Breeze companion, light floral drink

Breeze quietly kiss my face, I reached out and touched her, stroking her face I could not help but ask her if she really have to go nodded, take the time to wind still love me two laps around.I was alone in tears, tears wet clothes wind. I walk alone on the trails, branches flower laugh Huan, but also exudes a unique fragrance virgin.I quietly reached out a hand to make a toast-style flowers gathered in my hands, looked up, a Yang Bo, drink slowly with flowers.But the breeze blowing, I think of her, wet with tears flowers.The breeze came back, she still love me, still happily around the two laps, I sniff the air of her remaining in Hong.Breeze also with that faint scent.Breeze companion, light floral drink.My tears, accompanied with the breeze in my face, flowing, flowing..