A slender dream, Juan Juan dust heart

Each person has a love, or deep or shallow; everyone has a dream, or a fantasy or real.  Pick up a ray of bright, collection sadness; bring a touch of shallow, light put fleeting.  Listening years, regardless of wind and frost, and keep a smile; silently forward, regardless of rain and snow, Hear the Wind Sing.  Only for the heart, that touch of Enron quiet place.    The slightest read to bloom into lush appearance; the piles of memory, folded into a yellowed paper, green lamp lights, the scent of ink, in the staring who who are affectionate?Who’s Who in light fingertip away desolation?  A slender dream, Juan Juan dust heart, corner, love is unless; waving, a distant stranger.    If not, please smile; if love, please cherish.  A melodious, untold Red tempting; a tie from the War, endless pain broken enterohepatic.  Perhaps this world, otherwise there will be no end of time, the so-called end of time, but, the idea of a stick of incense.    A song, you promise to never listened, however, overheard, or will burst into tears; a person, you promise never to forget, however, when Yelan, or will think deeply.  Finally understand, love and not love, nothing to do with the outcome, a kind of emotion, gazing with everlasting.  Red Years, faint taste, quietly collection, gently turn around, quietly strong.    Time is fleeting broken in one place, there are a lot of people, and slowly fell apart; there are a lot of things, it gradually faded.  Sometimes, just a pull back, look back, got to go drive is sad, is not taking the missing drive.  Some of the road, a man destined to go quietly; some heartbreak, a person can only reluctantly taste.  Gently waved, silently blessing, lightly forgotten.    Once, I took your shadow, into the window, freeze-frame the landscape; once I put fleeting, cut time, pay homage to youth.  Looking back through, when all the waiting, all in Dimei smile in fine, clear, PASSING Shaohua, original, all who are, just once..    Some of the stories have always belong, always some thoughts with the wind.  A lot of people, a lot of things, gone, gone, let it become a landscape.  In checkered background in life, painting a sum comprehend, book a sum of treasure, or quiet, or indifferent.  Learn shallow lines, learn to re-release.Heart, experienced, will be strong; life, to put too, will be heavy.