Brick Museum

Datong this year to repair the north wall of the ancient city.When the clean-up base of the wall near the north gate of the city wall has been destroyed, they poured a lot of abandoned Guzhuan.A loving collection has been targeting the project and benefit quite good friend told me that there is writing on the individual bricks, he asked me to do.I listened, and quickly ran to pick up.OK, in the field of waste mound, we found a few embossed with “Hongwu four years and a month,” and other heavy large brick Kai track.This is the founding general Xu Da Ming supervises military and civilian, original brick and real big city records.I do not specialize in Datong urban construction history, but did not say there had been a thought: if someday home Elim village to build a brick museum, I think, certainly the use of it!    Really, really qualified to build a home brick museum.    Nothing else seems to be able to home to show off, it can “Zhuang Zhou Shi brick” block is ringing the gold standard.Young father, who when stevedores, they have a major task is to train upload brick, and then transported to Beijing, to support capital construction.This is equivalent to the “Queen” of the.Probably once the capital of the “eight buildings”, such as the Great Hall, etc., must have had a blocking wall Zhou Shi Zhuang quietly, strong and powerful support it.This private, is there an absolute honor and worth of prominent.I do not know the early Ming Datong brick walls and was built luxurious palace generations, such as tall screen wall on behalf of the palace, the country’s largest Nine Dragon Wall, whether with a brick home, whether flow-through “Su San Qi Jie” in born in father of three Su Zhou Shi Zhuang sweat, anyway, I believe that the continuation of history, has certainly inevitable, it is difficult to get rid of the sudden, Cecil strands of inheritance relationship.To be sure, Shi Zhou Zhuang brick, it is no exaggeration to say that the benefit of every one of the important buildings in Datong.So far, brick here, not only still tight supply, also often more expensive than anywhere else on a number of.    In the past, each one of the main roads out of both sides of the home, greeted, like almost all high raised Datong volcanic cone horseshoe brick kiln.I do not know how many years the continuation of these how many generations of brick, like a volcano, like braving the white-hot steam, emitting a foul odor than horse urine still choking.Workers wearing blue canvas cape Beatles, up in horseshoe kiln, go on, put bricks out of the kiln, and then loaded the brick, then the kiln.I can remember when, and mud, off billet has mechanism, unlike Tongwa or shingles that have manual operation.The workers khaki, the blank field naturally dried brick rows, stacks back into the kiln approximately six meters in diameter, from the bottom, layer by layer stacking well, and then the top cover layer of about 15 cm the stiff soil.It is then burned by the technician chine kiln burning as.About seven or eight days heat enough, not burned.He began to bleed kiln.The casing is water soaked from the top until the bleeding a kiln per brick red hot forced uniformly cooled down.That the crown smoke smoked white gas is generated at this time.Yin brick must have turned into green blue, compressive strength before going on.We called blue tiles.Ancient brick are like firing.If the brick bleeding into eight streaky green, red, blue and gray red gray blue, brick or adobe qualitative nature, and that even this brick kiln waste, recycled reheating does not work, the price is up to deal with, most of the time only to throw.House original old house, only one and a half, after which both sides continued construction of several rooms, are our family to pick up this waste next to the horseshoe kiln bricks walls, after all, it is better than the middle of the old house of adobe better than many wall.    But as a scholar Zhou Zhuang brick town, primitive and simple brick horseshoe kiln, where perhaps what can not be counted, green leaves up to be like embellishment.At that time, the home of the most important markers, not castle, temple or other hospital, but a tall, coarse amazing brick chimney.We locals are called chimney pipe tunnel kiln, chimney pipe Flanagan thick of it, of course, called kiln cave.At that time, most people in our village is not only at home can see straight into the sky to the south tunnel kiln of great tall and straight, visible later promoted written as mayor of Jincheng City, Shanxi Province He sharply year on the tunnel kiln rope hanging body have to “prepare against natural disasters for the people” several boldface characters, and, as long as the city is too large Imperial River, on the east slope Dongtang lookout, towering in the distant horizon, and only thirty miles away that we Elim Village root of a large kiln cave!    