A single mother of denial

This is the true story of a single mother.Stephen Wiltshire Schell is a genius idiot in Rome, Italy, 15 years old, she has a super visual memory ability of ordinary people can not match, she can remember the location of all roller coasters in the world, and crawling angle of each roller coaster and other In all cases, as long as she visited once.She caught a glimpse of it belongs to the evaluation of Stephen is the owner, and she therefore known as a living in the island of Einstein.In order to test Stephen visual memory in the end how strong day in October 2010, several medical experts in the United States National Institutes of deliberately rushed to Stephen’s home, then they hired a helicopter, Stephen will bring 100 meters in altitude, and then 45 minutes of flight over Rome in a circle, and let Stephen remember everything about Rome, she saw on the plane, letting Stephen with seven days will see their Rome drawn on a five-meter-long scroll.Soon, let the experts by surprise scene appeared, in just three days, Stephen will be a complete panorama of Rome drawn out, its amazing accuracy of a few windows on each building in town , there are a few column on the Roman Forum, the Colosseum ruins in the number of existing seats, through the city and the Tiber River where Shui few bends, turn the number of degrees, and every hill fluctuation amplitude related to the reality of almost exactly the same, which makes knowledgeable US experts can not help but exclaim, said Stephen entirely a ‘live cameras’, which is no less than the level of the late genius of Hitchcock g, Freud, and even Newton.Through further research, experts also found that Stephen really possess the qualities idiot genius to discover and remember that others can not find the details, have a super genius in terms of memory capacity, music, painting and mathematics, but in social, language, and other aspects of life, but like an idiot.In order to uncover the secrets of the internal constitution of Stephen brain, the experts met with Stephen’s mother and guardian, Ms. Tani Sha, hoping to get her permission, so that they Stephen brain scanning electronic instruments, take a look around her brain in the end is how architecture, interior parts is how connected, super visual memory to find the real reason for the ability to.However, experts were disappointed, Ta Nisha rejected.But experts and did not give up, they still bursts through phone, home, etc., trying to persuade Ta Nisha, and promised the Institute of Medicine of the brain scan equipment for Stephen specially developed, very advanced, will not she had no brain damage, and will not leave sequelae, but still was repeatedly refused Ta Nisha’s.May be in order to obtain the explosive findings of an authoritative, in order to enhance their idiot genius world leader in the field of research, the experts feel can not give up this great opportunity, finally, they decided to give a lot of money Ta Nisha attractive remuneration 200 million dollars, if that is not enough, you can also discuss together.In fact, Ta Nisha much need the money, because her presence on self-care and communication are significant obstacles when Stephen age of four, she had to quit the original work to help take care of everything Stephen, even worse that Stephen was seven years old, Ta Nisha’s husband because of drinking and driving, resulting in fatal car crash, and her daughter Stephen suddenly became widows and orphans, lost their source of income, I can only rely on government assistance, life have stretched.However, to everyone’s surprise, the Ta Nisha single mother struggling to survive chose to reject.She had this to say: In fact, I’m not worried about Stephen scan will cause injury or sequelae, she no longer is a genius, I just want her to peace ordinary people can live in their own world, idiot Ye Hao, genius worth mentioning, as long as she was happy, and not become a ‘heterogeneous’ is to study to study, this is the real reason I, as a mother’s greatest wish, I also refuse.