BRIC knock on the door, a dream come true

I used to warm her hands to her own college acceptance letter written in golden characters, the stomach swallowed the tears, raised his proud head, let this moment to become eternal, then blocked, blocked in the hearts of the most tough zone, Shuaishuaitou to go its own way.    - Meng Meng behind the admission notice of Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, wrote the above text later, took notice locked in a drawer, then another, then turn on the computer, the Favorites folder in the collection of “Shandong Jincheng Pharmaceutical Chemical Co., Ltd. “page jobs open, carefully looked up.Although he has memorized to this content, but he still like to watch over and over again.He was curious, a private enterprise company how would be so huge; he admired, envied work every employee in the company’s; his fantasy, fantasy that one day he can become a member of this company into the big among the family.    Since my father died, Meng had a dream, he will grow up to research and develop a drug to treat cancer – for patients suffering from cancer and dad, like torture, but also to all the world’s cancer patients loved ones.So, he studied seriously, and strive to.But now, when he received a college acceptance letter, but did not dare to get in front of her mother, her weak shoulders no longer overwhelmed mother from the age of 9 he began, in order to cure the father returned to the borrower, but also in order to grow their own, like a wound on the foot gear, always in constant turn ah ah!Less than 45-year-old mother had Shuangbin white hair, people looked distressed.    Determined not to university, is a sudden decision last week after her mother fainted that day, my mother was just hatched chicks to feed the meters, suddenly dizzy fell down, thanks to Meng in the side, her mother sent after the hospital, where doctors know from Meng, Meng mother to go to school, have repeatedly sell blood, is now severe anemia, anemia is caused by shock, fainted, and now needs a good rest, rest and more need Bubu body, otherwise the consequences will be disastrous.Since then, Meng decided not read anymore, he wanted to have a man, and he was going out to work for my mother to share the burden of point.So he put his college acceptance letter locked in a drawer and began searching online recruitment information, in his words, is a state-owned threshold is too high, he could not get so little, private enterprise is the people themselves to do business, should civilians for recruitment, this is Meng theory, therefore, he is in search of every day, because he has his own goals and dreams to chase, so he searched for the pharmaceutical companies are generally based, when he occasionally see ” Shandong Jincheng pharmaceutical and Chemical Co., Ltd. “jobs when once very excited a few days, but excitement, and very helpless, he was just a high school graduate ah!    Meng see again in front of the computer in a daze, his mother shouted from the window, Renee do not always hurt the eyes in front of the computer, go out for a walk, the way you inquire about the admission notice of university students do not come, my mother reckon your college acceptance letter should come to.After listening to my mother, Meng’s eyes filled with tears, his mother knew how much he was looking forward to the arrival of university admission notice, but…In order to let my mother worry, Meng out of the door, ready to go out activities about.    Walking in the quiet village road, roadside birds flying over from time to time from the side, like a curious Meng, Ji Ling suddenly, involuntarily ask yourself: Meng, you say Jincheng so big, I heard that there many subsidiaries, some people need a lot of it.Recruitment will spot what it is like it?Or go and see?This time to himself, Meng could not help laughing.And then he said: how it can be looked after?Ugh!who cares!Long experience is also good.At this point, Meng got another idea flashed in the brain, the neighbor’s brother Lee uncle home to learn new medicine is not for you, why not mobilize him to apply for it, it is where gold can shine, why always aimed to look state-owned enterprises do!Meng grew up is a strong-minded children, like a good thing Just do it.So he hurriedly ran to Li new home.    Lee new home, Meng took on cattle tigers power of this cousin was moved to say, his older brother it goes really a lot of ink, but do not like to talk, usually quiet, not many friends, in addition to Lee dream time to time to read his books, but hardly anyone been to his room, he sometimes likes to listen to Meng speak, you say strange is not surprising?Meng is a high school doll, very young, with no social experience, he said, the cousin actually listened to, two people after a good discussion, decided to take the first trip tomorrow morning buses rushed Jincheng Pharmaceutical Company.    Buses leading to the city early in the morning half past three the next morning, just three o’clock Lee Meng came home, Li put on all of his possessions able to identify their own identity – University graduation certificate, identity card , honorary certificates, personal profiles and resume.Li Meng Q: How about you?With what?Meng said happily: my evidence is complete, a ID card on the whole OK.    Half past three departure from the station, less than 6:00 they came Jincheng pharmaceutical companies outside the gate, they are ready to enter the gate a little rest at the door, but because time is too early to guard shut out.New trim suit Li Ting at the door side, all the way to see a flamboyant; Meng is a casual, very casual.He also untenable moment, while the probe looked into the house, went to the guard while joking for a while Xiang Li quietly whisper, you say how many people have such a big company to be ah?One would then propose: otherwise we please guard brother a guide, he led a tour?Li Meng new look, a write-mouth, too lazy to say a word, that dismissive look to stay in the face for a long time.    The quiet of a move has long been one of the two brothers in the eyes, he is the chairman Zhao Jincheng company, Zhao Dong although positions of influence, but low-key life, home not far away from the company, so most of the time prefer to walk to work, today, the company held a job fair will be met, early Dong Zhao came to the company, each recruit will have staff for, he rarely intervene, but every time he has as a recruitment job seekers come among job seekers, and They were face to face, in order to observe the understanding of people come to the job.That he did not expect to meet him today turned out to be such a pleasant two children.    