Ostrovsky said: “Human life is like the flood waters and not encounter islands and reefs is difficult to create beautiful waves”.    - Inscription roads are for people to come out, fate is decided in.Person’s life there are many things we tied, whether it is money, status, power, all we need out of the shackles of bondage in this process, some people will break through the self, some people will forever be imprisoned.However, there are those who persevere, for their predicament Breakout.    God is fair to everyone, not favoring anyone, because everyone is naked to the world, will leave naked.So, we have to change the destiny, fate by the throat.”Survival of the fittest” is not exclusive of biological evolution, and has become the law of survival in today’s world.    From the day of our birth on the shoulders of parents hope, from the sensible to the elementary, middle, high school, and parents are now faced with a hope – to go to college.In this process, we overcame much difficulty, how many times in the “games, computer, lazy” these masked enemy out of the encirclement, even scarred, can not erase our persistent glimmer of hope for the parents, but also for parents our love.People will inevitably live in a slump, but the heart is full of love you get back up again and again the power of.    Leisure time, look back on the past years, you will find it is warm shades, even if you have the most reluctant to talk about the pain, you will unconsciously mouth up, eyes showing relieved smile.Your reign of terror is still out any calm water, this is the precipitation and growth of your life, not experienced setbacks and hardships of the test, how can you feel the joy of victory and success.Pampered who were the apple, and how hard to resist the winter cold stimulation, can withstand setbacks in life’s journey, catastrophe and misfortune befall?Where successful career person, without exception, after some climbing, break through a road steep pass, experienced numerous hardships.Despite the loss of a lot of things, but because there is always a determination persistent confidence, the ultimate success of the dream, the light show.    Only break the shackles of the mind, to look beyond their own possible breakthrough.Since there safflower, we must be reconciled when the green leaves; with the sea, must be reconciled when the river; With the moon, when the stars are absolutely not willing.Whose life would not have an enviable achievement and glory, especially in the rapid development of information today, in the market economy storm, in the brutal competition in the vortex, the overall winner in the ordeal of cold and merciless baptism sublimated.    So, in this journey through life, it is necessary to polish himself as a sword, such as unhindered get rid of all obstacles, Win, speeding forward, enjoy the wonderful world of.