Breaking and entering

Originally this was a very ordinary night, no power no water supply and sewer pipe is not blocked, the neighbors did not quarrel, nor a lunar eclipse, the sky falling meteor shower or a cool wind so the situation, and if there is ever any different, then, is his wife and son were not at home, the more deserted this evening, the story is no more likely to happen.I am pleased that: the evening will be broadcast in a television world attention Tyson and Evander Holyfield boxing match, this is my long-awaited battle of a century.I’m a boxing fan, if I have to choose, I would rather deduct annual bonus, rather out of a car accident is not too large, rather separated from his wife for three months, I would also choose to see the boxing match.    I dined early, burned the water, soak a pot of tea, sit comfortably on the sofa, waiting for the start of this century war.    Just then, someone knocked on the door, which made me feel depressed, regardless of who this time I do not welcome, may still continue to knock on the door, so I no choice but to open the door, and saw a stranger, he without my permission just like an old friend came in, I asked: are you looking for?You wrong door, I do not know you, you go out.The man looked at me, do not answer me, has been into the living room, sat down on the sofa, I just reach for a good brew a cup of tea drank upside down, it seems he is really thirsty.I began carefully looked at him, I think he would not be I’m not familiar with, but I have some connection and people?It was kind of familiar, I’m sure somewhere seen him.    This time, the man spoke: You do not know me, why I went into your house and do not walk into someone’s home, which is a completely accidental.I am a fugitive, I killed a man, police are hunting me, but you do not be afraid, I did not have any guns, no knives, no weapon, I can not hurt you, I do not want to hurt you, I’m just hungry, if you can for humanitarian reasons give me some food, I want to point you to add heat here, I think you will.Please look at the table, it is now 8:10, I will not stay here for too long.    Not think the front of this illegal intruder turned out to be a murderer!This time I noticed the stranger chapped lips, sallow complexion, long hair and messy, dirty clothes, covered with mud trousers and shoes, evidently he escaped for two days instead of one day at least more than one month, now he is unable to cope, just broke into my adventure here, continue to deal with the police I was so thinking, the man had sat down on the other side of the couch like to rest a bit, but this time, Tyson has played the.In my mind, Tyson won the world heavyweight boxing champion was only 20 years and 145 days, is the world’s youngest heavyweight champion, he once 37 consecutive games unbeaten, 34 knockouts field winning record dominate boxing, but also in his most glorious time, tokyo a defeat in Douglas boxing, after being a Miss America accused of rape while in jail, spent several years behind bars, this after he was released from prison time was the fifth or sixth game I can not remember.The boxing match, in the first few, he is the lightning absolute advantage to end the fighting, which made the audience very disappointed that his current opponent is Evander Holyfield, the media agreed that their two wins negative ratio is 10: 1, of course, Thai 10 Huo 1, I too want to win Holyfield, Tyson learned a good lesson this arrogant guy!    This time, on a TV screen battle of Tyson and Evander Holyfield has begun, Tyson wanted to adopt his old tactics, the beginning of Holyfield launched a whirlwind attack, expect the former tens of seconds or one or two rounds knocked down his opponent, even playing up again.Sure enough, as one might expect, Holyfield is not a rival, although he go all out to defend, or suffered a lot of fist.Hold on, hold on, I was Holyfield refueling silently, but fortunately, Holyfield finally tenaciously withstood Tyson frenzied attack, the first round ended my attention entirely on the TV, I did not see the stranger spoke, in turn spoke up: Do not ignore me, maybe I’ll make you a fortune, because I changed my mind, I do not want to run anymore, I’ve had enough of this frightened fugitive life.We reward the city’s Public Security Bureau has 10,000 take me, and let me eat you can go to the police, you can get that 10,000 dollars a.You must have a phone here, as long as you press a few numbers and you’re done.    I gradually came to think of it, the front of this man, is it not the police fugitive murderer wanted it?About two three weeks ago I’ve seen the arrest warrant, he never came to make me rich, but he did not really did not want to run, and if so, he could go to surrender, so you save a lot of trouble, this is definitely a conspiracy, but I do not want the police, because the police arrived, here there will be a good show, and this long-awaited boxing match certainly would be spoiled, it probably does not matter in others it seems, can for me, kill me more uncomfortable than!    I said I would not alarm him, I’m just trying to watch the game, Tyson and Evander Holyfield’s World Boxing Championship match.I handed him an empty glass, said thermos bottle, there are water, bread and sausage in the fridge, just let him eat, how much to eat all right, but do not affect me watch the game.Stranger looked at me, starting with thermos bottle and poured a glass of water, and then come up with bread and sausage from the fridge gobbled up, he continued to swallow, but Gudonggudong big mouth filling with water, ate with relish, did not even look at me the game has come to the third round, Holyfield continues to take a beating, but he has not blindly defend, but began to have a defensive attack, he escaped a hit Tyson punch, while the back a nice uppercut, I could not help but cry good.At this time, strangers full up, he rubbed his hands crumbs mouth, said: Thank you for your hospitality, and now you can go to the police, I will not go, do not resist, I waiting for their arrival, however, I’m comin ‘into the sub-bureau, now well into winter, I was wearing summer clothes even in autumn, I think that there is not someone gave me clothes to wear, and that 10000 you can not take money too cheap, I mean, can you send me some old clothes, I do not want good, as long as the line can block the cold.    While I was glued to the television watching the game, while the mouth agreed with his request, then I would use competition to find the space a coat thrown him, he immediately wore the.