Dong Mingzhu said, "Geli can not operate better, I never let go" is, in reality, she can not help

Dong Mingzhu, when interviewed by reporters said, "If you can not run them better Gree down, I will never shift," but it is Gree practical point of view, I am afraid this is not easy, step by step with the major shareholders for the camp, Gree in June of this year, chairman of the election will be quite worth seeing。 Dong Mingzhu current relationship with Zhuhai SASAC quite subtle, as early as November 2016 was dismissed bit chairman Dong Mingzhu of Gree Group, followed by the SASAC Zhuhai appoint an official who served as chairman of Gree Group, background, then served as party secretary of the Gree Gree which is the last person in Zhuhai SASAC also sent an official's first party secretary background, it is generally agreed that the SASAC Zhuhai to prepare for this year's chairman of the board election。
As can be seen from the ownership structure of Gree Electric, Zhuhai Gree Group holds SASAC's Gree Electric%, in addition Gree Gree Group's real estate also holds a stake in Gree, Gree Group together hold about 20% stake in Gree is its largest shareholder, held% stake in Gree River Beijing Hai Dong Mingzhu guarantee is regarded as an ally, the chairman decided the election winners and losers will be the minority shareholders of Gree。
Dong Mingzhu, chairman of the board in 2012 to win the election, because she had excellent performance in Gree won the support of many small shareholders, while revenue volatility in recent years considerable Gree。 When appointed chairman of Dong Mingzhu Gree represents annual revenue growth of 20 billion, hopes to achieve 200 billion in revenue in five years, 2013, 2014, achieved this revenue growth to 140 billion; 2015 2016 revenue is a more significant decline in revenues compared to 2014, respectively, billion, billion, it is expected 2017 revenue to return to 2014 peak of more than 140 billion revenue。 Gree shorten the gap with competitors, compared with 2016, Gree air-conditioning business revenue of US leading more than 20 billion yuan in the first half of 2017 results, showing both the air conditioning business revenue reduced to 50 billion yuan, according to this the growth of the United States over the next Gree air-conditioning business revenue is not impossible, it will be the end of history Gree air-conditioning dominate the market more than 20 years of Gree will be larger strike。 In terms of overall revenue, the advantages of the United States leading Gree is rapidly expanding。 2014 United States revenue of 142.3 billion yuan, its leading Gree million, or just over 20%; the performance of the first three quarters of 2017 show, Midea, Gree revenue respectively billion, billion, one hundred million US leader Gree or%, leaving Gree is embarrassing first three quarters of 2017 in terms of its overall revenue still lag behind Haier, has fallen to third place among the three major home appliance giant。 Dong Mingzhu said in an interview, "Gree air-conditioning boss will never give up position, to firmly occupy this position," but from a practical point of view this position is facing the threat of the United States, living in disadvantage in terms of revenue, apparently so difficult today Dong Mingzhu Another example is a flourishing year for support of minority shareholders, which for her to win this year's chairman of the board elections have considerable difficulty。 All aspects of the situation, Gree, chairman of the election year of existence for Dong Mingzhu is a large variable, she hopes to continue in charge Gree is not easy, of course, it all had to wait chairman of the election results to know, elections now only be inferred, according to some reality, and the reality is often also affected by other factors。