Ask ourselves

Part One: Cyan ask ourselves summer lengthy intoxicating, flowers on both sides of the road is the century of Deception, popular music here cheerful wisdom of this world; day so lofty, white clouds knowing wonderful poem; breeze blowing incidentally horizon place, summer tangled thread is intended to coordinate the endless style; to ask ourselves, heart meta-hyun King.  Article unreasonable to find a suspect here asked: “The world is soft water, why can not turn the clock back?”” Breeze Zuiwu, why can not edit worry-free life?”” Heaven is so high, why the howling of the wind and cloud?”” The sky will not fall down, why life would hesitate Heart?”” If the ages is a joke, as is also lingering He Xingchen?”” Walking feet, why let the fear of the risk of heart mercy?”” Eyes can see very far, why see through their love?”” Ask the heart, the heart in the end there?If only in the body, why does it have to endure the confusion?If the mind long pair of eyes, it really will see through the mind, the eyes will be helpful?”” All the way is a way to survive, is a rough ride blade; heart hanging in the horizon, asking Heart no joke, this world surging, the number is not a bolt from the blue?.Summer is the heart of the landscape, flowing solemn tenderness in this season, no matter how many look for suspect questioning?Summer answer is adjacent liver and gallbladder.Who dares joke?End of the World has a pair of bright eyes.  Tall mountains, like a senseless swordsman; blue sky, made a detailed schedule for the ocean drones, clouds; the years is a master of temper, no matter how many things have to ask, suspense, it can schedule a flat suspect answer.Summer Please do not build high fences, bright sunlight is the most beautiful paint.Hanging lover’s hand, you would say: “You are my sunshine, because I will be proud of you; our home will be covered with the sun color, only the sunny warmth of their homes to accompany.”Health is a declaration to the natural world:” No amount of doubt, are the highlights of the life; no rough, no blade; no water, no green plains, the sea will not laugh to the sky.Countless some confusion due to the continuation of life with each other to tie him down, the wisdom will multiply due to the endless and more powerful.”Do you like Mei Yan love, you love shocking the horizon, you will believe that life is a fountain of strength.People are not invisible creatures, it is determined to vitality.Nature today, is to have thousands of students.  Ask ourselves, in the heat of summer, nature has enhanced features; harmony is a kind of wisdom charm; who does not love summer, cicadas high-pitched really inspiring.Long and Eternal drunk Chang Yen, Discovery ask ourselves: “Heaven and earth lian, dance clouds; Huan water, Castle Peak blossoms, flowers Man; fresh kindness, optimism earth; Psalm articles, text curly, long far.”Part Two: to ask ourselves time and had struck twelve, after the city had just experienced the thunder and lightning storm exudes enticing smell of fresh, turned around and looked out the window, it’s still kind of quiet, serene, did not because you are irritable, depressed, depression, dull and change.In this struggle for a few years, everything is kind of strange, everything related to himself so out of tune, moved here two years, a person actually did not know, sad, funny, satire.Nightlife computer network TV drama is still playing sad songs, I do not know since when so obsessed own vintage songs, and each time returned home the first thing is to play from the familiar melody was all the rage, and then let the past, such as clouds like slowly dissolve into their own minds, slowly emerging in their own eyes.  Squeeze triggered a flood of thoughts in my mind, not just confused myself up, my heart still is so heavy, it’s still kind of depression, frustration, anxiety, irritability.Why, once young and frivolous, once mighty, once the heart sky high, has grand ambitions, once the pride of former glory, once everything is gone, why do I suddenly lost its way between, Why I can not find the passage back, I am going to find the way to it?  How is the kind of life I want to live?Like so busy all day without a break, no entertainment fairly flies past life?Or small town kind of relaxed, light without a prosperous life?I do not know, I do not understand?Flat is a blessing, but will kill a person dull fight, but I’m such a hard day and night for what is it?Willing to be willing, there are homes in order to get what I lay down what I get is?  dream?I have a dream!!I still dream of it?Ask yourself about yourself!!