Large kiln cave is actually Datong County brick chimney brick kilns.Father once told me that when alive, this Long Yao is the 1950’s by a group of inmates in the construction of.Brick coal fire hole from the crown added, circulation blower, natural ventilation, into the rotary kiln, the kiln into tiles, and have no flooding.Brick hard, angular, earth was red, we used to call it red-brick village.Workers installed in hot kilns in the kiln, a kiln.Kiln door closed, open, open, and then sealed.Long Yao never stop, high yield.This was China’s brick industry, the production process should also be the most advanced.We had to play in the village of South earthen trenches children to war, can often be seen near the brick kilns, bazaar-like crowded with cars waiting to pull bricks, tractor, wagon or large.    At that time, my neighbor was a man named Huan, is the master brick brick kilns in the village a lot of horseshoe small brick kilns have robbed him as an amateur technical guidance.He pouted all day cigarette in his mouth, started operations back, and walked step character, was simply regressed over the countryside cadres.He did not how high culture, but plenty enough experience and skill, the title of “big get”.    I told brick is also quite some sources.In high school, many of my exercise books, is in the custody of the brick when Yisow (probably for a long period of time should be quasi-Sao) Long Yao paste to seal the door with a thick yellow paper.Although not very tasteful but looking at those particularly practical paper, so far have often turned a page in my mind, over the memory, writing pulls, pulls out ideas, dug deep.Because they are my future, in fact, quite thick and laid a strong foundation.School graduation assignment shortly, with research, hard work and enthusiasm, I soon served as director of the brick portion of the site of the new county industrial silicon smelting plant’s main workshop.Soon, because the international market downturn, silicon plant shutdown, and then, the director of brick Zangwen Kui initiative talked to me, asked me to go to him as workshop director.I meditate, and ultimately transferred to the county distribution.Meanwhile, due to the brick production management do well, brick-making technology has made a number of national patents, a number of technical indicators won the first in the country by that I newsletter also appeared at the national, provincial and local newspapers of significant positions.    Brother now also brick, Zhou Shi Village in the north of a formerly state-owned, now owned by private brick in front of the director.More advanced lung ceramic firing technology, with an annual output of nearly two hundred million bricks, no tall tunnel kiln.Brick all the more modern and more advanced, but the presence of the director’s brother was often worry.A few years ago, Sichuan, Guizhou, workers can support their normal production, now, migrant workers from other provinces has basically can not find a local high prices barely move cage workers, are also more than four-year-old prime of life, has no what young people want to engage in this blue-collar jobs pay pay physical health of youth pay.Brick of know-how is only mastered in a few of them, “Ben five” or “Ben Six” backbone of the old hands.I now also serve private enterprises, the factory yard facing the same dilemma Houjifaren.- Well, all of these factory, seems to be like us, gray hair, gradually grow old.    Of course, as the latest municipal industrial park, home businesses are springing up around the new, emerging natural.But I always feel, generous treatment of a variety of job advertisements these companies seem to smell the streets.The old village numb people, most of them look bothered to look, just as talk.    Now, around the village seems to have an old horseshoe kiln can not see the.The once illustrious tunnel kiln logo Elim village of Long Yao, due to resource depletion has also long been abandoned, and I have not noticed many years whether there is a large cave kiln.In order to write this article, I deliberately went back home, looking intently, carefully recognizable only to find that, Flanagan brick kiln actually still in cave!But the vicissitudes of life has been bleak, low shrinkage, quietly nestled in among a large room lined with cement and iron chimney.    I do not know, in the future, the hometown of Zhou Shi Chong also did not produce brick production, there will be a brick technician; do not know, have a variety of brick, there is no possibility to survive, even twelve; I do not know, I imagine brick museum, whether the future will be built, can not be built.