Jun raving Kan ball: Lu guide commercial sponsorship contract it signed

  Now look, the eastern part of the basic settled, a green dragon two, there will be no change。
Raptors basketball shrine visit Madison Tiguan, New York beat again poor flowering head to the bar。
How big the gap between the two teams?New York dance just like a couple of Chang Quan Dynasty, the Raptors here is overwhelming beating dragon 18 palms, which is really to be pro-life。   Folks may never again underestimate the Raptors, and also never stop wearing colored glasses, what crap "Do not look now laugh of joy, when Ah let-down list"。 On scoring, the Raptors up points, second only to fire Yong, ranked third in the league; s lost points, but points, six former Union level, both better than the Warriors are stronger than me fire。
From the corresponding margin of points per game, to reach points, ranked second in the league, have less points than I fire……It is clear that, at least in the regular season, the Raptors this season, really realize the metamorphosis。   Such a team, do not say good luck, chicken tonight, the East must guarantee the end, nothing should issue。
  A problem is this, devil's coach Stevens and ordinary coach what's the difference?Ordinary coach whenever encountered clusters of injuries, most will be thrown off balance; contrary devil's coach, will be able to come up with a variety of ways。
Odie half kick knee pain back injury, Jay – Brown and both Horford truce, the beginning of the season would incidentally case of injuries, playing a whole season of Hayward LOL……Less equivalent to the main set。
This is the case, Stevens actually still piece together a lineup, and the Pacers had to have hit back。 These coaching skill, full of terrible。   The game hit the last minute, referee whistle, Oladipo caught。
This scene, whether familiar?The same Banknorth Garden, the same opponent fouls big headed, also gave a last chance to vote, but did not nurture the same outcome。
  Salted Union Civil War, the Bulls triumph over Hawks。 The track and field team sits at home in Denver, Sacramento put the piece to chop finely。 After all, the regular season has hit on this, no room got a slip。 In this regard, Philadelphia deep that, even if the expedition Brooklyn Nets can still killing Pianjiabuliu。
Again, an overview of this season, the Nets course was marked with the brightest experts be brave, daring Ganpin mark may encounter whenever talent rolling, still the heart of the enemy, powerless。
Keep in mind, then tenacious salted fish, salted fish or pieces, and will not be tenacious Liang Zi will be able incarnation of koi, and then leap jump Dragon。
  Then there was a movie called "Soul Eater", never thought Eater that the second element in the set, actually appeared in three-dimensional real world。
Fab Five seats sit tight Lou Lang, this is a blacksmith, but unparalleled in today's opening seconds, the whole aspect, with 30 points, 10 rebounds and seven assists, becoming the Jazz in scoring。 For this reason a lot of folks are feeling confused, Why so arrogant Lu Lang?The answer is obvious, mostly Lu Lang took advantage of the dark, hidden Ruekela Tieling, a Nissan devour the soul of the East。 So to get the Spurs Thunder yesterday, the blacksmith Overall 8 in 1, it is not Anthony, but An Biao; the same token, the Jazz won today pelican, the audience soared 22 points in 10 mad, in fact, not rupees Oh, but Tony Lu。
  Nearly 20 games, of which 18 games, the upward trend under extraordinarily rapid Jazz win。
In contrast eyebrows, excitedly back, 25 points, 11 rebounds out blocks 10, gorgeous junior double scored, but the second half, a vent, such as injection Jiabu Zhu。 With this victory, Sir, and the pelican defeat, the West has become more complicated from the 4th to the 10th, the situation。
Interlocking with each other, into a thoroughly mode Bros.。   Some Fuzion, people would break out in disarray。 I fire successfully won the Lone Ranger, thus becoming the first team to get playoff tickets for the West team。 In all fairness, at least the first half run, I hit the fire is not easy, even once the go-ahead was also the Lone Ranger。 Remnants frowned and found things are not simple, do-game winning streak was broken Raptors gold behind, there will be ups and downs status?Fortunately, ex situ battles, every minute Retriever order。
