A sleep sixteen pole

King Sized gather a group of Wenzhou bear the salt off, hell and high water, walking for three days and three nights in the road, hungry and tired, exhausted.Seeing Buddha sun goes down, the birds to the forest, they saw the lights.The lights, the cabin has a.Cabin has whine of a woman breast-feeding.Whining sound of footsteps in the clutter off, the lights also went out.  Mountains, dense forests air-cooled.Salt off their squatting under the eaves overnight, boil less than half an hour, and went to knock on the door: “Some people do?Open the door and let us freeze to death friends!”” I’m not a man at home!”” Cousins, we are worried salt, old passenger.”” My family is not the inn!”” We slept wood warehouse!”” Chai Chai warehouse full!”” Just sit stool wood warehouse!”” Chai warehouse stool is broken!”” Squatting squatting firewood warehouse ditch!”” Too small ditch positions Cai!””we.I beg you friends, cousins!”” Do not wake me son.not open!”Rattle his teeth cold salt passengers who had to be a pole placed across the door first, a group of men jammed:” sleeping inside a little past!”” You sleep outside some nail pole touch dead!”” Jisi me!”” Sixteen people sleep a pole, of course, squeeze it!” ‘Just squeeze a little.’That’s the house of the woman, were fights sleep, listen to their quiet sleep, quietly opened the door to see one to understand: how a pole’ll sleep under sixteen men!  Just sounding the latch, the door was pushed open./% 3318x.COM>