A single father and his four daughters

Twelve years ago, Fan Lei carry forward to doing business earned two million yuan students returned from Japan.Which at the time, regarded as a huge amount of money, thought of a leisurely life of Fan Lei spent more than ten million to buy a small farm house on the outskirts of Beijing, also hired a nanny to take care of his daily diet, living very comfortable.  However, the door of an abandoned baby broke the quiet life of the diamond bachelor.One day more than five o’clock, 38-year-old Fan Lei woke up early as usual, to the exercise yard stroll.After the walk finished, Fan Lei heard the door movement, opened the door, there is a child on their own doorstep.Cold weather, Fan Lei quickly picked up the child lying on the ground, a Man silly, little boy deficiencies, in addition to be able to breathe, they do not have a piece of bone, the body a mass of flesh.Suddenly saw this situation, Fan Lei heart is not particularly taste, instinctively the baby up.After a wonderful reflection of the room, Fan Lei told the nurses to come out and get some sugar to feed the child, perhaps hungry, children drink hard Wa Wade.Watching this little child in efforts Fan Lei I thought, this is a little life ah, can not live, we should first help her to see how she can live, then try to save.  Child alive, never cared for children Fan Lei has become a busy man.Picked up the child with the average child is not the same, she is suffering from cerebral palsy, not the bones on his head, soft, particularly high maintenance.In order to take care of children, Fan Lei was middle of the night feeding during the day but also to the wholesale market to buy back a stack of stack of white towels for the children to change diapers.After the run, Fan Lei personally wash diapers, and did not feel awkward, but naturally had to take care of the child’s feelings.This is the boss, Fan Lei treated her as a baby, named Jade better.  After a year, her second child in the same way contestants appeared in the door of Fan Lei.See the child as good as jade deficiencies, deformed hands and feet, a leg a short leg, the entire color Heibuliuqiu, Fan Lei can not stand, and immediately a wonderful reflection of the child at home.Anyway, what the family has, and also with a band, also with two bands, the boss of things just to be with her second child.Despite this, the family’s nanny has to pay a protest, which brought with two children.So, Fan Lei readily to a nanny to pay more money, but also Also a nanny to take care of the child’s life come together, and in the countryside to two small nanny built a house to live for long-term care of the eldest two.  The second half, Fan Lei separated by a wall with a neighbor to be entrusted to a Fan Lei hold to abandoned children suffering from laryngeal stridor.Camry youngest trachea is much smaller than normal airway, breathing sounds very scary time, with snoring like.I saw the youngest so pathetic, Fan Lei quickly hold over.The youngest was born hit snoring, her parents bad for her, do not give her a bath, rotten ears, hair, rotten, rotten in many parts of the body.After holding back, Fan Lei very, very sad, bathe immediately to the youngest, to her little by little rub iodine.The youngest breathing loudly let Fan Lei is not assured, Fan Lei holding the youngest doctor to doctor looking for hospital care.Old doctor told Fan Lei, the youngest is suffering from laryngeal stridor, her trachea will slowly grow good.Listen to the old doctor say, Fan Lei heart hanging in the air only the landing.  In just two years, the original need a nanny to take care of abandoned baby adopted three Fanlei Cheng Gong disabilities, when on the Single Dad.Since the adoption of three children, Fan Leiyi then passed forty Dangdie both began when the mother of family life, gradually learned to hold the child, powdered milk, wash diapers, given medicines and other tedious work, three disabled children under Fan Lei care, grow up healthy and happy.  In 2002, suffering from leukemia, is the fourth of Jiaqi Fan Lei put the family at the door, his face white-washed white-washed, thin and small, only a little nose warming gas, with a monkey-like disease, people looked distressed, meddlesome Fan Lei will be the fourth of a wonderful reflection of the family kept up.  Four children with disabilities is relatively boil people, they sleep during the day, night, starts crying, Fan Lei procurement busy during the day, the evening had to concentrate on coaxing.The most crazy is that the original was a delicate four children sharing a room, contagious particularly strong, which was the third favorite cold, after she had a cold for a week immediately transmitted to the second, the second and then transmitted to a third, a couple of months later, the four children to cure the common cold.One or two am, a child sick with fever, drowsiness Fan Lei had to take the children drove to a hospital for the children to find a hospital to see a doctor of pediatrics, and even the job has been found dawn.  Few years, in order to cure congenital disease four children, Fan Lei hesitate cleared multimillionaire, in addition to the boss Jia-yu did not cure the disease, the second youngest fourth of the disease are cured, Fan Lei am particularly pleased that, He picked up with four daughters living a warm family life.  However, Fan Lei bizarre behavior allows outsiders are suspect.A single father with four children, also not hesitate to spend money for their treatment, the residents are very easy to misunderstand Fan Lei.Some people say, Fan Lei this kid come back from abroad, open nature, particularly romantic, invited two nannies, which is certainly his four children born with two small young nanny.After the adoption of the four disabled children, Fan Lei talked about many times in love ended in failure.Fan Lei woman feel nice guy, to be together with him, as time goes by, the woman’s relatives and friends will say bad things about Lei Fan, Merry said this kid do not fly, angry and felt very uncomfortable Fan Lei.In order to prove his innocence, Fan Lei, together with four children to the hospital for DNA, to prove that no blood relationship with their four children.Fan Lei, with some girls spending time with unbearable burden of caring for four children with disabilities, have left the Fan Lei.The taste of lost love and feel good, but the point of tears flow Fan Lei passed.Because he felt in his heart the child is the most important, it does not matter for the adults uncomfortable, the child will die without food or drink.He could not bear children, all thoughts are spent on four children who take them around a doctor, to ensure their healthy growth.  Mother when there are not understanding, for which Naoqi contradiction Fan Lei even told his mother, even to the point of break.Eventually, the mother or to understand his son’s kindness, Fan Lei in the money when the years of retirement pensions all over to his son.When no money to spend, Fan Lei go around looking for work and earn money back for the children to medical treatment, just to be a good father.  Fan Lei pay has also been a great return.Four daughters very sensible, his father is full of gratitude.Jiaqi said to my father grew up to buy nice clothes; Pageant Dad says we have to take care of diabetes become tired, give Dad bought the best medicine after I make money; Camry that I grew up playing the Magic to make money, help my father to take care of Sister Jia-yu, big sister to cure, not to worry about the father.  Listening to the daughters of True Confessions, Fan Lei shed tears on the spot.The most difficult times, he did not cry, cleared family wealth just want to give our children a brighter future, although four children with no blood relationship with their own, although brought up four children suffered severe congenital, Fan Lei doing all in the hope that in the future children live a happy happy life.