Breaking wind “officials” social practice team held a preparatory meeting opening ceremony

July 10, breaking wind “officials” social practice team officially entered the big city high school slope, is “breaking wind” was officially launched three rural areas working time.14:30 minutes, breaking wind social practice squad in high school on the second floor and steep slopes City Office of Academic Affairs to carry out preparatory meeting for the opening ceremony of the three rural areas.The meeting was attended high school vice principal city Dapo Ma Zheng Yao, vice president, secretary of the Communist Youth League secretary Li Ge growth, Wu Jiang, director of the dean, breaking wind and social practice team captain Maggie Q Dapo middle school instructor.This same time, breaking wind social practice team 43 players participated in the meeting. At the beginning of the meeting, Wu Jiang, director of secondary school dean and steep slopes for breaking wind welcomed the arrival of social practice team.Then he went to the countryside with three specific job requirements and elaborated, also made a claim for the living conditions of the players, and finally for tonight’s opening ceremony expressed expectations.During the meeting, Ma Zheng Ge Yao president and secretary by reason of the specific work three rural areas to make additional.Ma Xiaochang said, “I hope the players can adapt to mountain life, hone their.Not only to give students bring books of knowledge, but also to bring the spirit of positive energy!To enable students to understand the world beyond the mountains “Finally, breaking wind social practice team captain Maggie Q made a summary of the meeting, also proposed a code of conduct which officials and members of Notes.It is understood that the meeting did preparatory work for the opening ceremony on July 10 night, this opening ceremony to promote students’ social practice breaking wind team members with steep slopes high school exchange. (Writer / Zheng Shi Ting Photography / Lanz Wei Zheng Shi Ting Feng Longxiu)