Brewmaster Mengzi brother

Mention “Mengzi brother,” the immortals, hardly unknown in sort of a small company, known to everybody, but he can say there are few real name.why?Because of his fierce personality, and like bacchanal, it is these strong personality, someone to help him chose that personality alias, real name but was forgotten in the corner.    Saying that year the company competition for employment, not completed primary school in Mengzi brother repeated year after year looking at the papers, biting pen unable to write, thought to want to finally kick the snow like a chicken drew a few words: every year to engage in competition for the company, employees year after year been fooled, led wage rise every year, wages falling year after year, it is incredible ah!One can imagine the result of competition, the red list came out, he was written hanging branches, referred to as “0” points, of course, was “shot” of the.    ”Aha, I looked at Me.”Company employees under the following whispering, waiting for Mengzi brother bacchanal for export brothers grievances.”Mop knife went CEOs slightly, his family went to sleep, ah, what he eats what you eat, do not eat you took the knife holder slightly to his neck.”Some people incited, encouraged him to do big things.”Well, of course, go tonight, I can see how he’s!Brothers, look at me!”Mengzi brother got angry Aoao howl.    Mengzi brother leather really is not blowing, he was worthy of this indecent alias.That night, the night black sky high, Mengzi brother holding a knife openly knocking on wood cutting veterans palace-like house, “bam” sound the knife thrown heavily on the table, grabbed a bottle of alcoholic liquor “grunt” , drank less than a minute.”You -” his dirty fingers directed at CEOs of some desolate forehead, “Why should I laid off?I – it Chihepiaodu?I – do embezzlement of public funds?I – I have to drive to work every day to help you bodyguard?I – would want to drag knife.”” Do not – do not – so excited slightly!”CEOs saw the knife on the table, listening to the words of these macabre, hastily pulled out a pack Mengzi brother had never smoked, but can not say the name of the cigarette into his mouth edge, gingerly Peizhuoxiaolian,” You tired up, sit down and have a good rest, who certainly made a mistake, accidentally wrong papers, I was about to call the human resources department you go to work tomorrow, this is not to say Cao Cao, Cao Cao went to the.”” You – said, but the truth?”Mengzi skeptical brother’s arm strapped to veterans,” You – not the first time we Fudge, I – do not know who brought the knife ah!”” Do not – do not – I’ll call the Human Resources Department.”Mengzi brother Xiong Baba’s eyes just let the boss high above the low half,” Hey, Hey, do wooden Human Resources?You call the company Mengzi Geming days to work slightly.”CEOs got off the phone straight palms sweating, shivering all over.Mengzi brother then swayed and drunk, but also easily grabbed a bottle of Wuliangye grunt: “No – I’m sorry, ah, let – let your frightened, and I – drink high, the future will come to see your.”Then he staggered out of the palace CEOs.    Mengzi brother really drunk yet?Brothers hid outside the house to see his “OK” gesture, he picked up the rush ran into the air, “Alapower?Ouye?”Victory voice resounded through the night, greet the dawn.Since then, Brewmaster Mengzi brother, hence its name.    He woke up when drunk state who can understand?Only his mind clear: the drunk drunk when the time to wake up wake up!