A slave usury rebirth

2008 Lunar twenty-eight, the silver-green Wubao County, Shaanxi Yellow River Bridge, traffic has been not a lot, there was a 30-year-old young man, standing woodenly Qiaolan side, blankly looking at the far direction wubu.He is contemplating here plunges the end of his life.If he had to jump off, there would be no such evaluation of any straight level created two of the miracle of China.First, he changed the Chinese five thousand years handed down the sentence Qianzhaihuanqian, perfectly justified.Second, due to the large number of entrepreneurs usury funds strand breaks, eventually took flight, suicide, jail time of three ways, he should be able to save people help themselves.Any straight home lending expansion level, because the Luliang Mountains from north to south running through named.In this Long had lived, he fought 11 years old revolutionary base areas, but now blooming all over the mountain called usury poppy.Either straight Ping said: In our city a 70%?80% of companies have borrowed usury, usury fled because entrepreneurs have hundreds of people.Mid-1996, a chance to make any direct business level within two weeks to earn 3,000 yuan, which ignited his desire to make money.Initially he chose motorcycles and floor tiles business fiasco.After the rally, either straight flat screened dozens of projects, decided to take advantage of local rich mineral deposit of refractory materials, to start a company in Yang Shun Fat Refractories.10,000 yuan given good equipment difference failed to come up, by the level of any of his first straight pen usury, monthly interest rate of 5.Wang Jinrong high school classmates from his wife’s real estate license to steal the safe out, for he made a mortgage.Direct bet on any flat.Only three and a half, he took the plant from the initial 100 million, the development of the fixed assets of 40 million yuan manufacturers.In business just to mature, Refractories market weakness, either straight flat decided to invest 20 million yuan to build a new factory engaged in technological transformation, to move to high-tech.When people tend to blossom again, we will have to forget all the frustration and more blind confidence which is either straight flat subsequent pain Wu.It is seemingly risk-free expansion, let him dazed and ignorant, from the actual loan difficult, drawn into the whirlpool of usury.At that time, either straight flat business has many honors come one after another.Provincial Federation of Industry and Culture building demonstration units, Luliang City, the Glorious Cause advanced group, in support of public welfare advanced individual county.He has invested 400,000 yuan to Hao Jialing village repair through four sand road, it has invested 200,000 yuan to build an asphalt Ningxiang towns and villages in Luliang is well-known entrepreneurs love.But such an entrepreneur, still can not get a penny loans from local banks.In order to put into operation in a timely manner, any straight flat Lipaizhongyi loan shark.Bow is no turning back, we knew that he owed 18 million yuan, involving 16 households lending, monthly interest rate of more than 60 million, and on a monthly basis in advance buckle knot.After a year of technological expansion, Shun Fat Company reached an fixed assets of 70 million yuan, becoming the first of Luliang refractories.The market is expected to improve in 2008, refractory products in short supply.Price turned over several times.However, the production can not keep up the huge profits of usury interest.And any straight flat and energetically invested immature people work, it became overwhelming the last straw.Luliang way of usury and interest rates are terrible, if borrowed 10 million yuan, monthly interest rate of 4 points, almost all of the entrepreneurs that pay annual interest of 3 was 14.4 million yuan, a total of 24.4 million yuan of principal and interest, in fact, the last pay interest It is 55.4 million yuan.The middle of this 41 million yuan, compound interest is to be eaten.Either straight flat has worked in banking, finance know, but he was careless.Not to mention the many local entrepreneurs, had never graduated from junior high school.Compound interest formula, to go to high school sophomore to be learned.Was eating usury collapse in 2008, the financial crisis hit.The den usury, this plundered, then let Luliang paid a heavy price for the second financial crisis.It’s like a typhoon, and they all collapsed head-on.Luliang large and small, ran a few hundred people, many wealthy glory had evaporated overnight figures, only around the Spring Festival in Zhongyang County, dozens of people have fled.They fled before are very honest, not even a little sign.These loans give my people began to live in fear.I think, at a fleeing you will not be either straight flat?One or two million interest on deferred three or four days they will come to chase, not only curses, threats and even adding.To account in the middle of the night the phone rang often, to pick up the phone, you will find the same person 16 missed calls.Lying in bed, surrounded by all around seventy-eight to be posted.2008 New Year’s Eve, celebrating lighted.Any flat home straight dark, messy house full, without any sign of the holidays.He and two children sitting quietly watching his wife cry in front of the window, when you can reflect on reflection, toss a half-day toss out what results?You count the years to the others how much money, more than 4,000 yuan of interest to other people, there are so many big New Year’s dun, and no money left even a doctor, how to live the future has always been busy, any flat hot-headed straight for the first time feel back cold shudder.Your brother, sister, wife, and they in your difficult times, do not understand the dangers of usury, try a way to borrow money to help you, but it finally caught up to these loved ones are.You kill a person is not terrible, fear is your closest people blame you, your heart is very sad.Why entrepreneurs suicide?Not because of how terrible usurer, but they feel sorry for their loved ones and those true friend.Twenty-eight, standing on the Yellow River, either straight flat shouted bitterly: What am I doing wrong?How to the point where I live?what should I do?