A slice of Royal Lake

?A slice Royal Lake After that, I just care to the ripples cleared the lake, waterfowl hidden in the lotus, crowing that, after the wind hidden in the past, this life, so think about it between me and you, so go on, we even forgot how to walk back.    ?A slice of the Royal Lake Royal Lake, I do not count the city of floors, neon signs, advertising cards, zebra crossing at traffic lights, I count only white acacia flowers, bees, waterfowl and low-flying egret, if old, we can go, they helped each other, if you still hear clearly, I will breakdown some of you my chores past, for example, you asked the nameless flowers, grass, after that, I fell in love with botany, and music is not he.    ?A slice Lake Royal Lake waterfowl cruising is quiet, shimmering behind them, in the evening twilight, golden plating on the paint.My eyes and thus far, this moment, vision and near objects with each other conversion, we are close enough to hear each other breathing, over time, some trace of things, reminding us of scenes a piece of paper, when I describe, to leave marks.    ?A slice of the Royal Lake in the secluded trail, I saw the poplar, clover, Lake swaying lotus, playful waterfowl, cattle egrets back, are my favorites.I, and you walk in here to wash the dust of mind, your body exudes atmosphere, is the Royal Lake of plants and trees to breath issued.These natural generation and blanking, enlightened and the pain is not say a word.