Aspirin, a piece of white pills like one pistol bullets, carries in my trouser pockets.I was ready to destroy dare to harass the size of illness.I was not so much reliance on aspirin, if that is not nostalgia: nostalgia her magic, her rustic nostalgia.She is very brave and very gentle, I make a good impression on her more and more, I think have to pick up the pen to write about her worthy of her talent.    The first time I heard this in a strangely foreign name, is in elementary school.There are times barefoot doctors and brother chatted, I was too lazy to get to know Luo Liba winded things adults, either listen to them brag there far apart.Poor rural seventies, I think the greatest joy when adults are constantly drinking, drink all day, drink a drink club West home, one by one the whole day drunk.That state is really drunk after a very, very funny, very funny.Then too little rural recreational activities, children will be drunk to enjoy brawl for fun, drunk ass followed behind rickety Xiaqi, funny spectacle of one hundred of them was enjoyable.(Grew up after many years, they themselves are not a happy drunk) while barefoot doctor is inexperienced youth, his brother said he was determined not to drink, drink its might as well eat two aspirin is more comfortable.This odd strange, the men rushed to belly watering decide how much of drinker who are heroes, barefoot doctor says to take medicine, do not we Chinese foreign drug than drink better wine?At this moment, aspirin words firmly engraved in my mind.I was shocked ears straight up, listened carefully to their conversation.”Cure all disease prevention.”Inexperienced youth barefoot doctors say is very easy to read, and say like comic, witty remarks, a set of.I actually can muddled, incomprehensible foggy.Really I can not imagine that he could not drink even in full flight, saying it forever.In the end just some wordy, but he seemed in high spirits, brake car.His speech was able to satisfy my desire for the mysterious aspirin.In my original impression, satiated only when people will puff impassioned hysteria.But barefoot doctors did not drink completely satisfied to reach this state.After I was listening to a language school teacher “wishful No king can ease?”” Concubine have entice men!”When Hou story about two fox (This story is very exciting) was once again the same taste of spittle flying scene, but the accumulation of a lot of his old mouth foam let my respect for him greatly reduced.They seem to last speeches are almost exactly the same emotional than I was three days and three nights in a row to see the story of the Thousand and One Nights also are excited.I seem to remember him saying, aspirin is the best medicine in the world, almost a panacea.Later he asked his brother aspirin really that God do?Brother attitude is incredible, just casually muttered the phrase “to boast of it!”And my brother is unknown whether or dismissive of whining, let me skeptical.I was in my concept is that herbs.Mother is ill, the family is always filled with a strong taste of traditional Chinese medicine.We have become accustomed to the smell of traditional Chinese medicine.I think I quickly once born sick, ill try this magic pill.Sure enough, after a middle of the night and steal melons companion bites by a cold, fever more than the rest of the night trembling.I strongly urge my mother to call the barefoot doctor, give me quickly take aspirin, I want to being drugs.How many times I saw sick mother very painful, so I do not want to suffer, fantasy cure the patient.Barefoot doctors and the best brother relationship, uncompromising came to my diagnosis.He took out his panacea for me to swallow.It seems only half a slice, this is the first time I saw my pills, on top of several letters “APC” always clear in my brain.In this half tablet, just before dawn in a row has made me sweat more than that drenched.It’s really amazing.Disease soon enough.Night I was burned forty nonsense talk, I am alive and kicking restored.Yeah really not satisfied!Sure enough, barefoot doctor is to cure the patient, Hua Tuo.I saw his clinic was hung many banners, written on top of the same content.Later I heard that occasionally barefoot doctors spend their own money to do, unknown true and false.But in no way affect my superstition aspirin since then, I became her biggest fan.Later, I even want to get a drug aspirin fan club, to facilitate the exchange of experience medication.But later learned that like this club a lot, but not the honor of belonging to aspirin.She too common, ordinary you would like to ignore her presence.Only you sick sick, you just think of her.The fundamental reason is she does not addictive addiction.This is the reason I really like her.She does not even smoke cigarettes, so I have to puff refreshing to work.Her greatest role is to postpone the pain of your eyes, let your body slowly so that a gradual transition back to life and vitality, rather than the numbing of the body due to continuous irreversible aspirin hurt.After this time, you will still healthy as ever, his voice.She is your faithful and reliable friend, you will be very happy when she was far away from you, but you just feel the pain comes, she will help you reduce and eventually resolve the pain.Although there is no life of her own, but I believe she saved many, many people saved.People with minimal cost to get the body’s largest health benefits.Aspirin work best thing!    My boss sick, she seems to like me, getting senile.Number of aspirin fever pain every time I need to take more and more.But she still is so faithful to me, staying with my life like a servant.My bed, my book case, my pocket is always shaking her shadow.In the difficult journey of life, the number of times I have a headache of increasingly frequent and increasingly severe.Even some headaches she had not alleviate the efficacy.She has become increasingly powerless.But she still maximize minimize my pain.Is this the life I should solemnly thanked her right?Every time she let me out of Oliver pain, and then be able to re healthy and keen perception of this beautiful world, I should not have brain cells in finally gush of romantic poetry dedicated to her right?Her unpretentious, had only one inorganic chemical composition, but her magic chemical changes in my body weak enough to subvert Yu Zhi me to death disease.Poppy bloom year after year.In the wind swaying with her beautiful red petals, as if to beckon me sentimental.I can not go her flirtatious flower blooming Shining half-step.I know that once close to her, she would have no talk of my ruthless devour.Several of my friends and invisible under her sharp talons of a few years ago has gradually curl to the clouds, floating soul I do not know where.    Aspirin, you’re just a microcosm of life fills you with how many similar things play an important role in our lives in people’s minds.Although there is no one who lives, but they gave us alleviate relieve the pain, let us temporarily forget some sense, let’s start over zero.So we will again have confidence and hope, we re clearly heard in the near distance wonderful, Calling, we once again summon the courage to boldly forward.    Aspirin, my body carries you, like carries health, happiness carries.Aspirin, thank you, my most loyal friend!