Spring dietary considerations teach you common sense diet

Spring dietary considerations, the Spring Festival is coming soon, I believe we are very happy, but the street is essential, then Spring dietary considerations What are introduced together with the small series to see the Spring Festival dietary considerations it!Spring diet Note 1, light and less greasy too much, "adequate" nutrition so that obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes and other diseases in the population incidence was significantly higher。 Activity holidays when less than work, people often sleep in a "lie-in" vacation days and long kilograms of body weight is a common problem。 It is best to pay attention to adjust their diet, should be more than usually more light, reduce fat accumulation。 2 wins medicine festive table vegetables rich dishes, attend a lecture can not live fish Hunxing。
However, people are often feeling tired fatigue, flatulence。
At this time, less stick some Hunxing, eat more vegetables, the body can relieve the crisis。
Fresh vegetables is an alkaline food, not only rich in cellulose, can be oily solution, maintaining normal gastrointestinal peristalsis, prevent constipation, but also to neutralize excess acid in vivo, the need to maintain body metabolism。 3, essential fruit Spring Festival holiday diet dietary considerations cluttered, more people are likely to get angry, constipation, eat more fruits, both play a very good heat, detoxification, relax effect, but also regulate the body's metabolism to improve , prevention of disease, improve health。 But it notes that the digestion time and the process of fruits and vegetables are different, should be eaten separately, otherwise the fruit in a large number of enzymes, cellulose decay will make the vegetables, can not be absorbed by the stomach。
4, the staple food can not forget。