Breath in Love (broken sentence)

1, have lost the taste, like the night sky of witnessing Falling Skies.  I want it put into the heart of this, it is bright with the last gift.  2, the same world with different life.  Us through the kaleidoscope, colorful glimpse of the edge of the intersection of tears.  3, I will make gentle paint, you will not hesitate to face graffiti.  Love is a selfless performance, I no longer care about you in the face that says “close by” or a “horizon”.  4, please speak softly, friend.  Your heart, but you and I, know the wind.  5, I’d rather be dumb, hidden in the heart of love and hate.  I’d rather be blind, love and hate to lose.  As shown in Figure 6, if I see people get lost, I put it as a child from my heart.  Inside the dream, if I met him, give him a mother’s warmth.  7, Daxitaibei, we lost the way.  When will the breeze to stay in my heart, this life do not like not sad?  8, I was breathing too hard, so years of burning; I breathe too emotional, so, all sad and spirit.  9, and asked if I am attached to the geometry of the past?  My answer is “all will carry on, helpless.”10, idle people who may not have the leisure center.  Well, I prefer to hide between heart leisure.  11, my life and you will not intersect, just like the night sky meteor pass, they will go farther and farther…  12, could not understand, they often are when the most jaded heart.  Mood fermented, drunk a drunk no harm?  13. Sometimes, destiny is true, as the morning mist: when we wake gathered, dissipated when we sleep.  14, I can not see through myself, there is no ability to see the world.  15, my memory is once length plus overnight.  At night, I choose to forget, including everything about you.  16, I think, love is white, like snow.  Night bathed in starlight, sunlight during the day to accept the baptism.  17, I came to understand, people can not fall in love with people.  Otherwise, the cycle will allow children injured heart.  Since then, I choose to love dedicated to the natural.  Like – Wind sang songs, and the water came and gently.  18, the candle went out, I used the hard work and then cast a.  This is no longer a match to burn it, but the point on the eyes.  19, I often think: what is the end of the rainbow?  Finally, I found the answer in a dream – it is the hearts of perpetual sunshine!  20, I was a Shigeaki birds, a new life in the Ring of Fire!  I was a green snake Teng, writing in the formation dedication!  21, please tell me gently, the wind is the messenger of the messenger, I am afraid injured.  22, one day I got lost in the jungle, hungry and thirsty.  At this time, an ant gave manna.  23, when I cry, eyes dripping with dirty heart.  24, I will endure in silence all the hate, because I firmly believe – causal effect from me, I can let it stop at my heart.  25, you do not have to put a smile on my face.  As long as you smile from the heart, birds will sing for you.  26, United States, from the heart, like a blossoming lotus, Hong Yuan Yi Qing.  The United States, is back for the soul, because the United States and once you give others.  27, we are sailing for the rudder heart, eye coordinates.  Across the long and arduous journey, and finally see the ocean, drunk of endless sunset.