A small hole drilled miracle – a $ 1.0 million hole

Mode is an opportunity to break the 40 years of the 20th Century, with a box of sugar with a moisture-proof paper packaging.  However, no matter how thick paper seal, no matter how many layers, long after some time, due to the box of sugar will be attacked by air and gradually become damp, or even yellow.  Various sugar companies mobilized many experts, spent a lot of money, we could not find an effective method of moisture.  He is the general staff of a sugar company, because sugar are in contact with every day, the performance of the other sugar is very familiar, and often damp wet distress as sugar.  Outside of work, he was wondering how we can find an effective method of proof, he tried many methods to no avail.  That day, he wanted to whimsically, anti thinking can try it?  So he opened on the wrapper of a small hole sugar, sugar damp air convection phenomenon makes it solved, solve a lot of headache experts.  This is called Ke Lusuo who will own the invention patent sold to the sugar company, received $ 1 million in return.  A small hole 1 million US dollars, a lot of people millionaires after just due to a small hole, have become distraught after learning the Ke Lusuo by one of ordinary workers, and even some people find it unfair.  The wisdom of this world has never been the expert and the poor, masters and the people of the points, dare to dream it is essential to the success of a feather.