Breathtaking wedding

Joe scholar Yu wandering to look for grass.  Qiao Yu Qing Yongzheng Zhejiang Wu Kang County.He was 25 years old and cedar home a girl betrothed, unfortunately, did not get married to the girl Bo premature death of.Joe Yu was very sad and lonely, going to be taking a trip to seek a lifetime companion darling.  Qiao Yu went to Fengyang, met a priest on the road.Priest asked him where to go, Qiao Yu said his intention.Joe Yu priests looked a lot to say: Do you want to find a beautiful wife do?It’s really very clever sesame fall into the eyes of needles, and from here you go 15 miles to the southeast, there is a small town, where to look, there must be harvested.  Joe Yu came there, coincided with the ancient calendar March eighth day, there Huangmei classes in the wilderness spring up the stage play drama, very lively.Theater crowds of men and women, like the swarm of bees or ants that crowded little place pins.Qiao Yu mood to watch a movie, simply at the stage the crowd jumped to jump to see that many of the women are very common, not a favorite.He walked out of the crowd, suddenly found a small weeping willow trees exposed corner of Red House, there is a woman leaning in the window to watch a movie.The woman Fenjia Dai Mei, graceful, very pretty, just like a peach Hanbaoyufang.Joe Yu could not help but eye-catching, pleasantly surprised, until the drama played the audience had dispersed, Joe Yu also obsessed stood there staring at the small Red House window.Suddenly someone patted him on the shoulder and shouted: Hey!Where to womanizer, dare peek at other people’s daughter?  Qiao Yu looked back and saw a wide-body body fat, his face solemn brawny, suddenly scared legs tremble, wanted to escape.That brawny Yu grabbed Joe’s arm, his face showing a trace of strange smile and said: You are so timid, I would like philandering?Do not worry, I tell you, you just saw the woman, Mingjiao Xi Niang on Red House, she is my daughter.If you do not have a wife, I would like her to marry you!Qiao Yu never dreamed would run into such a good thing, so excited that we must kneel to that brawny, brawny said: Do not worry, not that time Mile!  Brawny Joe Yu pulled his family, is lighting the night, he let the woman dressing up a lot, that is, with Joe Yu weddings married, and then they were both pushed into a busy house.The house lit a red candle, close to the double happiness character on windows, bedding is also very beautiful, as if everything had been ready like.Qiao Yu not enough time and that woman falling in love, the woman called her mother was gone.Qiao Yu, a man sat alone, very boring.Wait until the night two more hours, only to see the woman bypassed the hall into the room screen.The woman calmly makeup off the skirt, then the face of Joe Yu shallow smile, entered the bed valances.Horny Qiao Yu, can not help but go to bed to hug the bride.I did not realize lifted the curtains, but not people.Only one pair of embroidered pillow placed on the bed, Jinbei stacked there has not been rolled out.Joe Yu was shocked, figure out how it was that in the end, a person had to sleep.Day dawn, when the woman walked into the room, Joe Yu asked her last night gone?Woman said nothing.  The next night, Joe Yu on the first possession of the curtains again, and I would like to take the woman to get her off guard when.Wait until late at night, only to see that the woman came into the room curl Tingting.When she went to bed, Joe Yu hastily grabbed the woman’s wrist, she wanted to pressure in the body, only the woman like a cloud of mist, falling into the valley without a trace.Joe Yu was afraid, guess what that woman is a human or a ghost?Until Rishangsangan, I did not like that woman.  Women’s sister Ying Gu, pass by the window and see Joe Yu calligraphy a person in the house, on the beautiful eyes sparkling asked: Joe scholar, what do you write?Qiao Yu said: Nothing, I just believe pen doodle, spend time Bale.Ying Kou sigh, the words: I pity you this positive youth scholar, death is just around the corner, you should also notice it in the dark!Qiao Yu confused, dazed.Ying Kou went on to say: My parents are people with crooked devil looting of property, they tend to my sister as bait, the introduction of bait called marriage, but no one actually dipped in the body of my sister.Since my ignorance, those who witnessed my sister lust and sex and become a ghost sword of my parents do not know how many of the young men.When the bright stars of the night, it will probably turn your!Qiao Yu scared, begging for rescue Ying Kou.Ying Kou said: I do not have the ability to save you, to be out of the woods, have to rely on my sister.However, I can remind you that the other night, my sister can escape the reasons why go to bed, because the bed under a pressing with 36 red and green silk wrapped Rokko character.If you find that road symbol throw it out, then I’ll go to bed bound sister can not get away.Etc. and after she married uncooked rice wine lead, you then pleaded with tenderness, she will naturally help you escape catastrophe.  