Breeze blowing wind chimes flower

In Xi’an spent a long time, some tired.That thumbing through the newspaper, I do not know how it was attracted to Shenzhen.So do the family set foot on the train south.  Seated on the bus, a lean boy sitting across from me, the reason I pay attention to him, simply because his hand string of bells lavender flowers.I have never seen a boy so interested Campanula flowers from seated on the train, he began to study string of wind chimes took.  To eat dinner, he went to the restaurant for dinner, and I’m too lazy to walk casually to the point of instant noodles.Noodles, my eyes have been staring at the string of purple flowers of Campanula.In the dim cabin lights, string of wind chimes lavender flowers glowing one kind of silver, under every flower, have tied a little bell.So beautiful, no wonder he would look all the way.I could not help but reach out in the past, and he is going to do a bunch of a Master.Who knows, when I get Campanula flowers, accidentally knocked over the cup.Moment, full cup of water splash out, I save her, the string of purple Campanula spend half wet.It was too bad, the wind chimes and I would not come back to your life anthomaniac?  I hurried to clean up the mess, to put it under a half of wet, dry on the outside, expect to muddle the past.  After a child, he came back.I leaned on the seat, with the book covered half of his face, secretly watching him.Which material he went back to weigh a string of wind chimes flower, then came the roar: Who is, who did it?  To see if he was really angry, I could not help but nervous.He stood up and opened a book I cover his face, shouted: Did you?  I was never a boy so fierce, I had tears suddenly came out.See me cry, he did not speak, I looked blankly, then sat down and stare.  Not that it took a bunch of wind chimes?Such a worthy send fire?I sobbed and said: I made a pay back a hello.  He trumpeted and said: you can afford to lose it?I said, look at me, probably afraid I cry, waved his hand and said: Come, come.  After a storm, and he moved into my silence.  I do not know how long, I drifted off to sleep.Woke up, I found that was covered by a men’s windbreaker, a surge of very light very light taste of tobacco around the body, it was his clothes.I looked up to him, took his hand string of bells fell asleep.As can be seen, he is not happy, he dreamed of what?Why his brow furrowed?  I want to pick up his clothes covered him, hands in the air but stopped.He looked at me suddenly had a very strange feeling, that feeling is past I never had.  At this time, the train slowly decelerated, stops the.I opened the window, a gust of wind blowing, cool water.Probably wind of it, he woke up.I quickly put in the hands of the coat back to him, he took it, said: I’m sorry Yeah, you just took the liberty.So I did not speak, he asked me: Where are we?  Wuhan.  He listened, oh cry.Suddenly he asked me, where did you go?  Shenzhen, How about you?  I was home, my home in Guangzhou!  Turned out to be all the way, I do not know why, I suddenly feel relaxed.At that time he had a no sleep, I just made some tea and talked.  I then learned that he called Lin Feng, just after the 26th birthday.And I know why he loved life to spend string of purple Campanula.  Xin Yan is a very classic girl.From the first time I saw her just like her.Then he lower level than me, but also the Department of Chinese.So despite the different level, we still have the opportunity to sit in the same classroom, listen to some literature seminars.  I just junior year, the article has been flying in the national publications large and small, when the university there are many girls adore my talent, but I never had the heart move to one girl, all because Xin Yan.I always thought that Japan, longer, always think there are too many youth can splurge for me.But fate was not the case.The second semester of the sophomore Yan Xin will not come back to class.Later I learned that she was just dropped out due to illness.  Xin Yan this go, never came back.I went to see her once, and that was past six months.She had chemotherapy, shaved hair, and his face changed type.I endured did not make myself cry out.Xin Yan seemed very sad to see me, I will not let her go.When I went, she had moved elsewhere.  Xin Yan left also brought all my happiness.Graduated from college, I got a parcel, which is a bunch of lavender flowers of Campanula.Letter was written by her family, she said: Xin Yan had died in the first spring.The string of wind chimes took her for my discount.Campanula flowers looked thankful, I can imagine how the days Xin Yan’s disease, relying lonely window, as I folded the TV drama a bunch of beautiful flowers of Campanula.  