Breath ran 77 steps

Theodore Roosevelt was the 26th president of the United States.He grew frail, suffering from asthma, graduating from the University of Shihai was diagnosed with heart problems, doctors warned he could only engage in simple easy task.Roosevelt may ignore the warning, insist on doing outdoor sports to enhance physical fitness, and later became a naval officer.    In 1886, 28-year-old Roosevelt returned home to run for mayor of New York to participate, there are opponents to attack him physically weak, unfit for heavy work.Roosevelt did not make excuse, but issued a bulletin: held a press conference at Parliament Square in New York a month later I will welcome reporters came to interview friends.    That day, hundreds of reporters gathered in the square, did not say a word after Roosevelt came, but the tone turned around and went toward the stairs leading to Parliament ran: There are 77 steps, like me, who can finish their breath, You will be able to get a satisfactory interview!    Reporters are competing to run behind, and slowly some people feel physically bad, out of breath, came off team.In the end, board level still fewer and fewer people, Roosevelt vigorous finished the race, he told several reporters behind: Do you tell those guys, if they think they are fitter than I can every night they come here to finish with me.    A reporter breathlessly asked: Do you think their criticisms are slander it?    Roosevelt shook his head, smiled and said: I spent 20 years of time to exercise, then spent 30 days here every day to practice climbing stairs, this dare they challenge.    Although Roosevelt lost the final after that election, may after that he must adhere to finish in front of the New York Council of 77 steps every day, even 12 years after he was elected Governor of New York remains the same.Of course, reporters are aware of Roosevelt’s rules, as long as he can follow his breath and ran it 77 steps, will be able to ask questions properly, can also get answers to any questions from the charm of the characters where.    Roosevelt argued that slander others fight back is not verbal abuse, slander towards others without having to complain, but to find out the opposite of its attacks, and on this continuous efforts, strengthening exercises, in order to allow yourself to become more powerful.