Breaking the rules can be a radius

That winter, when he was XiongQing Mathematics Department of Tsinghua University, the Hua read the papers in the journal Science in “five of algebraic equations Su Jiaju not tenable solution to the” marvel.I asked, but I discovered that Hua is a school handyman.Bear to celebrate it and dean of the Faculty of Science Ye Qi Sun to discuss whether a set assistant jobs, let Tsinghua Hua to work.Hua Ye Qi Sun also believes that is can be made of it, it was agreed to bear the idea of celebration.Hua to Tsinghua University, made rapid progress, more than a dozen papers published in the journal influential domestic and mathematics.In order to have a better stage Hua, Ye Qi Sun is ready to raise his assistant and grant calculus class.The news spread, immediately attracted a crowd dissatisfied, how to make a dignified Tsinghua University junior high school when the teacher?Sure enough, a professor at the meeting, only one or two people standing side Ye Qi Sun, other people do not give in.Critical moment, Ye Qisun again against all the odds.He outraged said: Tsinghua out of a Hua is a good thing, do not be limited eligibility!Ye Qi Sun has always been gentle, this one is bent, so Tsinghua teachers and students it was an accident.Hua just over a year as a teaching assistant, Ye Qi Sun and convince the leadership of Tsinghua University, the University of Cambridge to send Hua education.Hua exposed to the world forefront of the field of mathematics, through painstaking research, rapidly among the world-class team of mathematicians.Hua Ye Qi Sun wrote before dying niece Yeh Ming Ying: Road and Yeh, feel tears brimming, he is said to my endless love.If not bear to celebrate and Ye Qisun two horses, this horse Maxima perhaps Hua Pian died between the stables.People often say: No rules, no standards.Ye Qi Sun broke the rules, but the achievements of a larger radius.