Speaking of which, I’m already hoarse voice of the wind, I can not help but shed tears for them Wretched Love.Finish the story, the wind no longer speak, and I understand his difficulties, silently accompanied him.  To leave me a phone number in Guangzhou, Lin Feng, we parted.  I went to Shenzhen in the third week, to find trouble doing in a computer company.Busy during the day, evening back to the dorm a person calm down, I do not know why, I often can not help but think of Lin Feng.I started to fold in his spare time Campanula flowers, and a one, all is light purple.  One day could not dial the phone to Lin Feng.At night, the wind from Guangzhou to see me that day he drank a lot of wine, but I knew he was not drunk.He has told me Xin Yan, talk all night.Out of the restaurant, the forest could hold some wind, some crooked walk.I hold him.At that time pedestrians have little, in a small alley, the wind suddenly stopped and he looked at me, suddenly in the arms hug me, kiss me.When his lips touch my lips the moment, my whole heart pulling up.But his call was: Xin Yan, Yan Xin.  In his call, my tears large drops fall down.Lam Fung This rude awakening, he let go of me and kept saying: I’m sorry.  More more my tears streaming down, I said: Lin Feng, if we can be with you, I would rather you think of me as Yan Xin.  Lam Fung will be determined to see me, after they turned away.  For a long time, the wind did not come to me.I still fold with a string of wind chimes lonely flower, folded my one after another hopeful waiting.I believe that one day the forest wind will come again, he can not live a lifetime dream Xin Yan in.  Sure enough, when the entire spring near the end of time, Lam Fung has entered my cabin.At that time my house has been covered with a string of wind chimes lavender flowers, was walking in the forest wind chimes jagged flowers, blossoming carefully stroked a hand, look at my eyes gradually gentle up.  Lin Feng came, took my face and said: never had a girl like you for love rather wronged themselves.Maybe one day, I’ll love you right?Rest assured that if once I’m with you, you will never as a substitute for another girl.  I said: I know, so long you will not forget Xin Yan, if one day you’re with me, I will surely be good.  Lin wind out of your fingers, gently wiped the tears from my face.  After that, Lin Feng often come to see me.Eventually I went to Guangzhou to work.Weekends, he often invited me to his house to play old uncle, his old uncle home in the countryside, house planted a large flower to.Looking at the large flower heart I just feel empty bright and clean, as if came Shiwaitaoyuan.I grew to love the garden that the Lao Shu Lin Feng.Every bloom, the wind also helped fight forest along the way, to downtown flowers in the flower shop.  In those days, the forest wind, although not for me any promises, but I love him wholeheartedly.Raining, I would run a very long way to his dinner comes the reckoning; he likes to eat hand side, I will not bother to give him; he was sick, I used to keep in his room for two days, have not sleep a wink.  The course of time, the number of Lin Feng Xin Yan finally brought less and less, he started giving me flowers.This day like water flowing, I took a calla lily, hibiscus, bells purse from the hands of the forest the wind, and even poinsettia.  1996 Annual Tanabata night, I and Lin Feng eat McDonald’s.Out of the restaurant, under the breeze moon, the wind finally me in your arms.He said: silly girl, this time I really can not forget you.  I asked: Xin Yan it?  He said softly: she with me.He will be taking on my head on his chest, I could feel him look heartbeat, hear me?Yan Xin bless us in it!  At that moment, obviously the happiest moment, I could not help but cried.Only to have to wait for all of the past, and now, the wind finally completely belongs to me.  Lin Feng’s diary, I saw such a text: Everyone knows that young love, like a breeze.I love that I first saw our early years, always have some beautiful scars mark some pain this life can not forget.But who would dare to affirm that this beautiful Loved love this life only once?  Six months later, I and Lin Feng has entered the stage of love.He has Xin Yan folded into a string of purple Campanula flowers for me.I took the wind chimes hanging in my window under the eaves, a gust of wind, ringing tones.I know that it is singing Xin Yan.