Brick wall in the nest

Morning returned, walking in the avenue district, beside from time to time sounded crisp sound of robins.Looked up a few small sparrow was sitting on the walls of their own building, the East see the West Chou Chou, as if searching for something.    This statement in front of the moving scene, I could not help think of some childhood memories.    Remember Bao home in front of my old house, an area of small tile-roofed house only three sides build a brick wall, and the remaining one side is tied into a long strip with a wooden fence.Aisle side walls somehow, wall height of leaving on a brick not cemented, revealing an obvious hole, perhaps a moment careless mason forgot to make up.    Over time, there are brick walls began to patronize birds kept, especially two old sparrows, almost every in and out several times a day.Bao and I stayed at the eaves, they have been pondering for several days.    At that time, we were younger, had begged her brother to help recon.Big Brother to carry wooden ladder leaning against the brick wall.We hand against the ladder, climb down the ladder up big brother, the results actually took out a nest, nest with five eggs is hot yet!    Windfall, we could not help but burst into cheers, the mother is preparing to go to work, shocked.As a result, Big Brother nests move also immediately ordered a halt.Mother called us to him, and said Sparrow finally resting on a brick wall in the nest, whatever the outcome is a “home”, copy “home” not going to be able, or else will be sad sparrow.After listening to his mother’s remarks, we fully understand, he had promised down, but also made a small request, from time to time let us go up nest.    Mother agreed, after repeatedly told about it, just rest assured walked away.Since then, I Bao and often hiding under the eaves, listening to the old sparrow Jiji calls.    Brother bursts to take on the ladder, so I climb on the wall to see Bao nest and movement, had been the heart of addiction.Just a whole week passed, and still no hatched sparrow.    Then, after about a week, we look forward to the day has finally appeared.Exposed brick wall in the nest five small meat ball, hairless, looks scary.Brother said it was newly hatched chicks, also eyes closed!While our hearts happy, So this is the legendary small sparrow ah!    Ever since the little sparrow, early in the morning, and I went to Bao first time under the eaves of his house, listen to this nest of movement, feeling small sparrow is trying to grow, Jiji also calls from small to big it!    Happy days are always full of hope to go quickly, blink of an eye after two weeks.One day, my brother shouting and Paul, Kangshang wooden ladder leaning against the wall.We took turns to climb the nest to see the little guy.When I last climb, the front of a sparrow even flap their wings, fly up.Then, only the second, third only.Five small sparrow naturally came flying out of the nest, and forcibly dumped me in the place.    The next day, all of a sudden deserted nest, flying out of a small sparrow has yet homing, and Bao my heart empty, they will come back to you?(Text / longing forest)