We are three sisters there at night to reach parents.Car sit for a day, we are very tired, but first let’s fresh enthusiasm into the city full of energy, has been reluctant to sleep, my mind recalled after the city saw and heard, and then with a very sweet smile drift off to sleep.    The next morning, when we opened his eyes, the mother has to go to work.Dad cooked a big pot of water for the noodles, then urged us to get up to eat breakfast.We looked at the water surface of the pot, we suddenly felt boring, because the noodles can often eat in the countryside, warm buns and fritters milk is a delicious breakfast in our fantasy.In the countryside, occasionally took to the streets only when my grandfather came back a few things Shaoshang, but such opportunities are rare, so the dough buns for us is an elusive and delicious.    Now finally to the city, but not eat these delicious sight, we certainly will not let go of.So we clamoring to eat dumplings fried fritters, and pushing dad went out and bought.Dad said: “My children, I have not thought out, usually your mother and I want to rush to work, so on their own cook noodles to eat, convenient and resistant to hunger.I went to the market to buy, because the road is a bit far, you have to eat noodles Tiandu Zi, so hungry, I’ll be back.”The next morning, after we wake up, you’ll find a hearty breakfast each day lying on the bedside table, have buns boiled eggs fried dough sticks, etc..And we are seeking only to eat, do not know when my parents are from the bed, and when out of the door, what to eat for breakfast.    Once, Dad said he was resting next day, I said I’ll buy breakfast, okay with you, Dad said, Well.That night, I was too excited to fall asleep until very late, because in town for so many days, we did not take all three went out to play, parents to go to work during the day, leaving us to play in their own rental house, at night , just go to a nearby night market around, night also saw a lot of boring.    The next day, I got up very early, because brothers and sisters are still sleeping, the father could not bear to wake them up, so I took one of them go to markets.Out of the alley, over the zebra crossing, and then through a street, then turn the corner to the vegetable market.He said vegetable market, just a long street filled with vegetable stall on both sides of the street is the shuttle pedestrians and vehicles.Today coincides with the weekend, especially on the road so crowded.Suddenly, from among the chaos dad pulled me into a breakfast shop.Watching the steaming buns, I could not help but swallowed hard.    Dad helped me to two buns, a boiled eggs, a bowl of milk, and his own as long as two buns, I asked him how not to drink milk, he said, I do not like to drink, saying this would pick up the bread with relish eating up.He looked at the eating dry bread is difficult to swallow, I said, want to buy a bottle of mineral water, Dad said no, eating slowly will not feel thirsty.    At this time, the opposite of chaos sell vendors selling up, tempting aroma brings me to my Chan Chong, I leave eating buns, he said: “do not eat, Dad, I want to eat Chaos.”Dad took the money handed my hand, said:” You eat it, too little attention to the road.Before “I went to the chaotic stalls, immediately asked for a bowl.Then look at the master cook standing on the edge of chaos, during which I casually glanced dad looked at, I found dad was holding half a leftover buns, chewing slowly, while I scoop the leftover bowl to drink milk , handed mouth slowly and carefully to drink up.    I put the chaos came packaged good store, clamored loudly to her father: “Dad, how do you eat my leftover stuff, ah, ah is not enough to get the boss then told.”” Ah, I know, you bought it, bought we go back, two small not eat and get going.”Dad rubbed my lips face crumbs, then holding me go back.