it?    Lu Jiaming quickly shouted: Who lost money?    I cried a few times, I saw a man ran up: my money is lost!Lu Jiaming look, the man is his neighbor Shaw large, silver bullion bird immediately ends up arms.    Xiao Lu Jiaming see why a great run over, he gave the bird silver bullion it ends up arms?It turned out that Shaw large to swindling a living, Lu Jiaming well aware of the truth about him.He thought: most likely, not only silver bullion Shaw lost big, which is to impersonate the owner!No, I really want this thing to clarify.Thought of this, Lu Jiaming put silver bullion hiding.    Suddenly, Xiao Lu Jiaming the front of a large, stretched out a hand: making me throw my money back!    Lu Jiaming calmly asked: Xiao big, when you lose money?    Xiao big eyeball a turn, said: In the morning, I worked in this small way stroll round a corner at that time, I just Chuaizhuo pocket money, presumably, then, was I lost money!    Lu Jiaming thought, said: your side of the story, not be used as evidence of lost money, I have to ask whether you really came this morning this path, then you can figure out the money is not lost.Then he walked to the side of the road a family.    It households are headed by Lu old man to sell wine for a living, the past few days, because of his sore legs and feet, did not go out, stay at home and rest.At the moment, he was sitting outside the door, clean his belongings to sell rum.    Lu Lu Jiaming asked whether the old man saw Shaw morning stroll through the big Waner on that small road.Lu old man replied that, today, he got up early, and then sell the wine has been cleaned belongings at the door, did not even see the big Shaw walked that path.Shaw big words are heard, he pretended to Lu Jiaming said: At the time, I go faster, soon on that small road to go back and forth, Lu old man did not see me, not surprising!    Shaw large artificial manner, even more heart with several Lu Jiaming, in order to expose his lies, Lu Jiaming came to the street, look for the big morning from Shaw’s whereabouts.One man told Lu Jiaming selling breakfast that morning, in his early Shaw large stalls while eating fried dough sticks, and while people gossip, spent a whole morning.    Lu Jiaming nodded, thanked the man, then Stern said: Shaw large, there is now sufficient evidence that your money is not lost!Shaw had a large dingy and walked away, the crowd gathered immediately laughter together.    Looking at the big awkward back Xiao, Lu Jiaming thought: I’ve got to go back to that path, perhaps, the real owner will go there to look for silver bullion it!    Back that road, Lu Jiaming looked around from time to time, such as the owner to lead bullion.A moment later, a man from the town hurriedly came over to say Shaw large, dingy after he walked away, hurried back to the home.Shaw doing great so anxious to go home?Because he was still thinking about posing as the owner, received the Lu Jiaming picked up silver.Of course, he would not go again posing as the owner, in his mind, it has been another candidate.    Shaw great brother named Shaw II is a small fry all day, quit down to business.Shaw is a big idea: Since I did not falsely claim to Lu Jiaming picked up the money, then I try to let Xiao two to go, maybe he can receive money!    Shaw lot of their own ideas of two one said Shaw, Shaw two laughed: brother, clever enough, I’ve been to that path this morning, and there are people saw me Lu Jiaming picked up the money, it appears that non-Zange Liang must go!    It turned out this morning, Xiao two really went that path, to see people living in the area, is there something to steal what was, Lu old man still looked at him glances warily.    Xiao Xiao urged the two big hurry to pick up the money, Xiao two quickly came to the man hurriedly Lu Jiaming see that path, it is two Shaw!    Suddenly, Xiao Lu Jiaming two came to the front, hand and said: My money is lost, please return me the money!