Map Muji respond to questions: have carefully read, study laws and regulations

  When – [Global Times Global Network reported reporter XING Xiao Jing】 1, 2009, Muji (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. business on the map issue "Global Times" reporter, said, in September 2017 began to use the "autumn and winter 2017 furniture catalog" after the investigation is complete coverage map remediation special action leadership group work problems found in Chongqing, has been treated in accordance with the requirements of the relevant departments (Chongqing Urban planning Bureau to monitor law enforcement Corps) of。
In addition, it has been relevant personnel guidance, read, study the laws and regulations。   Whether an official protest against Japan's Muji requirements?Do we want the Japanese government intervention in the matter?And treat the problem view map of Muji (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. commercial aspect did not give a clear response。   Muji store in Chongqing complimentary copy of "mid-autumn and winter 2017 catalog of furniture" in the presence of the wrong plug attached map drawn national boundaries, leakage painted Diaoyu Islands, Akao Island and the South China Sea islands and other important islands, different colors Hainan Island and the mainland, the island of Taiwan Notes error and other serious mistake, China national mapping geographic information Bureau has made this process。   The Japanese government on January 31 Chinese requirements Muji recovered and destroyed the lack of Chinese Diaoyu Islands issue protested map。
Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying day event on the map Muji issue, said China welcomes foreign enterprises to invest in China, but all should respect China's sovereignty and territorial integrity of any foreign company in China, abide by Chinese laws。