Dust to dust, soil into the earth, God's return to God, to Caesar。 In short words, we have got the desired result。   Lack of dengue, as well as Gordon, all in all, as long as the two boarded First, the field is a combination of the bulb after I fire。 Though there have been clouds, with light bulbs they can do whatever they want, whether it is hairy bulb light bulbs, light bulbs or pudgy。
As long as light bulbs, like。
  Recently, I often hear the phrase is, the Warriors acting freely, I state fire out too early。
These words right, and half。 I did state fire out a little early, the Warriors can not really what Millia。 Yes, we all know that the library Comin not; yes, we all know that Andre Iguodala, West and Bell can not。 The problem is that the Huskies here is also missing Little Jimmy, the recent wave of triple kneel, but also very poor condition。 Also difficult is the face of such a state of mediocre teams, the Warriors fought four or hung up。   Curry less, Durant would have Dangdie when the mother, a urine feces pull the Warriors, the moment between trance will have a sense of return to Tieling。
As we all know, when Durant Thunder worked hard in the past, forced to carry, it takes two to tango wars, everywhere。
Never thought now to the Warriors, they have such and such。
Spurs battle, single-handedly force continued life; bucket Little Cayman, scored 40 points powerless; narrow road met the Huskies, but also hard to get 39 points and 12 rebounds in a win。
Now, folks realize the total mononuclear led is a terrible thing, right。   In all fairness, the Warriors by no means a great chess in the next plate, but their strength is indeed not as good as 2014-15,2015-16 and 2016-17 seasons in any one season, causing some game beyond their grasp。 Specifically how to describe it?When a team is invincible, is recognized as a prime candidate for the championship, it will inevitably make the team a player intentionally or unintentionally breeding lazy arrogance and arrogance。
At the same time these two emotions, in turn, will force the invisible war being weakened team。
Admit it, the injury is not an excuse, the Warriors really did not play dead, I fire the beginning of the season, also their injury, it still does not come from behind, the first climb?  Knight and the Lakers battle, in fact, nothing left to say, this is nothing but a "knight willing to be sandbags, his life for justice will feed opponents' game。
Lopez to pop, to the assassin reincarnation, all of them eat the oil flow mouthful。
This one of the most joyous to eat, than Randall。
Overall 18 14, 36 points and 14 rebounds Hurricane assists 7……Contrast old man of 24 points, 10 rebounds and seven assists, both silly not tell exactly what is the LeBron。   After watching the game, raving Jun inspired, ready to study English, and strive to achieve everyday communication accessibility。
Then went to buy tickets to Cleveland, candidates defensive coach post。
Anyway, the Knights defensive coach is only responsible to take the money, no work, not to accept any responsibility。
Where to find such a good job, than the lunch line and promising more。   The final whistle, in the locker room is a dead knight。 At this moment, Lu guide heads held high, walked。
Between he clapped his hands, then cleared his throat and said, full of air。
  "Ladies and gentlemen, victory or defeat is standard issue, not to mention losing the championship, nothing to be ashamed of。 "Carter, the locker room atmosphere more silence。
  Finally the old rules, tell a gossip。
  "Lu guidance, Lu guide。
"Knight team just out of the Staples Center, general manager Altman hurried rush over and stopped Lu guidance。
  "Austrian total, Han situation?"Although Lu guide face calm mind is a capital FML, which is not to dismiss it put me on the spot。   "The good news, good news, Lu guide, heavenly business to you out of a commercial sponsorship contract, the amount is very generous Oh, here is the faxed contract, do you agree?He agreed to sign。 "Lu guide also thought this a good thing, said nothing, Gv, shabu shabu, put the name signed。
After signing, he happily Altman asked, "Which is exactly business, so visionary?"" I think they are too visionary a。
"Altman replied。 "It's like a tofu Changsha do it, their director, said Lu guide face, with the guidance of coach Lou level, and our products is extremely consistent, and therefore willing to work with the guidance of Lu joined forces to develop the market。 Yes, it is their product, Lu guide you to see?"So they open the curious gift, a specialty tofu Changsha, impressively presented in front。 It exudes dark and shiny, stink to high heaven。