Zhao Dong went to the door, the guard ran over to greet, Zhao Dong quickly to stop living his gestures, then smiled and came to the new front of Lee, he kindly asked Li: Excuse me, you come to apply the.Li heard someone questioning, face involuntary red, stepped back, a very low voice, “ah” sound.Meng is inside looking around to see people and talk to my brother, he rushed over, Zhao Dong Meng looked kind of, you are also candidates to do?Meng looked at people with his speaking, listening reasonable manner of questioning, I suddenly felt a warm heart.His face was joy, replied: I am not come to apply the.Zhao Dong then asked: What do you do so early?    Meng smiled and said: I have two tasks, one to accompany my brother to candidates; the second is to feel the scene today, this company will apply for the.Zhao Dong asked: Why do not you join candidates?Meng hand scratched his hair, I am sorry to say that I am not chanting conditions!Zhao Meng Dong deeply live to see this child who has a special temperament to attract him, you know this company?Understand recruitment conditions?Yes!I know that online recruitment information I have read a lot of times, do not believe me back to you.    Meng said, actually back up.    Shandong Jincheng Pharmaceutical and Chemical Co., Ltd. is the core subsidiary of Zibo Jincheng Group.At present, Shandong Jincheng Jincheng medical technology has Chemical Co. Kerry, Department of the Shandong Jincheng Pharmaceutical and Chemical Co., Ltd. and Shandong Biological Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. three wholly owned subsidiaries, a professional scientific research institutions (Jinan) and four production bases.    The company focused on the health industry, focused medical technology, is committed to the most advanced third and fourth generation cephalosporins pharmaceutical research, development and production of intermediates and APIs, has developed into the world’s largest production base cephalosporins intermediates.Leading products AE- active ester, ceftazidime active ester, furan ammonium salt more than thirty leading products, the average domestic market share of more than 40%.And with the Harbin Pharmaceutical Group, Qilu security for other dozens of the most famous Pharmaceutical Group entered into a strategic partnership, and exported to India, South Korea, Iran and other countries and regions, foreign trade exports accounted for 40% of sales above, and to maintain an annual growth rate of more than 30%, companies with high brand awareness and market reputation.    We always will “continue to increase investment in science and technology, promote scientific and technological innovation, science and technology to build competitiveness” as a central strategy for enterprise development.At present, the company is a national Torch Program, National Spark Program and Shandong province science and technology plan implementation unit in 2011 in Shandong innovation and strategic alliances honor.Jincheng Medical technology has a post-doctoral research station, Shandong Province enterprise academician workstation and technology center, with Shandong Province cephalosporins pharmaceutical intermediates and Engineering Center, Shandong Province diketene and downstream products Engineering Center.Through strategic cooperation with Jinan University, jointly set up Jincheng Pharmaceutical and Chemical Institute, University of Jinan, in order to achieve a university professor and doctoral tutor at the core R & D team and research company, the integration of organic production needs, a large number of new projects, new achievements, new technology continue to apply to the production and management, greatly improving the company’s competitiveness.    Jincheng medical technology attaches great importance to environmental protection construction, determined to science and technology, security, environmental protection and direction of development, is committed to a resource-saving and environment-friendly construction of the park, to create ecological Jincheng, green chemicals, do a respectable company.Companies in strict accordance with the ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14001 environmental management system, OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety standard operations, waste water treatment to the source control, process control and end of treatment based on the establishment of a comprehensive and advanced wastewater treatment system; rely on modern science and technology, and Tianjin national Center for fractionation University to build a domestic industry’s first solvent refined slip recovery pilot and industrial devices, to achieve a material recycling solvent recovery.    Jincheng Medical oriented effort in international business development, is committed to proceed with the modernization of production, product technology and international management, the democratic and scientific decision-making system, improve the system of innovation systems, standards management system organic integration will enhance the management capacity as the company’s international development foundation.    Companies adhering to the “employee growth is real growth,” the core values and adhere to people-oriented, focus on employee growth.The company established a set of talent introduction, development, evaluation, motivation of human resources management system, and strive to build the best talent development platform, and strive to achieve the greatest recognition of the value of the company’s talent.In life, people strive to provide the best environment in the development effort to provide maximum space, so that their talent, so that each employee can do its utmost to contribute their wisdom, the real “pooling strengths, shared growth “.At present, the company has a lofty vision, advanced concepts, innovation of the collective leadership, a fighting spirit, unity pragmatic, experienced management team, a well-educated, young, technology and personnel.    Now, the company is based cephalosporins pharmaceutical intermediates, targeting high-tech, high value-added, high return pharmaceutical and chemical products, and continuously strengthen technological innovation, high technology, high-yield development path.By transfer mode, adjust structure, the successful implementation of the strategic transformation into a biopharmaceutical field.Companies strive to in the near future, really become the mainstream of the global pharmaceutical market-leading pharmaceutical and specialty chemical products, pharmaceutical raw materials suppliers.    ..    Meng breath Shandong Jincheng Pharmaceutical and Chemical Corporation jobs back had a word for word, this doll Zhao Dong’s performance so surprised, he believed, people saw this information concerned the company’s philosophy has, according to its own conditions condemnation , have come to candidates, however, can be carefully studied, memorized to have a few, it is not with knowledge.    Zhao Dong smiled, and asked, say a lot of false advertising, do you believe these words online?    False advertising is a lot, but I also believe that the world in its own truth.I have an uncle grandfather lived in this neighborhood, each to his home, he told me about this company, I said good heart.    Zhao Dong heard the more fun for you then go on to ask, what did he say?    He said: Jincheng Although the company is a non-public enterprises, but he can vouch Jincheng company is a model of many companies, Jincheng company not only workers, high income, selling products in more than 10 countries Jincheng also particularly love their employees, not only concern employees of material life, more attention to the spiritual life of employees, the workforce has five football team, basketball team, there are theatrical performance teams composed of staff.Basketball, table tennis, Speech Contest, painting photography exhibition, talent show, Outward Bound, one platform, one stage highlights the contemporary Jincheng people should have the character and quality. Of these, there is no advertising, but the people around them know.Meng said that, suddenly felt a little uncomfortable, I feel a little ridiculous, since people are here and certainly this time to candidates, and certainly know more than than himself that he is not really say to his brother it – silly, thought of this, he said shyly: uncle, keep you any longer, you also come to apply it, you must be a learned man, a look I know that today’s candidates, you will be able to success, refueling oh!    Zhao Dong noncommittal smile, then, the conversation turned brother Meng’s body, that is your brother?Do you think he is well qualified?    Of course, ah, or I can put this recommendation to him, and personally accompany him, Zhao Dong said after the mood to listen to him again, you recommend this company to his brother?    Meng said: Yes, my brother graduated from Shandong Medical University, majored in “Biomedical engineering”, have graduated more than two years, It would just graduated, he was quite confident enough, that the space for their own development will be great, so he kept the shuttle in state-owned enterprises, foreign recruitment, with the participation of different companies each written test and interview will be, but without success, when I saw this after the company’s recruitment information, carefully read the information in every word , together with the information learned in the past, so I feel this company, though a private company, but has a deep sense of human touch, if I be qualified, then we will certainly participate in the candidates, once not twice, not three times, such a company is able to enter my dream.He said this time, actually Meng’s eyes flash from a layer of mist, Zhao Dong look in the eyes of pain in my heart, in order to distract him, Zhao Dong continued to ask him, you talk about your mind, the company’s human touch what is meant?Meng glitter of his two great eyes mist flew away, and with a pleasant tone, said: man is the fundamental business is the foundation of an enterprise culture and his implication is people to complete, usually we say: only a good president to create a good school, in my mind is the same company, only a good business leader can lead the extraordinary build a business, which is called “taste” – an enterprise taste.Hear here.Zhao Dong quips: Do you know how to find many, how say enough condition?    Meng heard questioning, suddenly red in the face, he lowered his head, they can just for a minute, then decided to head up, naturally said, I’m just a high school student, I have not gone to college, diploma alone this one I do not compliance.But my brother-line, it belongs to the research talents, he is learning in colleges, elite, has won many honors, although he does not like to talk, but those who do not lecture-style job he can fit.    Why did not you read college yet?Are you do not want to read or conditions were not read?Zhao Dong Meng body back to the topic again.    This time, Meng very seriously very seriously looked at Zhao Dong, solemnly said: Uncle, do you know my ideal?My dream is that one day I could develop the God of medicine can cure all diseases, less expensive, can cure serious illness, as those poor people in the world will not be around forever because of money and medical treatment.He was silent, saying, Oh My family is very special, and then he put his personal life and family situation will fall down out.And come up with their own ID card and handed Zhao Dong watch.    Just when everyone was talking time in the front row with, talking, come to candidates who have trickled into the hall, and Zhao Dong Meng said goodbye, and went.    Li looked at Zhao Dong walked away hurriedly pulled Meng, said: I say you are a little boy, and how to pull the whole regiment put personal shake out, lest something down?Meng said, I usually do not like this, and strange uncle who saw today, I feel particularly warm, just as understanding as well, so you could not help trying to say.    Li Xin, this usually no superfluous words, but now they have no words to say, the two of them, along with the influx of population hall, recruitment will be carried out step by step forward, Li Xin, successfully submit all their own material, has been home to await notification reply, Meng in the crowd to wear to wear, listen to different voices, feel different mood when they left the hall, some reluctantly really Meng.    A week later, Li Jincheng company received a job offer, the strange thing is that the candidates did not participate Meng also received notice of a recruitment company Jincheng.After work, two people know, that day and Meng conversation is chairman of the company.    A month later, Meng took his college acceptance letter was sent to Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine began his dream journey.He is the identity of the company’s employees to read “Biomedical engineering” professional company to help him achieve his dream.    First day of school, he wrote in his own diary on the title page of this sentence: Zhao Dong lead me to go the right path, have learned to hope; BRIC knocked on the door of happiness, a dream come true!