Qiao Yu lifted the mattress on the bed, it was found that the aunt Ying said that Fu Road, secretly dropped it.At night, Joe Yu got into bed naked on a waiting woman.The woman undress just go to bed, he was hugged Joe Yu can not get out.She realized that a change in circumstances, no alternative but to sigh and said: talkative young girl is given, it undermines the parents of premeditated.Now that is so, it is probably also an act of God it.So he simply jump into the arms of Joe Yu, let it do whatever they want.Something complete, Qiao Yuguang the body to help the woman kneeling on the bed.Woman said emotionally: Since both of us have been married, do not you say, I will save you.She got up out of bed, from the courtyard to catch a rooster tied to a stick in the top Qiao Yu, exhort said: You carried the cock, go have to go north, about 30 miles away, the rooster will call upon them, you have to throw it away immediately and then continue to move forward, continue for more than 20 years, I will come, the two of us can be the amphibious Flying.  Women’s Joe Yu has come out of an estimated 30 miles outside only sleepily out of bed, went to tell his father said Joe Yu fled.Father was furious, ready to chase on horseback.The woman said: he had run away, probably catch up, as Feijian kill him.Father listened to the words of the woman, stood in the yard throws a sword, that sword like a white silk volley fly away.Not work, I saw a flash of lightning, the sword flew back, jingle soon dropped to the ground, the sword dripping with blood stained the land.  Joe Miller says scholar Yu then follow the woman’s instructions, go out on the direction of the Big Dipper within the meaning of bolted, ran approximately 30 miles away, the top stick tied cock stretched neck pull throat Oh oh oh chirping up.Qiao Yu hurried throw away the stick on his shoulders, suddenly, a flash of white light behind, cock neck is cut off.Good insurance ah, Joe Yu extremely shocked if Zaichi a moment that he will die by the sword.  Qiao Yu ran more than 20 miles, has been exhausted, had to sit on the roadside under a tree to rest.The day was dawning, looked up and saw a white crane flying among clouds dawn, the woman riding on the back of a crane slowly landed on the ground, then put away the crane, it is staggering, but that is a folded paper crane only.Woman smiling, said Joe Yu: the catastrophe is over, you can take me back to your hometown!Joe Yu worried and asked: in case of catching your father how to do this?The woman said: he limited the kind of heretical magic, beyond 50 miles will not work.  Joe scholar Yu took the women back to his hometown in Zhejiang Wu Kang later, on a closed-door peace of mind reading, leisure time, and the woman will draw lots of fun guessing.After a month, one day, two people play at home being happy, suddenly sounded knock on the door, opened it, turned out to be the aunt Ying.Two hurriedly asked what happened?Ying Kou said: Since my sister and fled, and parents forced me to act as a decoy to seduce a man, I would not do, the father shouts, often whipped me.I look for opportunities slipped out of the house, thinking he was a weak woman alone, and no relatives can rely on all the way defected brother came home.Qiao Yu is very happy, asked: aunt came good, but the birthright to settle in what How about you?The woman said: simply let the young girl married to you, I do not know the young girl is not willing?Ying Kou cheeks crimson, politely refused and said: sister to come here, but a temporary dwelling under the eaves of a lone swallow it, I think it is better later find another friend!Women know much about her sister’s personality, no longer barely.  Soon, Joe Yu at first in the case of Fengyang priests also came, he would meet congratulate said: glad you are well out of danger and got a beautiful bride!Qiao Yu grateful, respectfully let the priests entered the room, intended for hospitality.Meet the woman and Ying Kou out priests, feel very surprised, immediately exclaimed: the long road, you seem to be my father’s master of it?Taoist priest said: Yes!Your father intention is not right, and descend into the school is not a fairy scary heresy, witchcraft Fighters keen to fly with character, shop and go to the acts of murder.Although I have repeatedly exhorted him, he finally no repentance.I can not bear him two innocent daughters were with bad luck, Joe scholar intends guidelines to help your house removed, so that you two sisters escaped the catastrophe.Women and Ying Kou Q: How do my parents now?Priests say: we say those words, you probably have parents without a fight.Two sisters burst into tears listening to remark.Priests said angrily: crying?This is their all kinds of evil nemesis!Having said that is off in a huff indignantly.  Later, Qiao Yu secretly to find out the exact message: priests come in the day, the women and the parents of Ying Kou official was arrested, escorted to the county west of the beheaded.