Brick brand silk

In the Ming Dynasty and Qing Dynasty, Tang Qi is already out of the “silk” of the name, tangqi along the production of silk has long notoriety.Tangqi silk silk because of good water quality and therefore particularly good, very suitable for the warp yarn with silk, attracted many foreign businessmen.Every new silk market, or vice versa merchants combined with high nose, long hair volume of foreign businessmen swarmed all, the most popular-time, long passenger ship from the bridge stopped since, has always wanted to stop it Liren bridge.  This year, crop failure silk, silk Tangqi Shangwang wire pitiful, some of the local silk business have received only not see a valuable commodity to sell, hoarding up.As a result, it can be hard on those foreign businessmen came across the sea from abroad to buy silk.In order not to run empty trips, their price and regardless of the level of tin, wire whatever the outcome, no matter, as long as silk, as long as you are willing to sell, they say all income.  On this day, the azure floor restaurant tangqi Longbridge foot, there is a young foreigner sat alone in a corner crying inside over tea.Tea shop owner felt quite strange in gently what a good cry?Quickly stepped forward to ask circumstances.May be due to the tea shop owners do not understand the language fan, the young man does not speak Chinese and foreigners, the two gestures off days do not know what to say other.Just then, an elderly gentleman entered the language to understand the Fan restaurant at tea, tea shop owner saw that, like the savior is met, it will quickly called the old man to come and help as a translator.This old man surnamed Lao, the town boss Liyikangsi wire line to get the line, but also the building of the old patrons Bitian.Mr. Lloyd walked in front of the young foreigners, they use language affectionately Fan asked: “Young man, do you have something on your mind?Why crying so sad?Naturally, I am able to say to listen to it?”Some would say that foreigners a barbarian language, as immediately met with their loved ones, to lay it cried labor boss what had happened.  It turned out that the young man was an Englishman named Peter, was a glass maker.He 哥哥名叫兰 too, is a business to do silk merchant, have been coming to China to buy silk and then back to England trafficking, I tasted a lot of sweetness.This year, he persuaded his brother and business partner do silk, glass craftsman to do much better than money to make.Peter, his brother several times a say, they move the heart, out years of savings, a partner with his brother wrapped boats, came to China.Who knows the weather is unpredictable, one to tangqi, just met famine, crop failure silk, appeared to be white to visit, a sieve, and blue brother was also unfamiliar matter, mind to gut , dumped his brother Peter, the two tubes each bought silk.This is what Peter can be miserable, his first time to China, even the Chinese words can not understand, Xiazhuang around all day, watching several days later, not only did not receive a bouquet of silk, but also spent a lot of money, and this is the glass maker when he finally earned it hardly worth the effort.Labor boss listening to Peter’s crying, very sympathetic to Peter’s experience, he gave Peter added a tea, patted Peter’s shoulder to comfort him: “Young man, do not be sad.Well, we met a fate is kind, I am open wire line, my line in the wire just half a boat silk, they all sell you.”Peter’s a stunned, like a letter of non-letter asked:” This.This is really the?”At this time, tea shop owner could not help chimed in:” Young man, you know who he is?Tangqi street famous labor boss, speak first, twelve is two, never lie!”But that young foreigners did not understand the boss’s tea shops, then just eyes fixed on the labor bosses, and so he only below.Labor boss caressed his beard, laughed and said: “Do not worry, I talk to someone there will be false labor?Tell me, your boat off anywhere?”Peter was very high heart, hand pointing out the window of Longbridge,” Well, my boat stopped next to this bridge.”Labor boss look out the window, when even said:” Well, you go first class river port bridge me, I’ll return wire line, as people will be sent to you wire.”Labor boss what it says, and soon, immediately let folks will ship half Peter wire sold, and the price is very fair, his hands clasped together blessed Peter, thank God again and again, saying it was a good hit.Gege Lan Peter say he was, close enough to see the brothers effortlessly half a boat silk, silk and the quality is very good and the price is very fair, he could not help very puzzled and very jealous, can not figure out why his brother had this luck?Take my brother do not pay attention, he quietly opened up a few bundles of wire and saw that these filaments inside each bundle are plugged with a brick, Oh, he could not help but laugh Italy.I thought: “Brother in the end is a layman, let people to play, and the bricks were sold to him as silk.Lan was calm and collected, as is still the wire wrapped, ready to return home and then make fun of Peter.  Three days later, half-Rand also finally managed to ship wire to receive full, two brothers who will be sailing across the seas to return home.Who knows the way to encounter storms, two brothers who inflicted untold sufferings on the sea, a few months later was finally safely returned to their country.  Once home, they will wire the boat onto the shore, open wire saw, the two could not help stunned and spent.Blue silk was moldy due to moisture, and although Peter wire bundle are not bad, but each has a brick inside the wire tie.Peter wire because there is no deterioration, it sold at a good price, China’s first exercise on a fortune earned him greatly.But he do not understand why my wire inside the bricks, while his brother was not inside the wire?He was clever or Gege Lan, told him: “I have always known your wire inside a brick, I thought you people playing, it now appears I was wrong, it is likely that brick house trademark silk line, which has a brick plug wire is the best in town Yeah silk tangqi.Remember, next time go tangqi buy a certain brand of this brick Yeah wire!”Peter one, and suddenly, even claimed that:” The!Correct!Correct!”The next year, Peter went to buy silk Tangqi.One to tangqi, he made a special trip to go visit wire line to get labor boss.Some pleasantries, Xie fatigue boss, he named buy “bricks and mortar brand silk”.Labor boss heard a long time did not understand what bricks cards, Peter anxious, and quickly said: “Well, what you sold me last year, the stuffed pieces of brick.My brother said that bricks could be your trademark.”Hearing this, the labor boss suddenly realized, suddenly he tears laughing out quite a while before he stopped laughing, told Peter:” Young people Yeah, that is a trademark of bricks where it.I see you were very honest, and very lay on the wire, afraid you accidentally let the wire by the sea tide changed in nature during navigation, the price can not afford to sell.So, I’ve come as people in each wire tie stuffed a dry brick.Bricks absorb moisture, making it the starting point of the role of moisture in it.”So, Peter, too, that the good intentions of labor boss, could not help tears clasped the hand of labor boss, excitedly profuse!